Saturday, December 24, 2011


I am not sure anyone saw my post of 13 December so this is a quick wish for a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS and my hope that you will have a safe, healthy, peaceful and prosperous NEW YEAR.
May everything you wish for yourself come true (within reason of course).

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I know Christmas is nearly two weeks away but being an oldie one can decide to do something and then suddenly realise "Oh gosh, I meant to do that last week!!"

All I wanted to say was I hope everyone has a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR which with it will bring prosperity, good health and all you wish for yourselves in 2012.

Whether you stay at home or go away please keep yourselves safe as you are very precious to me and I really want to think you will be around next year.

Monday, December 12, 2011


I mentioned in my previous blog re my dual birth registration that on the second certificate my given name was shown to be Margaret and not Peggy.  On the original Ruston certificate the name WAS given as Peggy but there is a reason for the change.

I had never really liked the name Peggy/Peg nor the nicknames that came with it...Peg leg etc. The final straw was when in a letter from Mum's father who lived in London he made comment about my name (Mum always spoke or wrote of me as Peg) saying that he didn't much like my given name as it reminded him of a common household utensil!!!  You can imagine the effect this would have on a 'sensitive' child who didn't much like the name anyway so I immediately asked if my name could be changed to Margaret..."please Mum"!!!

At that time I was about to go to a different school and on the entry form for Perth College (a C/E school) there was a question that asked where had the child been christened.  As Mum had been brought up in the Baptist church in England where children weren't baptised until age 15 or more she had not bothered about it.  We didn't go to church and as Dad wasn't at all religious the subject had never arisen.  I guess I wanted to be the same as other kids at the school so off we went to meet with the Dean of St George's Cathedral in Perth to arrange for me to be christened.  In order for me to be christened Margaret, Mum had my given name changed officially.

It was thus that Peggy Anderson, Peggy Ruston became Margaret Ruston.  So this person has had various names:  Peggy Anderson, Peggy Ruston, Margaret Ruston, Margaret Lewis and now Margaret Elvis. I think I have managed to adapt to each name as I went along and am certainly more than happy with the name I now have as I share the surname with MOH which I am more than happy about as I love him so much.


On checking out the Western Australian historical records on the Department of Justice website recently I found out that my birth had been registered twice.  Wow!  Not many people have that happen.  The two entries read as follows:

Anderson, Peggy   F    Registered in Fremantle   Reg. No 18/1932 and

Ruston, Margaret   F    Registered RGFremantle   Reg. No.4/1933

My birth mother's surname was Anderson and the name of my father was not given on the certificate (I found out many years later who he was).  I was born in North Fremantle so the registration would have been at the Fremantle Registry Office.

My adopted parents' surname was Ruston and the reason my given name is shown as Margaret is because when I was 11 years old I was christened and at the same time my name was legally changed from Peggy to Margaret (at my own request, and therein lies another tail).  I don't know what the RG stands for before Fremantle on the second certificate.  Incidentally on the original Ruston certificate my given name was Peggy.

Confused?  No, there is only one of me for which I am sure many people are very thankful.  Do I have a dual personality?  No, not really but it is a bit of fun to say my birth has been registered twice.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Today I was thinking of all the items available in the stores (and online as well) that can be bought for everyone (if you have the money to do so but then of course there are always credit cards!!)

I was born in 1932 during the Great Depression and was fortunate to be adopted by a loving couple who had a farm in the deep south of Western Australia.  I don't remember a great deal about my first nearly 6 years so from that I know it must have been an extremely happy time.  Unfortunately owing to my mother being very unwell we had to leave the farm and come to the big smoke "Perth".  This was just a couple of months before I turned 6.

I had never been told why but it seems mum and dad had to just walk off the farm bringing with them only some personal items and clothing (all their possession from England had perished in a house fire before my birth).  I was told that Dad had about five pounds ($10) in his pocket which was not a lot of money even back then. I doubt there was anything like private health insurance and as mum was in hospital for quite some weeks it would have been a drain on the household purse and following on from the depression would have left them with very little money.  I do know that when I was adopted they were people of 'means' or would not have been a position to adopt a child.  It is strange how families (at least back then) didn't talk about that type of thing.  Now all the people that may have known are gone so it left for me to assume this, that and the other.

My half-brother drove for Yellow Cabs (a taxi firm back then when the drivers had to wear a uniform, including leggings, and they looked very smart).  I am lucky to have a photo of Len and myself (I was about 7 at that time) and he is wearing his 'work finery'.  I treasure that photo so much.  The firm had allowed Len to drive his cab down to Narrikup (near Albany) to collect us and bring us to the city.  I have no idea if he paid for the petrol but drive us he did.

For several years we lived in rooms in large houses and my memories are quite scant of those times and yet I can only remember happiness.  We had little money and first of all Dad got a job going door to door selling pots and pans (saucepans etc) and then his next job was selling appointments for people to have their photographs taken which I think was mainly aimed at photographing children.

Finally when I was about 10 we managed to find a very nice house to rent in North Perth and then moved to another house also in North Perth when the owners of the first house decided to sell as there had been a marriage breakup.  We rented several places after that (including when we became grocers of a small corner shop in Swanbourne) and finally Mum and Dad built their own home in Joondanna when I was 20 years of age.  That meant we had been boarding or renting for about 15 years with many changes of address in various suburbs.

I have been told that we often suppress bad things that occur in our lives but I know that nothing of that kind took place during my childhood so I just know how much I was loved and cared for. How fortunate I was to be wanted as much as that.

Getting back to what I was thinking about Christmas and all that it entails in this modern age...I was going on 8 when WW2 broke out and although we in Perth were safe from the conflict itself we of course had family and friends who were in the forces (Len was in the RAAF) and we had rationing of food (butter, sugar and tea); clothing (coupons were required to buy clothing and material); petrol and cigarettes.  This went on for several years after the war ended in 1945 and I remember Mum needing a ball gown and as it would have meant using lots of coupons she bought a length of beautiful shot silk curtaining (no coupons needed for curtains for some reason) and had the dressmaker make a lovely gown for her.  As I was tall for my age and a wee bit larger as well I got extra coupons for clothing and as I always wore a school uniform there were no problems for me with regard to clothes.

For several years there was very little to choose from in the stores in the way of gifts and items like books were very difficult to obtain because of the shortage of paper.  By this time Dad had become a very successful Rawleighs dealer and he would often go to the auction houses searching for items some of his customers were hoping to find (he would perhaps spend two pounds and make a few shillings by selling it on to that particular customer) and while there he would buy books for me so that at Christmas I would receive this large pile of secondhand books which would delight me as I loved to read.

As my birthday is only 8 days after Christmas I think there could be a combination of gifts covering both Christmas and birthday but I really don't recollect if that was so.  Mum would often make me something such as a nice dressing gown and there would be a few other small items and of course always a few new shiny pennies in the bottom of the pillowcase which served as a Christmas stocking.

From about the age of 8 Mum, Dad and I always went away to Mandurah for holiday so never spent Christmas or my birthday) at home.  Hence there was never a decorated tree in the house or any decorations and I often wonder what this did to my sense of Christmas.  Sure, we had a wonderful time in the guest house where we stayed as the same families went there year after year so we were like one big happy family and there would be decorations in the dining room and a traditional Christmas dinner

I am sure all this gave me a different feeling about how to celebrate Christmas at home and I am not sure that I've ever really got the hang of it.  My first husband was never very good about Christmas (or birthdays for that matter) and I remember that one year he wouldn't even let our children open their presents until about 5 in the afternoon and all the pleading by the 3 of us wouldn't make him change his mind.  I have never worked out why he behaved like that but it was one more thing that spoiled the festive season for me.  His own dad had died when he (my 1st hubby) was only 8 and I often wonder if that coloured his ideas of these celebrations.

MOH came from England when he was 30 and for him to celebrate Christmas in Australia is so different from what he remembers it being 'back home' where it was cold and you had a yule log on the fire and and made holly wreaths and it was 'just so different'.  Although he loves living in Australia I think this time of year brings with it a little sadness as well.  I know for a fact that one thing that would make the festive season better for me would be if it were COLD.  Perhaps it is my northern European ancestry that makes me feel that way or is it I just don't like the heat of summer? Who knows!!

I am sorry if this has been a little long-winded but I just wanted to put my thought down as I am always trying to work out what makes me tick and why I feel as I do as Christmas approaches; sort of sad.  I made an effort to make Christmas (and birthdays) great for my two children and I hope they enjoyed themselves as much as was possible.  I do know that I get upset about the amount of money that is spent (I am glad there were no credit cards years ago) and it can also be a time of upheaval among family members when I think it should be a time of closeness.  I always dread to hear of tragic accidents on our roads and losses that families must bear on those occasions.  I can't even imagine what it would be like to suddenly lose a family member or friend in that way and my thoughts always go out to those families even though I don't know them.

