Monday, August 22, 2011


Well it is new to us anyway.  Diabetic dietician told us about them...they are a carisma potato sold only by Coles and they are very low GI.  We were using kumura instead of ordinary potato but apparently they are intermediate GI which is not quite so good.  We still use kumura as we love 'em but in lesser quantity than before.

The carisma potatoes are a delight and cook (boiled) in only about 10 minutes or would be over done.  So, not only have we discovered a new potato but also one that saves cooking time which is good as well.  MOH has been peeling them but when I cooked some I just gave them a good scrub and they were quite OK like that.   The peel is very very thin so easy to clean them.

At the moment I am eating some delicious cherries and have no idea where they come from.  We usually only have cherries here in Western Australia from about December through to February so being able to buy some in August is wonderful and they are of course a very good fruit for diabetics.  These cherries are super size and just sooooo enjoyable.


First cataract op is over and went just so well and I have rediscovered what white looks like and can't wait till the other eye is 'done' on 15 September.   A little soreness a couple of hours after the op and one codeine tablet did the trick and ever since all has been well.  A little swelling of the lower eyelid but am told that will subside with time.  Everything is looking so bright and beautiful and I realise now what I've been missing colourwise.  Even the sky is bluer with one eye than with the other.

Three lots of drops to use four times a day and poor MOH has to administer them as I still can't get my right arm over to my right eye to hold eyelid in place while in instil the drops.  That wonderful husband of mine has just so much patience and still gives me a cuddle and tells me he loves me and I don't ever want to be without him.

Shoulder not as good as I'd hoped and all I did yesterday is help MOH hang out some washing and then fold up towels etc when they were dry and pop them away but apparently that was a bit much to do.  A bit better today and more physio etc., due on Wednesday morning when I will have a chat to Jenny to see what she thinks of the progress it is making.  She said 8 weeks and it is only coming up to 5 weeks so perhaps I'm being impatient.  I do have to remember all the soft tissue that was affected is nearly 80 years old so maybe I'm expecting a little too much of it.  At least it is great not having to wear the sling any more.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


First cataract op tomorrow morning.  Had a call from the hospital today telling me that they want me to be there at 6.30 a.m.  I hadn't realised there was such a time in the morning.....gee, the streets aren't even aired at that time are they?

For someone who often sleeps in till 9 a.m. this will be quite a shock to the system but I am sure we will get there in plenty of time even if still half asleep.  Fortunately MOH is a good driver at any time of the day or night so no problem there.

If you are wondering why we sleep late, we tend to be night owls and go to bed late and often read for quite a while too.  We had years of having to get up early to go to work etc., so now that we are retired we do it our way.

Apparently I will be able to read, watch television etc., even though one eye will have a 'patch' over it but if I have to wash my hair (which apparently I can do the same day) I have to keep the eye shut.  So, I washed my hair tonight so that should be all right for a few days anyway.

Am I worried about this op?  Not really although I'm not a great one for eye drops and apparently one has to have a series of eye drops over a period of a couple of hours so that should be loads of fun.

The shoulder is certainly getting lots better.  Yesterday ultrasound and massage by Jenny brought further improvement to it athough some movements are still definitely not possible.

It has been such a dreadfully medical time of late for MOH and me but there were so many people in my life who didn't live long enough to have these problems so I must never complain.  Thankfully we are still here to face anything that life throws at us with the philosophy 'we are at least here to experience it' and one must always remember that 'at least pain proves you are still alive'.

With that I will say au revoir once again.  Looks like it will have to be an early night tonight and that will be a first for a while.

Everyone out there keep well and happy and be good to each other.

Monday, August 15, 2011


I had hoped by now to be back blogging fulltime but after paying a visit to Jenny (my physio) last Friday and having more massage (ouch) on the muscles surrounding THE shoulder I find I am still quite restricted and need to wear the sling for a few hours a day.  Have a couple more exercises to do and I certainly can do more than I could last week.

More physio next Wednesday morning and then a visit to my endocrinologist in the afternoon to find out how he feels about my blood glucose level (it has gone down 0.1% which is better than it going up).

Then next Friday it is the first cataract op (right eye) and I couldn't believe it, but if it is a morning op I have to fast from midnight (not even a drop of water) and if an afternoon op then fasting from 6 a.m. that day.  Can't imagine myself getting up at 5 a.m. for a snack so am hoping it will be in the morning.  Fingers crossed for that one.  It seems the second op on 15 September will be in the morning so that is good to know.  Had a letter today about that op and they only mentioned morning.  Whoopeee.

MOH is now my official 'carer' which I am very pleased about as he really does so much for me and even more over the past nearly 4 weeks.  What a truly wonderful man he is and I am so glad that at 81 he is still so fit.  Sure he gets tired but I make sure he gets plenty of rest.

It's very windy today and we've had some more rain which is just so welcome here in Perth.  There is warmth coming back though (24C forecast for later in the week) so it seems as though spring may be just around the corner.  Once again I am not looking forward to another hot summer but I've enjoyed the cooler winter days so have to be thankful for them.

Once again I hope everyone out there in blogger land is keeping well and happy.  Remember to be kind to each other and I'll try and be back soon with a little less medical 'stuff'.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Mid-afternoon and MOH and I were sitting in the living room dozing on and off when suddenly our little cat leapt from her chair and fled from the room.  This immediately told us that someone was walking up our front path as she is so timid when it comes to strangers and her hearing is so acute.

