Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I really must have my camera with me next time we are near the post office.  Stopped there today and on THE tree were a pair of galahs.  I am presuming they have babies in the hole in that tree as they obviously did last year.

It is amusing to watch them eating the bark of the tree and there is now a huge area with no bark.  Am hoping they won't eventually ring bark it as it is a very large eucalypt but I think it would take them a while to do that much damage.

Galahs are such delightful birds and comedians as well.  I've often seen them on the light wires turning somersaults and really enjoying themselves having fun.

I will have that camera with me one day and then fathom out how to get the picture on here.  All things on computers are getting a tad complicated for this old brain to fathom out at times but I'll at least give it a go.

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