You can tell I do have very mixed feelings about a time when people are supposedly celebrating the birth of one whom I believe was a very good man (son of God or not doesn't matter as far as I am concerned) and I feel then it should be a time for families to be together if possible and love each other as much as  they can without feeling they must get into debt etc., trying to buy, buy, buy items which in many cases are put into a cupboard and forgotten.  It is also a good time to think of those who are less fortunate and perhaps make a donation to a worthwhile charity who can help others have a slightly better chance in life.

I hope I have not annoyed anyone by what I said in the previous paragraph as I respect everyone's beliefs and hope they will forgive me if I've upset them at all.   As I approach 80 I have my own thoughts about life in general and sincerely believe that we should treat others as we would like them to treat us.  If we all lived by that philosophy hopefully the world would be a slightly better place with peace for everyone.

I wish anyone who may have got this far through this somewhat lengthy blog A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY, HEALTHY AND PEACEFUL NEW YEAR.

Friday, December 2, 2011


I am sure as one ages that little happenings can cause much delight.  Today, for the first time in over 5 months I was able to wash my hair without any help.  That may sound a bit daft but it is the first time, since dislocating my left shoulder on 20 June, that I have been able to raise my arm high enough to reach nearly to the top of my head.

MOH has been so wonderful helping me wash my hair over the months and fortunately mine is not the type of hair that needs washing every day or two and I can go 5 days (or even 7 days at a pinch in cold weather) before it looks too grotty.

Today MOH celebrates his 82nd birthday and I am so grateful to him for the wonderful care he has shown me, not only since the shoulder thingie, but over the years.  Sure, there have been ups and downs on occasion, but as we age I believe we mellow and realise that getting out knickers in a knot over trivial things is just ridiculous so we now try to tolerate each other's idiosyncrasies and laugh off any differences we may have.

It is quite hot here today (34C - 93.2F - so far) so a quiet and peaceful day....he with his books and listening to music on the radio and me out here messing around on the computer.  We spend some time together and then do our own thing which we find is beneficial to us both.

Tonight we go to our favourite Chinese restaurant for dinner which we will both enjoy.  As diabetics we can't eat Chinese food too often (the rice is the problem more than anything...too much carb) but for special occasions (or cheating occasionally on our rather strict diet) it's great for a change.  He thinks he has had his presents but another one will arrive this evening.  I have bought him an above the ground garden bed (and our daughter and her hubby will also be giving him one) which will help ease the burden on his slightly arthritic back.   I have to make sure he keeps fit as I need him more than ever these days...I'd truly be lost without him.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Last December MOH had a really bad virus and with a cough that hung on for many weeks.  He was even too sick to enjoy his own birthday but fortunately got well enough to enjoy Christmas.  More recently he had a similar infection complete with cough so off we went to the doctor.  He was given antibiotics specific for this type of infection and over a matter of several weeks he gradually got better.

We had reason to see the doctor again (for scripts etc) and I mentioned that MOH had never had a lung function test and as he'd been told he had mild emphysemia back in 2006 and was using asthma type puffers I was surprised that this hadn't been done.  The doctor decided a chest x-ray would also be a good idea so off MOH went for that and the lung function test.

The x-ray came back showing what appeared as a nodule on his right lung.  Straight off to have a CT scan of his chest and a 2 day wait that seemed like 2 months.  To cut a long story short off we went back to our doctor yesterday afternoon for the dreaded results.  GOOD NEWS.  It would seem there was a type of scarring on his lung most possibly as a result of a lower respiratory tract infection.  He of course still has emphysema and some bronchial damage but the relief we felt that the 'nodule' was not something nasty was overwhelming.

The lung function test showed somewhat decreased lung capacity but the doctor said that was nothing to worry about as MOH had been a smoker (he gave up over 40 years ago) and this would partly be attributable to that and also his age.

To celebrate we had take away Chinese for dinner (and it was delicious) and both breathed a big sigh of relief.  This type of happening though is more or less a wake up call that we are indeed getting somewhat older and should perhaps make more definite plans for our future.

One good thing though is that MOH will be able to enjoy his 82nd birthday in a couple of weeks time.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Yesterday my lovely daughter and her hubby celebtrated their 34th wedding anniversary and it got me to thinking about how and when they met.

Way back in the 1970s MOH and I used to play badminton in a hall near our home.  They were a great bunch of folk and among them were two young men that I liked very much.  My daughter at that time was on her own with her little girl and I thought it may be nice for her to join in and play badminton with us and also meet these two young men as well.

She came along to the hall and with her little girl being so well behaved she was able to bring her along too which was great.  She (our daughter and not the 2 year old) seemed to enjoy herself and played badminton quite well and got on so well with the people that we invited them as well as family and other friends, along to the 21st birthday party we arranged for her.   We felt sad that she was on her own so hired a hall, had the party catered for and had a DJ to put on some music so there could be dancing as well.  We had a lovely cake made and I also made my daughter a very pretty dress to wear. You did that type of thing for 21st birthdays way back then.

Eventually one of the young men asked our lass to go on a date and their friendship grew from there until finally there was a marriage, 3 children to add to the little girl my daughter already had so a nice family of 6, and today they are real soul mates and it always makes my heart so glad that I was instrumental in them meeting.  They have had their ups and down but have always come up smiling and I can only hope they have many, many more happy years ahead to spend together.  I love them both very much and they are wonderful to MOH and me in our declining years for which I thank them so much.

Friday, November 4, 2011


I often think of my mum (the one that adopted me when I was very tiny) and also the one that gave birth to me and was forced to give me up.  To have been so fortunate in being adopted by a wonderful couple was I think perhaps more than I deserved.  I hope I never really let them down and I will always be grateful for their love and care.  Thinking about this today reminded me of a verse in Mother's Day card I received some time back and I would like to share it with you.

Mums always show their caring in so many different ways
By giving warm encouragement, support and words of praise.
They give their understanding and they take the time to share
Warm moments of companionship that show how much they care.
Mums always give a special gift that really stands above
Any other gift in life - the priceless gift of love.

My real mother of course was never given the opportunity to do any of the above and I feel so sad that she was denied this.  My 'other mother', although she had not given birth, had the pleasure of being able to do all the above for her chosen daughter and she did it without reserve of any kind.

My only hope is that I too have been a reasonably good mum to my children (and grandmother to my grandchildren as well) and have managed to instill in them the values I hold dear and that were taught to me.  To my way of thinking one of the most important of all these beliefs is to endeavour always to treat others as you'd like them to treat you.  If you can do that throughout your life you will cause little deliberate hurt and hopefully not be hurt by others.

As usual, I hope everyone out there in blog land is keeping well and happy.

Monday, October 31, 2011


I have a Facebook friend in New Zealand that I met back in 2010. We both love playing Scrabble and have about 60 games going between us on Facebook and I must admit we are pretty well equal in our successes.

She is 23 years younger than me (actually almost the same age as my own daughter).  This lass though is the eldest of 11 children which probably makes her a little different to my daughter who only had a younger brother to deal with.  Her mother is proving to be a bit of a problem to the family by being very stubborn about her care whereas I, of course, am never a problem to my daughter (I'd not mention that to her though as she perhaps wouldn't entirely agree with that comment  *_*).

As we can't converse in the normal way we sort of chat as we play Scrabble or sometimes playing Farm Town (another addictive game on Facebook).  I will leave a message or a comment for my friend and next time she plays she will reply or leave another message for me.  This may annoy some people but she and I really enjoy it very much.

The other day I played the word TRUANT at the same time leaving this message for her (I bet you've never played truant have you?)  Next day came her reply "Yes I have a little bit and once I wanted to go to another High School so along I went with my birth certificate and told them that my mother was too busy working to come along with me and so I enrolled myself."

I thought this quite hilarious and next time I played Scrabble I asked how long it was before her mum knew she had changed high schools.  The answer came the next day "When the other school rang mum and asked her why I'd not been to school for a month."   A Month!!!!  Wow what was that school thinking leaving it so long before contacting her mother?

When I asked my friend her reason for changing schools she said that all her friends were going to the school she had chosen and she didn't know anyone at the first school.  This I felt an excellent reason for her doing this and it certainly didn't do any harm as she (when living in Western Australia years back) took up nursing and her use of words is excellent that a good education was obviously hers.

Just needed to share this little story with anyone who cares to read it as I felt it very amusing and hope you do as well.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


As you know MOH and I are getting on years and we are not complaining about that one little bit as the alternative is not even worth thinking about but.....

Over the past couple of years we keep saying to each other "I don't know why I am feeling so weary today" and words to that effect.