She was right and there at the front door was my half-brother whom we hadn't seen for some months although I am in contact with him on Facebook almost daily.

He had driven his daughter and her family to Fremantle where they were to board a ship for a cruise so he decided he'd make a slight detour and call in and see how the 'invalid' was doing.  It was a thrill to see him and we spent a pleasant couple of hours chatting and enjoying a cuppa.

He lives in Margaret River which is about 280km south of Perth but he is an accomplished driver and the trip seems not to worry him at all.  He left at about 6pm for the journey back home.  He often drives to Perth and returns on the same day.

He is 14 years younger than I am but we get on very well and one day I will tell the story of how I discovered that he and his sister (my half-sister) existed and how we eventually met.  It was wonderful to find I actually had siblings I'd known nothing about for many years.

I really appreciated his taking the time to call in as we have few visitors and it makes a nice change.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


I had hoped to be back blogging more regularly than I have but after seeing my physiotherapist last Friday I now realise it could be several weeks before things are back to anywhere near normal as far as this shoulder is concerned.

Jenny massaged some very sore spots which I think has helped a lot and also gave me some exercises to do. I can take the sling off 3 times each day and do the exercises but it means that, although I can type with both hands for a few minutes, I am still quite restricted.

I have been told that soft tissue damage can take up to six weeks (and beyond) to mend and being an older person I guess I have to be even more careful that I don't dislocate the shoulder again which would be catastrophic for all of us.

MOH has been wonderful and has been like a mother to me and the meals cooked for us by members of our family immediately after this mishap took place were ever so much appreciated and gave us a few days breather to get ourselves organised. The flowers that Kakka had delivered to me were truly beautiful and I've managed to remove the spent flowers and keep the arrangement looking quite lovely even more than 2 weeks after it arrived.

I have another appointment with Jenny next Friday and once again we shall take it from there and follow her advice to the letter.

This is all I can manage at one time so until next time if anyone out there sees this I just want to say keep well and keep happy and hope to catch up again before too long.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Wonderful to actually be having a proper winter in Perth and only just about 10mm short of our average July rainfall too. I love winter and do so enjoy it at night when I am in bed and this shoulder has kept me awake a little of late and I, who am not at all poetically inclined, came up with this little poem. Just thought I'd share it with anyone who happened to wander into my blog.


The wind is whistling round our house
And how I love the sound of it.
The rain is drumming on the roof
As I listen to the pound of it.
The lightning tears the sky asunder
Followed then by claps of thunder.
On nights like this my thanks be said
I'm snug and cosy in my bed.

The last time I wrote a poem was when I was aged about 11 or 12 back in about 1943/44 when my brother was home on leave from the RAAF during WW2. Only 2 poems in 79 years? Well
there are some folk that don'e even write one.


Well my girl that didn't really get you very far did it?

Waited 30 mins at orthopaedic clinic and then another 10 mins in examination room. In comes Registrar who asks "How is the shoulder?" I tell him and he says I need physio and I say I have an appt with my own physio on Friday morning next.

"O.K." says he "We can discharge you from here". (Fremantle Hospital that is)

"You don't want me to take the sling off and check out the shoulder at all?" I ask. No. he doesn't.

Now what was I expecting? I am now not at all sure! Apparently I should leave the sling on most of the time and my physio will give me strengthening exercises and I should follow her advice. Just as well I have faith in Jenny. In the mean time don't move my arm this way or that way etc., and out I went. I hadn't actually intended to anyway but I guess he felt I expected him to tell me something and that was it!

Seems it will be a while before I get back to much typing (or much else for that matter)
altho' I am using my left hand for a few of the letters on the left side of the keyboard which is an improvement on previously.

Anyway I WILL be back here and I'm not sure if that is a threat or a promise. I have to chat to someone and I guess my blog is that someone and a good listener at that.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Tomorrow I report to the orthopaedic clinic at Fremantle Hospital.

Will I be allowed to stop wearing this sling on my left arm because of the shoulder that I dislocated nearly 2 weeks ago? I do hope so as my right shoulder (my usually bad shoulder) is beginning to suffer 'cos of some of the awkward manouvres it has been having to undertake.

I think I also jarred my back in the fall 'cos what was a really painful area is worse than before the fall. The hospital didn't check out anything other than the shoulder and the fact that I could walk probably lead them to believe everything else was OK.

I seem to be a bundle of aches and pains and full of frustrations because of so much I just cannot do right now. Even washing dishes becomes a big task using just the one hand.

MOH has been super fantastic and so patient with me and meals cooked by members of our wonderful family last week went a long way to help us manage this crisis in our lives.

Fingers crossed that as of tomorrow afternoon I will be allowed to use my left arm again, even with limitations would be so wonderful.

I see my lovely physiotherapist on Friday morning who hopefully will be able to set me on the path to a full recovery, at least in regard to the damaged shoulder.

Spell check is a big help when typing with just one hand as it illuminates typos that I make. It will be great to get back on to my blog and have these wee grizzles and chats to myself again; some of which may even be shared with others if they are interested.

Till next time.....goodnight and pleasant dreams.