Thursday, April 15, 2010


Last night, on his way home from work, my 27 year old grandson was mugged by some low life who obviously has a lot of evil in them. Not only was my grandson knocked out but he had all his possessions (wallet etc) stolen. I wonder did he have his iPod marked so it can be recognised if someone tries to sell it.

I am not sure where the third person came from but some wonderful person not only came to the assistance of my grandson, but also rang the police and ambulance and stayed with him until help arrived. He even offered to go to the hospital if needed. There may even be a chance he can describe the attacker which coule perhaps help in his apprehension.

This event is horrible and seems so much part of modern life now and it is I am sure happening more than ever these days (there are those that disagree with this but I am sure 50 or 60 years back when I was young there was very little of this type of behaviour going on). Why was it we did not lock our house or car doors (you actually couldn't lock your car back then). Whey was it I could walk anywhere I wanted to
in Perth without fear of attack of any kind? I am sorry but I have to disagree and say yes, this type of behaviour is far more prevalent now than back then. The world now is not the one I once knew and felt comfortable in. Would I go for a walk after dark nowadays, even in our own suburb? No, I certainly would not and even my husband would think twice before venturing very far on his own after dark.

One aspect of this nasty occurrence is the fact that someone cared enough to render assistance and my heart goes out to that unknown person and I wish I was able to say thank you to him. For some reason this act of kindness seems to overrule the cruelty of the attack. My grandson, although sore and sorry and obviously traumatised, is still very much alive and I am sure that he too will feel very kindly towards the man who helped him. Maybe the police will be able to tell him who this chap was and he will be able to say thank you to him.

We oldies remember how much people helped each other and stuck together through the depression and war years. Are people these days getting it far too easy and expecting far too much and when they don't get it they take matters into their own hands. Do we need some hardship to overtake us when hopefully once again people would all begin to care about each other rather than be inclined to think it is their right to take that which is not rightfully theirs. I hate wars etc., but I sometimes wonder what it would take to make all human beings once again begin to act with compassion and tenderness towards their fellow man.

My love and kind thoughts go out to my grandson and I do hope that this occurrence will not disrupt his life too much. It has happened, it cannot be undone and as with everything that happens to us in this life it has to be put behind him so he can get on with what has been a pretty good life so far.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I often wonder in the hustle and bustle of modern living how many people take time to 'smell the roses'.

Now I am retired and partially disabled I probably move at a much, much slower pace but even if out in the car I notice so many wonderful things. I love trees of all shapes and sizes, deciduous or evergreen. I love to see them moving in the breeze and of course they help keep the environment at least a little cleaner for us as well.

I love to watch clouds in the sky. Suddenly a tiny cloud appears in what was a clear blue sky and you can watch it grow and change shape and it is wondrous to see. These often join together to make one huge cloud and after long dry spells you hope that there will eventually be some rain.

I love animals, particularly cats, and watching animals and their antics can be so amusing and quite delightful at times. If I go outside our little cat always seems to know I am there and she will run up to me miaowing and rubs around my ankles. I then have to pick her up in case I trip over her 'cos if I fell over I would not be able to get up. She allows me to pick her up quite readily but not to stand still with her but to walk around carrying her. If my laundry trolley happens to be handy I can pop her in the basket and wheel her around which is great for both of us. I have even moved the wheelie bin with her sitting on top of it. It was empty of course.

I love flowers in all their different colours, shapes and sizes and I take notice of how people have their gardens set up and what they are growing. Flower beds are not so prolific these days as I think people are too busy to grow annuals but there are still some very lovely gardens in the suburbs.

I also enjoy sitting (perhaps in a shopping mall) and watching people and wondering about them. Where did they come from originally? Are they content with their life? What are their thoughts etc. etc. Facial expressions are also worth seeing. Gee, do I look like that at times? Oh to sometimes see ourselves as others see us goes through my mind.

Yes, there are indeed some fascinating sights to be seen if one only takes the time to look. What a wonderful thing our sight is to be sure and my heart always goes out to those less fortunate than me whose sight is very poor or non-existent. I am so grateful that my sight is still reasonably good and can only hope it remains that way.


I have heard this expression many times and if I remember rightly it is one my adopted mum often used. I am not sure she ever received as much as she gave but whatever she gave to and for others she did so willingly without thought of repayment.

I am now beginning to realise the truth of the above expression. As you know my OH and I are quite elderly (78 and 80) at present and 'cos of my arthritis so much falls on his very able shoulders but he can only do so much. The house is not too bad but the garden, oh, dear!!! You can certainly see the neglected tasks that I am no longer capable of doing and I was beginning to despair of ever claiming our garden back from the wilderness that it had become.