The other day MOH said exactly that to me and the truth suddenly hit me.  MOH is approaching his 82nd birthday and me my 80th birthday come January.  While we are sitting in our comfy chairs reading, crocheting (me not MOH) or watching TV or doing absolutely nothing at all I still more or less feel as I did when I was 35 or perhaps 45 and I could spring up and do anything I felt like doing.  Now there's the rub.  I can't do much of whatever it is I feel like doing at all and even though MOH is much better physically than I now am he too is finding he tires very quickly.

What was that inevitable truth that had to be recognised one day?  I turned to MOH and said "You often wonder why you tire much more easily these days and I get frustrated because of so many tasks I now cannot do that I once took for granted.  It's not just because we are getting older it is because we are OLD.

This does not mean we are giving up but only that we have to face the fact that much water has passed under various bridges since we were born.  We are not giving up or giving in but at last will be able to stop trying to find answers to the question "Why is this happening" 'cos now we both know why.  We can now stop worrying ourselves sick about what is wrong with us but just get on and enjoy all we can in the years remaining to us.

I still love to read, I crochet when my old hands will let me and I really love my computer and can type quite well for an oldie.  We don't see as much of family as we once did nor are we now able to lend assistance as we could before which is regrettable.  We used to love to have our grandchildren stay here and also take them on holidays with us.  We are no longer able to look after little ones which is something we both regret but it would not really be safe for us to do so.  We have so many happy memories of time spent with family and these memories will hopefully always remain with us.  Photographs also help us pinpoint moments in time that were and still are so memorable.

Does all the above mean we are now enjoying a new lease of life?  No, it does not but we will continue to be thankful we have been given the chance to spend so long on this earth in what is a very special and wonderful country (and of course in my view the best city in this great country too).  MOH was born in the UK and lived there for 30 years.  He has never had the inclination to return even for a holiday and now considers himself an Australian.  He even has his Certificate of Naturalisation to prove it which he always tells everyone he signed with tomato sauce.

Now I have turned this corner in my life I am hoping I can return to blogging if I can find anything I think may be of any interest to anyone or perhaps just of interest to me.  It is over 3 months since I dislocated my left shoulder and the arm is still not right so off I go tomorrow morning to have an injection in it (under ultrasound to make sure they hit the spot) which I am hoping will do the trick.  My eyes are recovering well from the cataract operations (the specialist was extremely pleased with the results of the ops) and on Tuesday I am off to get new specs which will make a big difference as well.  Still not too good outside when the glare is too bright but have been told the retinas will gradually adjust after 'being in the dark' for a while so that too will be good.

Oh boy!  Am I being positive or am I?  Hopefully this mood will stay with me and me and my family will see good times when we reach the new year of 2012 which is only only 2 months away.  Oh heck that means Christmas too.  I wonder will my fantastic daughter decide on Secret Santa pressies again this year?  I think it worked out well last year and I can already think of a couple of items to put on my list.

I trust everyone out there in blogger land is keeping well.....just love and care for each other is all I can ask of you.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I really must have my camera with me next time we are near the post office.  Stopped there today and on THE tree were a pair of galahs.  I am presuming they have babies in the hole in that tree as they obviously did last year.

It is amusing to watch them eating the bark of the tree and there is now a huge area with no bark.  Am hoping they won't eventually ring bark it as it is a very large eucalypt but I think it would take them a while to do that much damage.

Galahs are such delightful birds and comedians as well.  I've often seen them on the light wires turning somersaults and really enjoying themselves having fun.

I will have that camera with me one day and then fathom out how to get the picture on here.  All things on computers are getting a tad complicated for this old brain to fathom out at times but I'll at least give it a go.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


It suddenly struck me recently that my destiny in this life is to nearly always be the one that has to replace the used toilet roll.

In our home I guarantee it is my job 90% of the time and when in hospital recently having a cataract op I went to the loo and would you toilet paper so who was it that had to pop the new roll on the holder?  Yes, yours truly.

I suppose there are worse jobs in this world but I am quite sure that this was certainly destined to be one of mine.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I hope so rather than it be a train coming in the opposite direction!

Had scans and x-ray of bad shoulder yesterday and I have a full thickness tear in my supraspinatus tendon. I also have a bursa on my left hip which would have resulted from the same fall that caused my dislocated shoulder.

Now we know what the damage is I am hoping beyond hope that my GP can now do something to give me back full use of my arm which will also hopefully reduce the constant ache in that arm.

All this is one reason I've not been back blogging.  My eyes are great but still have to have 4 x 3 drops each day in the left one and an ordinary eye drop in the right eye to try and help it put up with some of the allergies that come with our spring weather.  Looking forward to seeing the specialist for a final OK on 21st October and then mid-November off to get tested for new specs.

When there are aches and pains and other medical problems one doesn't want to constantly be grizzling about them as that is boring for all of us but at times like this one's mind tends to dwell on everything that is wrong.  There are millions of folk in the world that in many different ways are far worse off than I am but at this moment in time it is my problems that I have to confront.  They tend to take over and one's concentration is upset so best to withdraw for a while until all is well again and one can think normally.

Hopefully come Christmas 2011 all will well again, or as well as can be expected by someone as ancient as I am.

Once again I hope everyone in blogging land is well and happy.  Just keep loving each other and the world will be a much better place.


Yesterday was the 54th birthday of my only son, a son who nearly 10 years ago chose not to have anything to do with me or this side of his family.

I found it very sad yesterday knowing where he lives and not being able to see him.   He and his family live about 15 kms south of us and we spent some great times in his home prior to him making his decision to split from us.  In some way it was worse knowing it was his birthday and that he was alive than if he had died way back then.  At least then I could remember him with honest regret rather than very sad regret.

Please don't get me wrong....I don't wish him ill but am just trying to explain how I feel when these anniversaries come around.

I will be 80 in January and my one hope is that perhaps he will remember that and make contact but there is really nobody to remind him so I doubt very much if it will even enter his mind to do so.

I often wonder if I will ever see him, his wife or my grandchildren again before I leave this mortal coil.  I can only desperately hope that I will.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Now that is perhaps a strange question but I am not really being nosy.  This morning I was searching in our fridge for a small item that was hiding and realised that one shelf is nearly completed dominated by MOH's thyroid medication (they didn't say to keep it in the fridge for 20 years or more but then suddenly it was imperative it was kept cold...strange) and packets and packets of insulin pens for us both.  I only have one injection a day but MOH has one before each meal and when you collect them from the chemist you receive enough to last about six months.  They take up quite a lot of room

Nowadays we seldom entertain 'cos I just can't cope with it any more and so if anyone comes it is usually for a cuppa and cake so we don't need the space in our fridge so all is well.

All this is part of growing older and the medical profession very kindly endeavouring to keep us from dropping off the perch which unfortunately has happened to a number of our friends.  I often say we are still here 'cos only the good die young but I feel we also owe thanks to various doctors who do seem to have our interests at heart.

Thursday morning I am to have my second cataract op so up early about 5pm to get to the hospital EARLY and then another month of 3 drops 4 times a day.  Another of life's little pleasures.  No complaints though as it will be great to have both eyes in tandem again and see everything lighter and brighter.

If anyone does check in here I hope you are keeping well and all is going OK for you and yours.  When I think of something worthwhile writing about I will return but not being out and about in the big outside world much these days means I am very limited in what I can write about.  Never mind I hope I will think of something eventually.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today...11/9/11 one's thoughts go back 10 years to the horrific happenings in America when so many innocent lives were lost and the effect it had on the lives of those left behind.

There is not a lot one can say as it has all been said by better writers than I am but it is necessary to always remember that dreadful day and do our best to make the world a better place for future generations. If only people could keep their beliefs to themselves and be content to let others have their beliefs so we can all live in peace.

Monday, September 5, 2011


I thought I'd be back here much sooner than this but the shoulder is still far from right and having to have 12 drops in my eye each day....well it's sort of tiring so the old thought processes are a little slow.

Yesterday was Father's Day in Oz and also our eldest great-granddaughter turned 15 so a double celebration.  Family all met at the Hog's Breath Cafe in Rockingham where we all enjoyed a lovely meal and each other's company as well.

CT at 15 is a delightful lass and I feel she really did enjoy her birthday yesterday and received some lovely gifts, including money so she can go on a spending spree and buy things she would like to have.  I now kakka has talked a lot about her eldest granddaughter so I don't need to go into details about the accident and all that.  CT looked very attractive last night and still has the most beautiful smile.

I asked CT what her work experience job is this term and apparently she is at a cafe/restaurant where she does some of the cooking, takes payments for meals and of course the one job that is interminable in a cafe....washing dishes.  She seems to be enjoying it which is the main thing.  All this work experience is good for her as she learns different tasks and has a lot of contact with people in the 'outside' world.

