Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I really must have my camera with me next time we are near the post office.  Stopped there today and on THE tree were a pair of galahs.  I am presuming they have babies in the hole in that tree as they obviously did last year.

It is amusing to watch them eating the bark of the tree and there is now a huge area with no bark.  Am hoping they won't eventually ring bark it as it is a very large eucalypt but I think it would take them a while to do that much damage.

Galahs are such delightful birds and comedians as well.  I've often seen them on the light wires turning somersaults and really enjoying themselves having fun.

I will have that camera with me one day and then fathom out how to get the picture on here.  All things on computers are getting a tad complicated for this old brain to fathom out at times but I'll at least give it a go.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


It suddenly struck me recently that my destiny in this life is to nearly always be the one that has to replace the used toilet roll.

In our home I guarantee it is my job 90% of the time and when in hospital recently having a cataract op I went to the loo and would you toilet paper so who was it that had to pop the new roll on the holder?  Yes, yours truly.

I suppose there are worse jobs in this world but I am quite sure that this was certainly destined to be one of mine.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I hope so rather than it be a train coming in the opposite direction!

Had scans and x-ray of bad shoulder yesterday and I have a full thickness tear in my supraspinatus tendon. I also have a bursa on my left hip which would have resulted from the same fall that caused my dislocated shoulder.

Now we know what the damage is I am hoping beyond hope that my GP can now do something to give me back full use of my arm which will also hopefully reduce the constant ache in that arm.

All this is one reason I've not been back blogging.  My eyes are great but still have to have 4 x 3 drops each day in the left one and an ordinary eye drop in the right eye to try and help it put up with some of the allergies that come with our spring weather.  Looking forward to seeing the specialist for a final OK on 21st October and then mid-November off to get tested for new specs.

When there are aches and pains and other medical problems one doesn't want to constantly be grizzling about them as that is boring for all of us but at times like this one's mind tends to dwell on everything that is wrong.  There are millions of folk in the world that in many different ways are far worse off than I am but at this moment in time it is my problems that I have to confront.  They tend to take over and one's concentration is upset so best to withdraw for a while until all is well again and one can think normally.

Hopefully come Christmas 2011 all will well again, or as well as can be expected by someone as ancient as I am.

Once again I hope everyone in blogging land is well and happy.  Just keep loving each other and the world will be a much better place.


Yesterday was the 54th birthday of my only son, a son who nearly 10 years ago chose not to have anything to do with me or this side of his family.

I found it very sad yesterday knowing where he lives and not being able to see him.   He and his family live about 15 kms south of us and we spent some great times in his home prior to him making his decision to split from us.  In some way it was worse knowing it was his birthday and that he was alive than if he had died way back then.  At least then I could remember him with honest regret rather than very sad regret.

Please don't get me wrong....I don't wish him ill but am just trying to explain how I feel when these anniversaries come around.

I will be 80 in January and my one hope is that perhaps he will remember that and make contact but there is really nobody to remind him so I doubt very much if it will even enter his mind to do so.

I often wonder if I will ever see him, his wife or my grandchildren again before I leave this mortal coil.  I can only desperately hope that I will.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Now that is perhaps a strange question but I am not really being nosy.  This morning I was searching in our fridge for a small item that was hiding and realised that one shelf is nearly completed dominated by MOH's thyroid medication (they didn't say to keep it in the fridge for 20 years or more but then suddenly it was imperative it was kept cold...strange) and packets and packets of insulin pens for us both.  I only have one injection a day but MOH has one before each meal and when you collect them from the chemist you receive enough to last about six months.  They take up quite a lot of room

Nowadays we seldom entertain 'cos I just can't cope with it any more and so if anyone comes it is usually for a cuppa and cake so we don't need the space in our fridge so all is well.

All this is part of growing older and the medical profession very kindly endeavouring to keep us from dropping off the perch which unfortunately has happened to a number of our friends.  I often say we are still here 'cos only the good die young but I feel we also owe thanks to various doctors who do seem to have our interests at heart.

Thursday morning I am to have my second cataract op so up early about 5pm to get to the hospital EARLY and then another month of 3 drops 4 times a day.  Another of life's little pleasures.  No complaints though as it will be great to have both eyes in tandem again and see everything lighter and brighter.

If anyone does check in here I hope you are keeping well and all is going OK for you and yours.  When I think of something worthwhile writing about I will return but not being out and about in the big outside world much these days means I am very limited in what I can write about.  Never mind I hope I will think of something eventually.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today...11/9/11 one's thoughts go back 10 years to the horrific happenings in America when so many innocent lives were lost and the effect it had on the lives of those left behind.

There is not a lot one can say as it has all been said by better writers than I am but it is necessary to always remember that dreadful day and do our best to make the world a better place for future generations. If only people could keep their beliefs to themselves and be content to let others have their beliefs so we can all live in peace.

Monday, September 5, 2011


I thought I'd be back here much sooner than this but the shoulder is still far from right and having to have 12 drops in my eye each day....well it's sort of tiring so the old thought processes are a little slow.

Yesterday was Father's Day in Oz and also our eldest great-granddaughter turned 15 so a double celebration.  Family all met at the Hog's Breath Cafe in Rockingham where we all enjoyed a lovely meal and each other's company as well.

CT at 15 is a delightful lass and I feel she really did enjoy her birthday yesterday and received some lovely gifts, including money so she can go on a spending spree and buy things she would like to have.  I now kakka has talked a lot about her eldest granddaughter so I don't need to go into details about the accident and all that.  CT looked very attractive last night and still has the most beautiful smile.

I asked CT what her work experience job is this term and apparently she is at a cafe/restaurant where she does some of the cooking, takes payments for meals and of course the one job that is interminable in a cafe....washing dishes.  She seems to be enjoying it which is the main thing.  All this work experience is good for her as she learns different tasks and has a lot of contact with people in the 'outside' world.

Youngest great-granddaughter was also there with her folks and she had lots of fun with her grandma playing electronic games on the iPad and having the story about Green Eggs and Ham read to her a couple of times.  She had brought with her a little pull along dog which had to be taken outside for a walk a couple of times.  She really is a trick and she looked lovely with her curly hair and pretty clothes.

MOH has had a nasty persistent cough of late so I waited until he was out on Friday and rang and made an appointment with out GP and I hope when MOH sees the doctor he will tell him he's been feeling poorly and not try and make out all is well, which it isn't.  It's great to greet a doctor which a big smile and all that but sometimes I think we have to let them know that things are not quite right or otherwise how are they supposed to know.

I hope everyone out there in blogging land is keeping well and happy.  I am sorry I've not visited many blogs of late but I do think of all of you and when I get this shoulder right and the second cataract done on the 15th of this month (followed by lots more drops) I hope all will be back to some sort of normality.
Just keeping loving each other and all hopefully will be well with everyone.