Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Now that is perhaps a strange question but I am not really being nosy.  This morning I was searching in our fridge for a small item that was hiding and realised that one shelf is nearly completed dominated by MOH's thyroid medication (they didn't say to keep it in the fridge for 20 years or more but then suddenly it was imperative it was kept cold...strange) and packets and packets of insulin pens for us both.  I only have one injection a day but MOH has one before each meal and when you collect them from the chemist you receive enough to last about six months.  They take up quite a lot of room

Nowadays we seldom entertain 'cos I just can't cope with it any more and so if anyone comes it is usually for a cuppa and cake so we don't need the space in our fridge so all is well.

All this is part of growing older and the medical profession very kindly endeavouring to keep us from dropping off the perch which unfortunately has happened to a number of our friends.  I often say we are still here 'cos only the good die young but I feel we also owe thanks to various doctors who do seem to have our interests at heart.

Thursday morning I am to have my second cataract op so up early about 5pm to get to the hospital EARLY and then another month of 3 drops 4 times a day.  Another of life's little pleasures.  No complaints though as it will be great to have both eyes in tandem again and see everything lighter and brighter.

If anyone does check in here I hope you are keeping well and all is going OK for you and yours.  When I think of something worthwhile writing about I will return but not being out and about in the big outside world much these days means I am very limited in what I can write about.  Never mind I hope I will think of something eventually.


  1. I have TWO shelves full of condiments - as well as condiments in the doors. I swear I don't need that much, but when I try to cull, they're all things I NEED. Good luck with your operation on Thursday, I'll be thinking of you x

  2. Thank you so much for your good wishes PPMJ. I am sure all will go well with the op as it did with the other eye.
    I had heaps of herbs and spices and then realised a lot were well and truly out of date and although it may not matter with some of them I think they perhaps lose their intensity of flavour after a few years. I ditched most of mine and now only have those we use regularly. We do much less fancy cooking these days so don't need to stock so many.