Youngest great-granddaughter was also there with her folks and she had lots of fun with her grandma playing electronic games on the iPad and having the story about Green Eggs and Ham read to her a couple of times.  She had brought with her a little pull along dog which had to be taken outside for a walk a couple of times.  She really is a trick and she looked lovely with her curly hair and pretty clothes.

MOH has had a nasty persistent cough of late so I waited until he was out on Friday and rang and made an appointment with out GP and I hope when MOH sees the doctor he will tell him he's been feeling poorly and not try and make out all is well, which it isn't.  It's great to greet a doctor which a big smile and all that but sometimes I think we have to let them know that things are not quite right or otherwise how are they supposed to know.

I hope everyone out there in blogging land is keeping well and happy.  I am sorry I've not visited many blogs of late but I do think of all of you and when I get this shoulder right and the second cataract done on the 15th of this month (followed by lots more drops) I hope all will be back to some sort of normality.
Just keeping loving each other and all hopefully will be well with everyone.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Well it is new to us anyway.  Diabetic dietician told us about them...they are a carisma potato sold only by Coles and they are very low GI.  We were using kumura instead of ordinary potato but apparently they are intermediate GI which is not quite so good.  We still use kumura as we love 'em but in lesser quantity than before.

The carisma potatoes are a delight and cook (boiled) in only about 10 minutes or would be over done.  So, not only have we discovered a new potato but also one that saves cooking time which is good as well.  MOH has been peeling them but when I cooked some I just gave them a good scrub and they were quite OK like that.   The peel is very very thin so easy to clean them.

At the moment I am eating some delicious cherries and have no idea where they come from.  We usually only have cherries here in Western Australia from about December through to February so being able to buy some in August is wonderful and they are of course a very good fruit for diabetics.  These cherries are super size and just sooooo enjoyable.


First cataract op is over and went just so well and I have rediscovered what white looks like and can't wait till the other eye is 'done' on 15 September.   A little soreness a couple of hours after the op and one codeine tablet did the trick and ever since all has been well.  A little swelling of the lower eyelid but am told that will subside with time.  Everything is looking so bright and beautiful and I realise now what I've been missing colourwise.  Even the sky is bluer with one eye than with the other.

Three lots of drops to use four times a day and poor MOH has to administer them as I still can't get my right arm over to my right eye to hold eyelid in place while in instil the drops.  That wonderful husband of mine has just so much patience and still gives me a cuddle and tells me he loves me and I don't ever want to be without him.

Shoulder not as good as I'd hoped and all I did yesterday is help MOH hang out some washing and then fold up towels etc when they were dry and pop them away but apparently that was a bit much to do.  A bit better today and more physio etc., due on Wednesday morning when I will have a chat to Jenny to see what she thinks of the progress it is making.  She said 8 weeks and it is only coming up to 5 weeks so perhaps I'm being impatient.  I do have to remember all the soft tissue that was affected is nearly 80 years old so maybe I'm expecting a little too much of it.  At least it is great not having to wear the sling any more.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


First cataract op tomorrow morning.  Had a call from the hospital today telling me that they want me to be there at 6.30 a.m.  I hadn't realised there was such a time in the morning.....gee, the streets aren't even aired at that time are they?

For someone who often sleeps in till 9 a.m. this will be quite a shock to the system but I am sure we will get there in plenty of time even if still half asleep.  Fortunately MOH is a good driver at any time of the day or night so no problem there.

If you are wondering why we sleep late, we tend to be night owls and go to bed late and often read for quite a while too.  We had years of having to get up early to go to work etc., so now that we are retired we do it our way.

Apparently I will be able to read, watch television etc., even though one eye will have a 'patch' over it but if I have to wash my hair (which apparently I can do the same day) I have to keep the eye shut.  So, I washed my hair tonight so that should be all right for a few days anyway.

Am I worried about this op?  Not really although I'm not a great one for eye drops and apparently one has to have a series of eye drops over a period of a couple of hours so that should be loads of fun.

The shoulder is certainly getting lots better.  Yesterday ultrasound and massage by Jenny brought further improvement to it athough some movements are still definitely not possible.

It has been such a dreadfully medical time of late for MOH and me but there were so many people in my life who didn't live long enough to have these problems so I must never complain.  Thankfully we are still here to face anything that life throws at us with the philosophy 'we are at least here to experience it' and one must always remember that 'at least pain proves you are still alive'.

With that I will say au revoir once again.  Looks like it will have to be an early night tonight and that will be a first for a while.

Everyone out there keep well and happy and be good to each other.

Monday, August 15, 2011


I had hoped by now to be back blogging fulltime but after paying a visit to Jenny (my physio) last Friday and having more massage (ouch) on the muscles surrounding THE shoulder I find I am still quite restricted and need to wear the sling for a few hours a day.  Have a couple more exercises to do and I certainly can do more than I could last week.

More physio next Wednesday morning and then a visit to my endocrinologist in the afternoon to find out how he feels about my blood glucose level (it has gone down 0.1% which is better than it going up).

Then next Friday it is the first cataract op (right eye) and I couldn't believe it, but if it is a morning op I have to fast from midnight (not even a drop of water) and if an afternoon op then fasting from 6 a.m. that day.  Can't imagine myself getting up at 5 a.m. for a snack so am hoping it will be in the morning.  Fingers crossed for that one.  It seems the second op on 15 September will be in the morning so that is good to know.  Had a letter today about that op and they only mentioned morning.  Whoopeee.

MOH is now my official 'carer' which I am very pleased about as he really does so much for me and even more over the past nearly 4 weeks.  What a truly wonderful man he is and I am so glad that at 81 he is still so fit.  Sure he gets tired but I make sure he gets plenty of rest.

It's very windy today and we've had some more rain which is just so welcome here in Perth.  There is warmth coming back though (24C forecast for later in the week) so it seems as though spring may be just around the corner.  Once again I am not looking forward to another hot summer but I've enjoyed the cooler winter days so have to be thankful for them.

Once again I hope everyone out there in blogger land is keeping well and happy.  Remember to be kind to each other and I'll try and be back soon with a little less medical 'stuff'.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Mid-afternoon and MOH and I were sitting in the living room dozing on and off when suddenly our little cat leapt from her chair and fled from the room.  This immediately told us that someone was walking up our front path as she is so timid when it comes to strangers and her hearing is so acute.

She was right and there at the front door was my half-brother whom we hadn't seen for some months although I am in contact with him on Facebook almost daily.

He had driven his daughter and her family to Fremantle where they were to board a ship for a cruise so he decided he'd make a slight detour and call in and see how the 'invalid' was doing.  It was a thrill to see him and we spent a pleasant couple of hours chatting and enjoying a cuppa.

He lives in Margaret River which is about 280km south of Perth but he is an accomplished driver and the trip seems not to worry him at all.  He left at about 6pm for the journey back home.  He often drives to Perth and returns on the same day.

He is 14 years younger than I am but we get on very well and one day I will tell the story of how I discovered that he and his sister (my half-sister) existed and how we eventually met.  It was wonderful to find I actually had siblings I'd known nothing about for many years.

I really appreciated his taking the time to call in as we have few visitors and it makes a nice change.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


I had hoped to be back blogging more regularly than I have but after seeing my physiotherapist last Friday I now realise it could be several weeks before things are back to anywhere near normal as far as this shoulder is concerned.

Jenny massaged some very sore spots which I think has helped a lot and also gave me some exercises to do. I can take the sling off 3 times each day and do the exercises but it means that, although I can type with both hands for a few minutes, I am still quite restricted.

I have been told that soft tissue damage can take up to six weeks (and beyond) to mend and being an older person I guess I have to be even more careful that I don't dislocate the shoulder again which would be catastrophic for all of us.

MOH has been wonderful and has been like a mother to me and the meals cooked for us by members of our family immediately after this mishap took place were ever so much appreciated and gave us a few days breather to get ourselves organised. The flowers that Kakka had delivered to me were truly beautiful and I've managed to remove the spent flowers and keep the arrangement looking quite lovely even more than 2 weeks after it arrived.

I have another appointment with Jenny next Friday and once again we shall take it from there and follow her advice to the letter.

This is all I can manage at one time so until next time if anyone out there sees this I just want to say keep well and keep happy and hope to catch up again before too long.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Wonderful to actually be having a proper winter in Perth and only just about 10mm short of our average July rainfall too. I love winter and do so enjoy it at night when I am in bed and this shoulder has kept me awake a little of late and I, who am not at all poetically inclined, came up with this little poem. Just thought I'd share it with anyone who happened to wander into my blog.


The wind is whistling round our house
And how I love the sound of it.
The rain is drumming on the roof
As I listen to the pound of it.
The lightning tears the sky asunder
Followed then by claps of thunder.
On nights like this my thanks be said
I'm snug and cosy in my bed.

The last time I wrote a poem was when I was aged about 11 or 12 back in about 1943/44 when my brother was home on leave from the RAAF during WW2. Only 2 poems in 79 years? Well
there are some folk that don'e even write one.