Along came a very generous offer from our daughter. She knew of a young man who worked clearing up run-down gardens and she would pay for him to work for us. At first I protested that it would be costly but she in her inimitable way just told me to 'shut up'. She did not mean that in an unkind way but rather just that she had made up her mind that this was what was going to happen and any argument from me would go unheeded. What more could I do than to gracefully accede to her wishes. (I am not sure where she gets this stubborn streak from.)

James has done quite a number of hours work here and although it is far from neat and tidy you can see the beginning of the resurrection taking place. He will eventually work less often in an endeavour to maintain some semblance of order in the garden and I am hoping my OH and I will be able to do our bit as well. We have already established a new vegie patch for my OH and some dwarf beans are showing through and soon broad beans will soon be going in as well and hopefully silver beet etc. too.

I realise now of course that what went around has come around. Many years ago when our grandchildren were quite young my daughter and her husband were really battling and in danger of losing their home. We were able at that time to help them by paying a couple of monthly mortgage payments as well as other accumulated bills and then a year or so later I was able to assist them to really begin to get back on their feet.

I now realise that what you give comes back when you are not expecting it. Our son-in-law has loaned us sufficient money to pay for our airconditioning repairs but we do intend to pay him back as much as we can, when we can. As the aircon is still under warranty, we have to make a claim to the receivers of the airconditioning company and, with a bit of luck, we may receive about 30 cents in the dollar. This could be about $300 as the repairs totalled just over $1,000. If we do receive that amount it will go straight to s-i-law with our thanks.

When we gave our help all those years ago we didn't do it with any expectations at all but now we are a bit down on our uppers" it has been wonderful to receive this help. There is little we can do but accept this help and say thanks heaps.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


After that dreadful post I wrote a short while ago I began to think that things really don't stay dark for all that long and then started to think about good things that have happened lately. It never does to be 'down' all the time and writing what I did helped a lot and I moved on and back to better times.

This year it was great that we were included in the Easter family get-together and it turned out to be a really wonderful morning.

My OH and I went to our daughter and son-inlaw's home for breakfast and we were joined by our three granddaughters, one grandson-in-law and two darling great-granddaughters.

Our breakfast consisted of bacon (done on the BBQ), delicious scrambled eggs (must get that recipe from my daughter as they were perfect) hot cross buns, toast, orange juice and coffee afterwards. Not a breakfasat one should have too often but you really do enjoy something that good when it happens.

Then of course came the distribution of Easter eggs. Of course for the children there had to be an odd egg or two hidden in the garden with whoops of delight when they found them. The oldies too all received eggs of one type or another and it was great that those that gave us eggs remembers our preference for dark chocolate. Thanks so much for doing that. Mine are long gone but OH still has some of his left but I am sure they won't last too much longer.

It was wonderful to spend about 4 hours with the family and I am hoping we will see them all again before too long. We missed seeing our grandson but he was busy working on the weekend but sent him an egg via his sister (I am sure she passed it on OK).

One little highlight of the morning was meeting Gizmo, a delightful 7 week old rag doll kitten that granddaughter #2 had just acquired. He was so tiny and one could have cuddled him for hours. Thanks for bringing him along to meet the family.


Yes, I am having a grizzle. You will probably be tired of me mentioning that I have osteo arthritis but it is with me day after day and although I know there are millions of more unfortunate people than I am, the pain I feel is the pain I live with and of late it is really beginning to get me down.

I take panadol osteo (6 tablets a day when I can fit those doses in) but they are only a very mild pain killer although I do believe they help keep the smaller aches at bay. There are of course stronger painkillers available but when I tried them on two occasions I became zombie-like and it took 24 hours for that effect to wear off.

I may not be able to do very much physically but at least my mental prowess is proving to be quite good. If I take painkillers that would dull my mind then I would have nothing worthwhile to live for. I use my computer quite a lot and perhaps not all that usefully but what I do is what I enjoy and it helps take my mind off myself. For that reason it has to be part of my life. I need my mind to work for me.

Lately I am finding it more and more difficult to do anything which means I have to be on my feetm i.e. cooking, home duties etc. After about 10 minutes the pain seems to take over my entire body until I feel that any moment I could disappear in a puff of smoke. Although that sounds strange, I can't explain it in any other way. Perhaps now the weather has cooled I may once again try walking round our block using my walking frame but even that isn't all that easy to do.

It is not just getting around that I miss but 'cos my hands are so bad I have had to give up crossstitch (I lived to do that) as I cannot hold a small sewing needle now. I can only knit or crochet for a few minutes at a time and dressmaking is now out too as I am unable to use scissors competently so can't cut out patterns etc. I can still use my machine for straight sewing and mending which at least is eomething.

This is not a happy post today but I just had to get it down to help get some of the grief out of my mind. I know I am having a black day so it is not pleasant reading and forgive me for that. Tomorrow is sure to be better and happier. It just has to be. It might rain and that would be good as I am really looking forward to our winter weather. I promise that I will try not to be so 'down' again. I apologise.