Friday, December 2, 2011


I am sure as one ages that little happenings can cause much delight.  Today, for the first time in over 5 months I was able to wash my hair without any help.  That may sound a bit daft but it is the first time, since dislocating my left shoulder on 20 June, that I have been able to raise my arm high enough to reach nearly to the top of my head.

MOH has been so wonderful helping me wash my hair over the months and fortunately mine is not the type of hair that needs washing every day or two and I can go 5 days (or even 7 days at a pinch in cold weather) before it looks too grotty.

Today MOH celebrates his 82nd birthday and I am so grateful to him for the wonderful care he has shown me, not only since the shoulder thingie, but over the years.  Sure, there have been ups and downs on occasion, but as we age I believe we mellow and realise that getting out knickers in a knot over trivial things is just ridiculous so we now try to tolerate each other's idiosyncrasies and laugh off any differences we may have.

It is quite hot here today (34C - 93.2F - so far) so a quiet and peaceful day....he with his books and listening to music on the radio and me out here messing around on the computer.  We spend some time together and then do our own thing which we find is beneficial to us both.

Tonight we go to our favourite Chinese restaurant for dinner which we will both enjoy.  As diabetics we can't eat Chinese food too often (the rice is the problem more than anything...too much carb) but for special occasions (or cheating occasionally on our rather strict diet) it's great for a change.  He thinks he has had his presents but another one will arrive this evening.  I have bought him an above the ground garden bed (and our daughter and her hubby will also be giving him one) which will help ease the burden on his slightly arthritic back.   I have to make sure he keeps fit as I need him more than ever these days...I'd truly be lost without him.


  1. Happy birthday MOH, hope you have a lovely, lovely evening together xx

  2. And oh, forgot to say, woo hooo about the hairwashing! Honestly, I know what you mean. It's the simplest things that can bring you the most joy after being without for a while x

  3. Very glad to hear that your shoulder is healing. Happy birthday to your OH, I hope you enjoy your dinner and he loves his presents. What a thoughtful gift.

  4. Thanks PPMJ and Amanda. We did have a lovely evening and an enjoyable meal. Birthday wishes passed on to MOH for which he says many thanks. He was thrilled with the garden beds (and K & B even bought a little attachable work bench which will be very useful. A little warm to put it together today but we just may do it on the floor of the living room (air conditioning there) and then take it outside when complete.