Well my girl that didn't really get you very far did it?

Waited 30 mins at orthopaedic clinic and then another 10 mins in examination room. In comes Registrar who asks "How is the shoulder?" I tell him and he says I need physio and I say I have an appt with my own physio on Friday morning next.

"O.K." says he "We can discharge you from here". (Fremantle Hospital that is)

"You don't want me to take the sling off and check out the shoulder at all?" I ask. No. he doesn't.

Now what was I expecting? I am now not at all sure! Apparently I should leave the sling on most of the time and my physio will give me strengthening exercises and I should follow her advice. Just as well I have faith in Jenny. In the mean time don't move my arm this way or that way etc., and out I went. I hadn't actually intended to anyway but I guess he felt I expected him to tell me something and that was it!

Seems it will be a while before I get back to much typing (or much else for that matter)
altho' I am using my left hand for a few of the letters on the left side of the keyboard which is an improvement on previously.

Anyway I WILL be back here and I'm not sure if that is a threat or a promise. I have to chat to someone and I guess my blog is that someone and a good listener at that.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Tomorrow I report to the orthopaedic clinic at Fremantle Hospital.

Will I be allowed to stop wearing this sling on my left arm because of the shoulder that I dislocated nearly 2 weeks ago? I do hope so as my right shoulder (my usually bad shoulder) is beginning to suffer 'cos of some of the awkward manouvres it has been having to undertake.

I think I also jarred my back in the fall 'cos what was a really painful area is worse than before the fall. The hospital didn't check out anything other than the shoulder and the fact that I could walk probably lead them to believe everything else was OK.

I seem to be a bundle of aches and pains and full of frustrations because of so much I just cannot do right now. Even washing dishes becomes a big task using just the one hand.

MOH has been super fantastic and so patient with me and meals cooked by members of our wonderful family last week went a long way to help us manage this crisis in our lives.

Fingers crossed that as of tomorrow afternoon I will be allowed to use my left arm again, even with limitations would be so wonderful.

I see my lovely physiotherapist on Friday morning who hopefully will be able to set me on the path to a full recovery, at least in regard to the damaged shoulder.

Spell check is a big help when typing with just one hand as it illuminates typos that I make. It will be great to get back on to my blog and have these wee grizzles and chats to myself again; some of which may even be shared with others if they are interested.

Till next time.....goodnight and pleasant dreams.

Friday, July 22, 2011


I am having to type with one hand as on Wednesday night I took a nasty tumble ending up in hospital suffering from a dislocated shoulder...fortunately the left one. Some wonderful medical staff put it back in place but I now have to wear a sling for two weeks and not use the arm at all.

Having been a typist since I was 15 I can touch type quite quickly still but with just the one hand I don't do very well and it is just sooooooo slow.

I'll still be checking out others blogs but I hope you will understand if I don't comment for a while.

Full story of how the fall happened when I return. Until then au revoir. Keep well; keep happy.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I wonder if any of you remember me writing about first twenty eight parrots and then pink and grey galahs nesting in a large tree near our local post office.

We stopped to collect our mail on the way home this morning and lo and behold there was a 28 parrot on that same tree. I didn't have time to take a proper look but it would seem they are nesting there again although I thought it perhaps a little early in the year for that. Maybe the 28s want to make sure of their territory before the galahs arrive.

Next time we go to the post office I must remember to have my camera with me to see if I can perhaps get a photo of the bird/s.

It is just so lovely to see them persevering with living in such close proximity to we humans.


Exercise group this morning and we worked hard but had fun at the same time which is so important as laughter really is good medicine.

After that I went and saw my very nice podiatrist who looks after my feet so well. I have no choice as I just can't reach my toes any more and John also checks all is well with my feet as they are one part of our body that can be badly affected by diabetes.

I am getting on well with injecting the insulin myself now and it doesn't hurt a bit and I am so pleased to report that my blood glucose readings are actually going last. On 24th June my highest morning reading was 9.9 (shock horror) but this week I've now had a 5.2 and this morning 6.5. I am seeing a diabetes educator tomorrow morning and will discuss with her if I should keep my injection at 22 units as it now is. It is often difficult with something like using insulin for the first time to know just how far to go without going too far.

We got some laundry done with me helping MOH hang it on the line and bring it in and with the temperature at 20C today with a slight breeze we got it all dry. More rain due at week's end so it's great not to have to rely on getting out the clothes horse to hang damp clothing on.

MOH and I both go to our hairdresser to have hair cuts tomorrow. She's a lovely lass who works from home and we get to see her three gorgeous little girls while we are there. Oh, I must remember to buy some Freddos or something so I have something to give them when I see them.

Monday, July 11, 2011


I just didn't get back here as the downward spiral continued when we found that a branch of our bank had made a stupid error on MOH's credit card. Fortunately I do use internet banking and on paying a couple of bills on Thursday I discovered his Visa balance was much higher than it should have been. We both pay our credit cards in full every month 'cos it's the only way to keep our heads above water on our age pensions.

Anyway as was his usual habit MOH went to a nearby bank after he had made claims at HBF and Medicare to cadge all he could from them and he then pays the balance owing from his savings a/c using his Access card. When I found the wrong total on his Visa I checked and found no payment was made from him during July!!! Panic stations! We checked his bank dockets only to find that the teller had taken money out of his Access a/c and promptly redeposited it into his Access a/c and not into his Visa a/c. It is all fixed now (and interest charged will be refunded) after we made a visit to the bank on Friday but........

I rang that bank on Thursday morning and got "we are either closed or busy with customers....please leave your name and number and we will get back to you". We'd heard nothing by mid-afternoon (I did mention the matter was rather urgent when I left my message) so I had MOH call them and once again there was the message to leave name and number etc. The really annoying thing about all this is that here we are at 5.38pm on Monday and they have still not returned our calls. If I was on my own and had to rely on taxis or private transport to get around I would need to have telephone communication with the bank. I have actually complained to the powers that be that this is not good enough but whether anything will be done about it I don't know. This by the way is not the only time we've received that message and from another branch as well. Otherwise I can't fault our bank thank goodness.

So now you may realise why I sort of stopped in my tracks. MOH lost his wallet so rush to contact banks etc., re putting a stop on cards being used; then waiting for cards to arrive in the mail; then setting new PINs and periodic payments having to be set up again and firms receiving those payments need also to be notified about new card numbers etc. Mainly insurance and a couple of charities MOH sends small amounts to each month.

Phew!! Now hopefully I can get back to trying to get my diabetes into some semblance of order and think about the upcoming cataract ops in August and September My eyes are to be measured for new lenses next Monday so another little medical appointment. Oh the joys of old age but when one thinks of the alternative one puts up with these little inconveniences with a smile.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Wednesday came and went quite quickly as for us it was a busy day.

MOH and I went to our physio exercise group in the morning and worked well with sit down and stand up exercises and using weights. I decided to go back to 2kg (one in each hand) to see how I'd go and managed OK so may try and gradually work back to 3kg which I used to use last year. A lot depends on how painful my hands and wrists are on any given day.

Midday the young man that does work in our garden arrived and I had him pop a few more plants out in the front garden, do some weeding there and also some weeding round plants in the back garden. Boy in a week the rain came along and so did the weeds, thousands of them. Mainly wild oats and winter grass so MOH will have to be out with the whipper snipper soon before any seeds appear. We did that last year so where did this year's weeds come from????

MOH tells me that his dad (back in the UK) would always say that if you could sell weeds they just wouldn't grow! Perhaps we need to find a market for weeds???

Mid afternoon our lovely cleaning lady arrived and vacuumed our living areas and washed all the floors for us so the house is looking neat and tidy (well not sure about the tidy) again.

It may not sound like very much but at our ages it's amazing that even having people come to do jobs entails quite a bit of work on our part as well and we just get a little weary.

So that was Wednesday and I was too tired last night to even open my blog let alone post anything.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


While I am sitting here pondering what I could write about today I am listening to one of my Roger Whittaker CDs.

His is a voice I really love and although he is now 75 he is still a very good singer. I first heard Roger Whittaker sing when he was the first to record "Wind Beneath My Wings" way back in 1982. I loved that song when I first heard and still do but back then I was far too busy to take much notice of music that was on the wireless.

In the early 1990s I bought a double CD with a variety of artists and two of the songs were sung by Roger Whittaker..."I Don't Believe In If Any More" and "The Last Farewell" and loved both songs and kept replaying them and still do.

When I got a computer and became used to using the internet and could order things online I began looking for CDs featuring Roger Whittaker and I now have a collection of about a dozen of them. He sings a lot of his songs in German (in fact he is very popular in that country) but I prefer songs sung in French if they are to be in a foreign language.

I am 79 and Roger is 75 so I guess we are contemporaries at least in age if not in talent. I like songs that tell a story and also a singer that sings so I can understand the words he is singing.

One of my very favourite songs he sings is Albany which he collaborated in writing with someone with the surname of Munro (don't know who that would be).

Enough about that. MOH cooked chilli con carne for dinner tonight and it was delicious. Enough for tomorrow so that is another day I won't have to cook.

We are off to our exercise group tomorrow. Not sure how I will go as I am quite stiff and sore lately but I will go because I know it will do me good. I like Pennye but will be very glad when our usual physio comes back to take the group. I know Jenny began back at work on Monday just doing three half days a week for a while and not taking the exercise group. I think I may have mentioned she has been recuperating after a very specialised knee operation and she has to be careful for a time not to undo the good that has hopefully been done.

Cold here tonight (2C) so electric blanket set on 1 all night methinks and I am sure Precious will approve of that as well as she snuggles up on my bed or perhaps it will her turn on MOHs bed tonight. She has been on mind for a couple of weeks now so must be his turn soon

Goodnight everyone...hope all is going well for all of you and catch you later.

Monday, July 4, 2011


That's about all it was too....apart from stripping the beds and cooking a nice steak with vegies for midday meal I did very little. It has been very cold and although I do enjoy winter I am wondering if that is why I seemed sore everywhere today?

I am not getting a cold or anything like that but don't have the energy to do anything of consequence and I hurt. Oh well, days like that come along to try us from time to time and MOH has been rather quiet today as well. Perhaps we are hibernating!!!

Tomorrow I must get on and take advantage of the fine weather this week to get some laundry done. I must. I must. I must.

Haven't even decided what is for dinner tomorrow which shows how slack I've been.

Hope everyone has had a good day and will have a good week as well. Goodnight.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I think before I attempt to go any further I'd best go and get my specs. They may not be wonderful but although I can see this without them I sort of get a pain in the muscles in my head if I don't wear glasses. Something to do with the muscle strain in my eye or something like that.

Ah! that is better. Not that I can see much better but my head doesn't hurt so that's an improvement thank goodness.

The reason I said it is a satisfying Sunday is for several reasons: My lovely daughter rang me this afternoon and had we a lovely long chat about this, that and the other and I always enjoying having a chin wag with her. I don't speak to many other people (apart from MOH) so it always a joy when she rings me. I left her do the telephoning because she is a busy person with many demands and she is the one who knows when she has the time to spare.

Over the past months I have been a really terrible non-doer. O.K I spend lots of time on this computer and love doing so. I have a Facebook page and may have mentioned I play dozens of games of Scrabble with a dear friend in New Zealand. We are pretty equal when it comes to games won which makes it very interesting. I also play a game called Farm Town which is time consuming and quite a challenge as well (if you let it get that way).

Today I plugged my Elna sewing machine in for probably the first time in about two years. One drop of oil is all that is needed to get it running well and yes, it sewed beautifully which is more than it was doing previously. It is well over 30 years old and really does need an overhaul so must ring Elna and get a quote. Elna machines are (or were) more or less guaranteed for the life of the machine but wear and tear of course is not covered in that guarantee. It's like my body I guess...wear and tear happens!!!

I have some large sheets which are in perfect condition which I need to cut down to fit our twin beds and some fitted sheets where the elastic has gone kaput. Mum used to say buttons were sewn on with a hot needle and burnt thread and I think the elastic they use on fitted sheets is a little like that. Almost worn out before you begin using the sheets. Whether they use better elastic on very expensive sheets I don't now as I can't afford to buy them.

Anyway what I intend to do is to sew some tape for 40-50 cms each side of a corner (in one continuous piece) and run elastic through it so the fitted sheet will once again stay put on the corners of the bed. It will take a bit of playing about with i.e. how much elastic of course (MOH will give me a hand tomorrow...he promised he would) but if I can get it to work I will then have enough fitted (and top) sheets in my linen cupboard to last for years.

I began sewing when very young and started making my own clothes when I was about 15 and have always loved doing it. I made nearly all my daughter's clothes when she was young (plus her wedding dresses) and quite a few for my son when he was little. Have also made shirts for my first husband and also MOH. Unfortunately my hands are so arthritic now I can't cut out patterns etc., nor am I very good at using a hand sewing needle but the machine I can still use.

These are two quite tiny satisfactions to many people but to me they are tremendous as I feel I am once again becoming a little useful.

MOH made some delicious vegetable soup in the slow cooker and we had two helpings today (lunch and tea) along with ham and tomato sandwiches. Simple meals on a Sunday made it a satisfactory day as well. Tomorrow ... we have splashed out and are having t-bone steak with lots of vegies. The pork cutlets were delicious last night and I'm hoping the steaks will be just as tender.

The weekend has been quite a good one overall and I am looking forward with confidence to the coming week. Hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying their lives.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Not a lot to report today....mostly about our Aussie Rules football. Our local AFL team Fremantle had a good win, the top team on the ladder got beaten which is always a good thing (unless it's your team) and the team I follow in Adelaide had a good win in dreadful weather conditions.

I am trying to do the right thing and fill in the daily sheet of what I eat and do BG tests two hours after breakfast, lunch and dinner but tonight we had a very late main meal so not sure how that will go for testing before bed.

The dietician asked me to complete the daily resumes and bring them when I see her in 4 weeks times. I guess it will give her an idea of how food I eat is affecting my diabetes. As I increase the insulin dosage every few days I will have to be careful to eat sufficient without eating too much. It is so difficult when you are overweight but you know you have to eat. My morning BG readings are improving so I hope that it won't be too long before I know the number of units of insulin I need to use each night.

I am sorry but this must be boring for most but it is good for me to set it down here so I can sort of discuss it with myself (if that makes sense).

There have still been some showers here today but next week is promising to be fine but VERY cold which many people I know won't enjoy but then they had months of hot weather in summer so now it is the turn of we winter lovers to enjoy the cooler days (and nights). It's nice to be able to rug up whereas in hot weather there is only so much you can take off in the way of clothing.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and, wherever you are, that you are enjoying yourself and keeping well and happy. May all your troubles be little ones. Goodnight.

Friday, July 1, 2011


This afternoon I had an appointment with a diabetic dietician which I felt was necessary now I am injecting insulin nightly at bedtime. As my glucose hopefully goes lower I am going to be at the risk of having "lows". I needed advice about what to eat and when to eat and yet keep the quantities down to try and stop my weight increasing again. Unfortunately insulin tends to put weight on and it is always a battle to keep my weight levels OK at the best of times. I am lots overweight anyway mainly because of inability to do much exercise so do NOT need to carry any more weight as it also causes more arthritic problems.

Cheryl was really helpful and I now have to test my BG 4 times a day, write down what I eat (I hate having to do that because of the measuring etc) for four weeks and then see her again. I know I must do all of this in order to to endeavour to bring things under control.

One thing that amused me was that Cheryl said severe pain can increase blood glucose. I had mentioned this to my two doctors both of whom sort of brushed the idea away so am now wondering who is correct. I feel it is worth pursuing this idea and could be interesting to see if there is any empirical evidence one way or the other. Back in a few minutes......Yes, I found a few websites that definitely confirm that pain DOES increase blood glucose levels. OK so we are fighting on two fronts here but somehow we will win in the long term. Hopefully.

Cool here today with more rain on its way and quite a cold weekend forecast with quite cold nights of between 3-4C. July and August are always our coldest months so nothing new about that. If it keeps raining for the next few months we will be very fortunate indeed.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend. Keep happy and healthy if you can. Life is good.....even with the aches and pains.

Thursday, June 30, 2011


It actually began last night when MOH returned from a trip to the chemist declaring he couldn't find his wallet. He drove back down there, checked out the area where he had walked, and asked if the wallet had been left behind (hopefully) or handed in. No luck in either case. I immediately had him phone the bank to put a stop on his bank cards and also the mastercard he has which is actually used on my account.

Today we had to sort out exactly which cards were in the lost wallet. Fortunately no money was there but our NDSS (diabetes) cards are gone (we use them for subsidised needles, strips etc) and also his Medicare and HBF (private health insurance) cards. There will be problem receiving new cards but some will take up to 14 working days to receive and with his Medicare card being reissued means mine will be as well so MY card is now obsolete. I have been given numbers to use for the NDSS and Medicare cards should we need to make a claim and fortunately my HBF card is not affected by the loss of his card which is a relief.

I feel sad for MOH as I know it gives him a sense of failure when anything of this kind happens but to me it just proves we are all human and prone to making mistakes throughout our lives. It will be inconvenient for a while as he has to wait for his new Access Card and Visa Card to access money or pay bills but fortunately I can lend him a little cash to tide us over.

Another offside about having to apply for new bank cards is that he will then have to rearrange for periodic payments all over again and then contact all concerned with new card numbers etc. Still, it'll give him something to do.

I think we ladies sometimes find carrying a handbag can be a bit of a nuisance but perhaps it is one reason we tend not to lose things like wallets etc. One of the ladies I spoke to today said it was a real man thing....this business of lost wallets. I have noticed of late that many men do carry small bags or have a bag over their shoulder and perhaps it is not a bad idea as long as, of course, they don't leave the bag behind somewhere.

I asked MOH where he would keep his wallet many years ago when he wore a suit or a sports jacket and he said "in my inside pocket of course" and I think perhaps this is a problem with men's modern clothing especially in climates where we don't wear coats very much...just not so much security for items such as wallets. MOH would never wear those trousers with button down pockets on the leg or similar style and a lot of trouser styles these days are not designed for the safety of wallets and the like.

It is still raining nicely here in Perth and we have had the wettest June in 6 years which is great news with more rain on the way tomorrow and during the weekend. Seems there will be a big rush next week to get a few loads of washing done and out on the line before more rain comes our way.

Had a good hot midday meal today so once again an easy tea with sandwiches. I am glad as my right arm/shoulder is still not happy when I use it too much. I am hoping it will soon come good as I really don't want to go to the doctor about it as I doubt there is much can be done.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Aahhhh That was a big yawn. for some reason I am very weary today....we went to our exercise group this morning and it was as much fun as ever but I had done something to my right arm just before leaving home which made it a little difficult to do all the exercises especially with the weights.

When I came home I sat down to enjoy a cup of tea and listen to the radio and couldn't believe that I actually dozed off for about 30 minutes. I just don't sleep in the daytime so must have been really tired. Took me a moment to realise just where I was. Poor old duck!!!

I've had trouble with this shoulder/arm before and hope it is not the same problem. Hopefully when I get up in the morning all will be well. I just don't need another part of me aching.

We had a very nice hot meal midday so just ham and tomato sandwiches for tea tonight which will make it easier.

A very quiet day today with little achieved so nothing to report. Oh did get some postcards off to great-granddaughter so she should have them tomorrow. Perhaps I'll send off a second lot on Friday to make up for missing out on sending them last week. Can't have the little one being disappointed when her mail box is empty for far too long.

An earlier than usual night could be the order of the day. Perhaps 11pm instead of midnight.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


A few minutes ago the telephone rang and a little voice said "hello" to which I replied "hello darling how are you?" The voice then asked "Is that Mimsie?" to which I replied "Yes, it is".

The reason for this call from my 3 year old great-granddaughter? For a few weeks now I have been sending her picture postcards. I used to collect them years back and have thousands of them and I learned that it is good for little ones to receive mail and that postcards are a good way of sending them that mail.

I had been regularly sending the cards, sometimes one at a time and occasionally 6 or more in an envelope, but last week had other things on my mind and didn't send any. Bad oversight on my part.

The next part of the conversation went like this. "Thank you for the postcards Mimsie and can you please send me some more?"

Now I have to quickly find some more cards and pop them in the mail tomorrow. Her mother tells me she checks the mail box every day but I guess it is all part of her learning about life in that the things we want to happen don't always happen when we want them to.

Our children are wonderful, our grandchildren are great but our great-grandchildren? They are so very, very special. Thank you little one for that phone really made my day.


I was first married in July of 1953 and am not really sure that we spoke of having children or when but feel it was definitely part of our plans for the future. After we'd been married about 16 months I began to feel unwell and decided I'd best see my very nice old doctor fearing something dreadful was wrong with me. "Well my girl" he said "I think you may be pregnant and you could be in danger of losing the baby so I'll send you to a specialist who will look after you".

This came as somewhat of a shock as I'd not experienced any signs of pregnancy, or what I understood any such signs should have been. Off I went to see this specialist who turned out to be a delightful man and he said that indeed I was pregnant and in danger of losing this baby, that I should stop work immediately and rest up as much as possible for the next month or so.

I followed all these instructions carefully and after an 8 month pregnancy I was delivered of a beautiful baby girl that weighed in at 5lbs 8oz (don't ask me to put them into grams), was 18 inches long and had almost no hair and definitely nor eyebrows or eyelashes.

I had heard tales of being in labour but I woke at about 3a.m. and knew something wasn't right. Called a friend who had had a baby 6 weeks previously who said she thought I was beginning labour. My then husband actually drove down to our GP and asked what to do. "Get your wife to the hospital" was the barked reply. Off to the hospital, water broke going up the front steps of the building and to make a short story even shorter...the baby was born at 5.30a.m. Just as well I got there in time!!!

Had a modern doctor who said it was OK for me to walk to my room and after breakfast I could have a shower. I was the envy of nearly all the other new mums on the ward as their doctors made them stay in bed for at least a week after giving birth and we all stayed in hospital for 10 days before being allowed home.

Now for the difference between then and back then. I was a smoker and continued smoking right through my pregnancy. That first morning I noticed my room mate lighting a cigarette and I asked the nurse (they were all nuns in that hospital in those days) if I should perhaps give up smoking now I had a baby. Her answer would astound people today and was as follows:
"Oh no dear, don't even think about giving up smoking. The shock of doing so could make you lose your milk!" That is honest truth and so I continued to smoke and through my second pregnancy as well at which time I had another premature birth. Was it the smoking that caused that to happen I wonder. Today those that know such things would say yes for sure but I was heading for toxemia and my specialist felt it was Mother Nature's way of saving the baby and perhaps me as well in having them born early.

My little baby was so special and as she grew her little eyelashes popped out and her hair began to grow and she had beautiful pale pink skin and everyone adored her. She unfortunately suffered from severe wind pains for the first couple of months but only during the evening and at other times she was very good. Once I got her to sleep she would usually sleep through the night so I can't complain of losing sleep or any of those things that often happen to new mums. Has perhaps distance lead enchantment? No, I don't believe it has because I can't remember having a bad pregnancy once I knew I was actually pregnant nor real problems with the baby (apart from that nightly colic).

My little girl grew up did well at school, had some nice friends and was generally a happy child. She eventually decided she'd like to leave school and get a job and then she met a boy and they got married and had a little girl of their own who was also a beautiful baby. My daughter has since remarried and had three more lovely children and is married to a wonderful man which makes me feel so happy but...........

I have suffered with arthritis most of my life and once I reached about 60 years of age it began to get rapidly worse and by the time I was 65 I began to have injections to help relieve it. Now at 79 I can only walk a very short distance and stand for but a few minutes before the pain sets in. This though is not about is about that girl I love so much. She is 23 years younger than me but is already suffering much of the pain I suffer and with so much of her life still ahead of her I can feel the mental pain she is suffering when she wonders what the next years have in store for her. If there was only some miracle cure that could make her life free of pain and give her the ability to be able to get out and about and enjoy her life. I can only hope that some new drug without nasty side affects will come along to help her.

I just hope she will not give up. She has so much ability and a lot to offer and there are things she can do without mobility but when pain becomes severe it does affect one's abilities to do things. Don't give up but just keep hoping that before too long things will improve and you will be mobile once again and at least reasonably free of pain.


A strange title perhaps but it has been teeming down here during the night and morning and our own gauge showed 40mm which is wonderful with more rain on the way later in the week. The south-west of Australia (where we live) has been having drought conditions for some time now and it is certainly great to have this rain in the first month of our winter. I understand the rain has got through to the wheatbelt so the farmers will be happy about that.

Well our 'young' 47yo friend visited yesterday and connected my scanner for me and it works and I watched what he did and have tried to remember what to do but not sure it has registered. There are all these symbols showing that I have to try and understand and sometimes this old brain rebels a little at all the thinking needed. I will sit down and try and make sense of the instructions and give it a go...perhaps tomorrow. Don't want to turn today into traumatic Tuesday if I can't get it to work.

Had a bad night Sunday night and wasn't feeling too well yesterday. No idea what was wrong but just felt yuk most of the day. In some ways it was good to have RT here as it sort of took my mind off myself which is always good if you feel a bit crook.

Feeling lots better today after a wonderful night's sleep. Only woke up once during the night and straight back to sleep so overall I think I got good 8 hours which I really needed.

MOH is going to cook dinner tonight (chilli con carne) so all I will have to do is boil up some rice (long grained of course for we diabetics) and that will be my contribution.

He did say he is going go the library this afternoon and as it is now 4.20pm now I'd best get on his ginger or it is going to be late when he gets back. I hope he can find me a good novel to read as I am running out of authors that I enjoy reading. I tend to like mysteries and don't mind a good murder occasionally as long as it is not a book full of brutality.

Well off I go to stir MOH into action. Hope everyone is having a good day and keeping well and happy.

Monday, June 27, 2011


I am going to endeavour to post a small blog each day so I will then know what I am doing or have been doing. No not really but just thought I'd give it a go.

It actually is Monday as it is 12 minutes past midnight. In the morning a young friend of ours (well he is young compared to MOH and me altho' he is in his mid-40s) is driving up from Mandurah to have lunch with us but mainly to show old photos he has been printing out and to do me a favour.

I have had a scanner for nearly 18 months now and not connected it to this computer. Not so much that I can't connect it but need tuition about actually using it. I am hoping that RT will be able to teach me so I can scan some really old tiny photos (and some more recent ones too) and enlarge them if possible. If I have a good collection then there is something to leave my family that they can include in our family history.

I get nervous when trying to learn new things about the computer and its attachments (or whatever you call them) so it will certainly be a bit of a mad Monday for this dear old soul.

Wish me luck!!! and goodnight.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We slept in this morning until 10.10am and it was the fault of Precious that this happened. MOH opened the back door for her after 7am but she wouldn't go out 'cos we think that awful tom from 3 doors up may have been lurking. She just sat and looked through the screen door and after a while back she came with her little 'I need to go out' miaow so MOH got up again and popped her out the front door where she can sit on a chair or table on the verandah and feel safe.

A while later back came Precious with here "I am back now" loud miaow and disturbed us again. Having had rather a late night last night we decided to stay in bed and that is when the damage was done....we slept in.

So, what the heck? We are retired and only have to answer to each other (and the cat of course).

Had a cuppa and some cereal and played around on Facebook for a while (I run some 'farms' on there which is a lot of fun and play scrabble with a friend in New Zealand).

More or less a fine day so a couple of loads of washing to be done. Towels, sheets and undies mainly. I sit near the clothes line and hand the items plus pegs to MOH and he hangs out the washing. I can't stand for long enough to do that now plus I am a little unsteady on my feet. Not sure it is a good drying day though as it is very overcast and practically no wind. Probably leave it all on the line overnight and hope it will be dry in the late morning tomorrow. Have a bit more washing to do as they are forecasting showers tomorrow night and then more showers over coming days. I don't have a dryer and never have had one and have always managed OK even when we were both out working all week.

Now wasn't that all exciting?? Made sandwiches for our lunch and we sat and watched question time in Federal Parliament for an hour....I say watched as we don't listen to a lot of it as we get sick of the government patting themselves on the back (not really deserved in my opinion) but some of it is interesting and you can learn a little about this and that.

MOH still hasn't been up in the roof with the rat trap so that treat still awaiting us. I have to hold the ladder for him 'cos as mentioned previously we can't afford any accidents to happen to him.

The rest of the day? I will soon shower and wash my hair and for dinner tonight we will have grilled pork cutlets and vegetables. MOH will have a small glass of red wine which he really enjoys and it is good for him so why not? As television is pretty terrible these nights we will probably watch a couple more episodes of West Wing on DVD (what a wonderful series that was....I think the US producers excelled themselves with that one).

We will eventually make it to bed before midnight after having had our two little squares of dark chocolate which our specialist says is very good for us. Just before I pop into my bed MOH will inject my insulin for me and then it's drops in his eyes for his glaucoma. The cat will start off on the end of my bed and possibly stay there or transfer over to MOH's bed depending on whom she feels deserves her presence tonight.

After reading the above you will realise why my blog is not all that interesting. I don't have children at home nor do we have visitors other than my daughter occasionally. We don't go out much 'cos I can't walk far and everything is very expensive these days anyway. There have been no holidays for about 9 years so can't report on them either. A dull life by many standards but...

Are we happy? Yes, I would say we are in our own quiet way. We pay our bills, we stay out of trouble and get things done as and when we can at our own pace. It's not a bad life after all.


Yes, RATS. They are back in our ceiling again and the white ant man told us the other day that they have chewed a hole in one of the reverse cycle airconditioning silver ducting thingies which is not good as our aircon can be somewhat temperamental at times without help from outside sources.

MOH has bought this complicated rat trap that looks like a small water tank and in a few minutes he is going to climb the ladder and pop this trap in the ceiling. Apparently the best bait is peanut paste (I did ask MOH if it should be smooth or crunchy and I got this sort of funny look from him). I hate killing any creature, but rats we really don't need as they can do so much damage and they are not the healthiest of neighbours to have.

A few years back we had neighbouring back gardens that were nothing but weeds and I think it is possible rats were nesting and breeding in there. Now those areas have been cleared and houses built on them so the rats obviously had to find new homes but what attracts them to people's ceilings is beyond me but then I am not a rat.

I'm not keen on MOH climbing the ladder as he has osteoporosis and I always dread him having a fall but someone has to do it and me...I have never been able to get past the first rung of a ladder even when quite young. While up in the ceiling MOH is going to try and mend the hole in the duct thingie so I wish him well there.

I hope this rat trap works and the rat dies quickly, if indeed we catch one at all. It costs a fortune to have specialists do the job and when on an age pension there are some things we just have to try and do ourselves. Here's hoping for a quick result and a quick kill.

Monday, June 20, 2011


MOH came from near Coventry and my ancestors from Scotland, Denmark and England so all lived in countries where it snowed quite frequently. I experienced snow when holidaying in New Zealand back in the early 1980s and found it quite fascinating and even built a snowman!

I don't know if it is genetic but I do not like hot weather and have often dreamed of living in a cold climate where the temperature rarely rises about 25C but would I like it? MOH says no I wouldn't. He said snow is pretty on Christmas cards and the like but can be a nuisance especially when it begins to melt and also it can become quite slippery and dangerous when walking or driving.

This picture was taken from MOH's cousin's home in England. She (85) and her husband (90) live in Solihull in the West Midlands and he sent me this photo during their last very cold and very snowy winter. I don't think they found it all that enjoyable but it is certainly very pretty.

I realise I will never now know what a cold climate is really like to live in and my memories up in the snow in New Zealand all those years back will have to stay with me as my one peek at another world.


Our little cat has decided to share herself between MOH and myself at night. She sleeps on my bed for a week or two and then over she goes to MOH's bed. We can't work out why she does this but in her mind she must feel we both need her company but she cant split herself in two so it's my bed for a while and then on to his. We both love her and she obviously loves both of us equally. A home is not a home without a pet.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We keep hearing of these continuing so-called after shocks that are happening in and around Christchurch and one wonders just how much longer the people of that city can continue to go about their daily activities without suffering severe nervous strain.

MOH and I stayed in Christchurch in the 1980s and we quite fell in love with the city and its surrounds. We spent many hours walking (I could walk in those days without difficulty) around the magnificent botanical gardens and Hagley Park and along the Avon River. It was such a wonderful experience.

The city itself was very beautiful and to think that so many of the lovely buildings are either already destroyed or are listed for demolition is truly heartbreaking. One can only imagine how the people themselves are feeling.

They are saying that some of the outskirts of the city may no longer be able to sustain housing so people who have lived their lives in those areas now have the prospect of moving to other areas where it will take them some time to resettle.

Our hearts go out to Christchurch and its people and our thoughts are with them on a daily basis and we continue to hope that it will not be too long before the earth stabilises and they can resume a normal life again.


MOH and I visited our GP today and I had reason to ask him for a copy of a couple of reports about both of us that I had promised to send to our diabetes specialist to keep him up to speed with what had been happening in regard to certain problems.

Two of these reports were from a doctor in regard to MOH's mild anaemia and I was chuffed to read the opening sentence of the first report. It said:

"Thanks you for referring this DELIGHTFUL EIGHTY ONE YEAR OLD MAN..............

I 've known for years that MOH can be quite delightful but it is nice to have it confirmed and now I know it is not just prejudice on my part .... he is also obviously regarded by others as being delightful.

I am waiting for the day when somone says we are a delightful couple. That would be nice!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Great news when the Eye Clinic rang and my two cataract ops have been brought forward a month so now in August and September. It will be good as all my specs are becoming increasingly useless to me so looking forward to new ones come October.

MOH and I had to both fill in pages and pages of questions today in regard to a diabetic study that is being carried out by Fremantle Hospital (we go to the hospital every two years for extensive tests) and this time we sat down and answered the questions together which was a big help to me as I really couldn't see some of them properly.

These questionnaires take a lot of thought to fill in correctly but we feel that if we can do anything that helps future generations in regard to this insidious disease then it is worth the little time we devote to it. We get something out of it as well as it is possible the tests we have could discover a problem we have that we are not aware of.

I also had to fill in TWO forms for admission to the hospital for when I have the eye ops for each day although they are identical forms. Hope I put the same answers on each one.

One question intrigued me...."Do you smoke?/Have you been a smoker?" Yes / No. NO I don't smoke but YES I was a smoker. Do you tick both Yes and No? Hope I didn't confuse them with my answer!!

Enough forms filled in to last us quite a while.....boy oh boy all that thinking!!!!