Saturday, December 3, 2016


As you know yesterday was Phil's birthday and we were going out to dinner.  Aimee picked us up on schedule and we had an uneventful trip until about 5 minutes from the restaurant.  K rang on her mobile to tell us there had been a crash on the main road just before where we were due to turn off.  All drivers behaved quite well and merged into the one lane.  It appeared a ute and a very old bus had collided but I don't think anyone was seriously injured, at least I hope not. 

I would plead with everyone, if you are driving, do please be extra careful as I feel as Christmas approaches people have more than usual on their minds and maybe are not quite as careful as they usually are.

We all enjoyed our dinner....I had Atlantic salmon with mash and asparagus (delicious) and Phil had steak fillet with chips and a garden salad.   Those who had pork belly found it a tad overcooked but decided not to complain and still seemed to enjoy their meal.   We were wondering if the restaurant had new owners as there were various changes and new waitresses.  Am trying to decide if I want to go there or perhaps somewhere else for my birthday next month. It becomes very crowded and the acoustics are not Phil said it's a little like being in a chook run when all the hens get disturbed!!

We now have our Secret Santa of which is very straightforward...the other a long list from which to choose.  I still think it a great idea where one person buys for just one person with a monetary limit.    Lots of folk decide not to bother buying for the adults in a family but, even at my age (perhaps even more so in a way) I still love to receive a parcel to unwrap at Christmas.  Doing Secret Santa ensures we all receive something we want.

Friday, December 2, 2016


Today my husband Phil is 87.  He told me last night he was born at 11am GMT so it's not really his birthday until 7pm Perth time.   I told him we'd go by GMT so we could celebrate his birthday all day.

We are having a very quiet day and #2 granddaughter will pick us up at 5.15pm to go to Steel Tree in Baldivis for dinner with our little family.   Phil has his VIP voucher so his meal will be free which is a terrific birthday gift from Steel Tree.  With Aimee giving us a ride it also means that Phil can have a couple of glasses of wine should he choose to do so.

Our family is of course much smaller than it once was.   With son cancelling all communication with us nearly 16 years ago we don't see him, his wife or his two children (who are now adults).  #3 granddaughter lives in New Jersey with her partner and #1 grandson works on Friday nights and weekends.

Nevertheless, the remaining 9 of us will make Phil feel special this evening.  I told him just now that I am so glad he turned 87 today as it means we are still together and he seconded that.   I am now looking forward to being 85 in a month's time so we can have another family celebration.  With these 2 birthdays and Christmas, December and January become real family times that continue on with #1 granddaughter having a birthday on 31st January, her oldest daughter in February and her youngest in April.  My only regret is that it all happens during hot weather but then I guess we can't have everything we want.


I wonder how many people remember Patti Page?  Here she is singing that beautiful song "The Tennessee Waltz".  This rendition is from 1950. It amazes me how you can here every word she sings so unlike so many of the modern artists.

Thursday, December 1, 2016


I feel people are a little tired of Kings and Queens of England and Scotland so decided to have a little time I will give some information (from the same book) about Welsh royalty.   This is something I know absolutely nothing about so it will be educational for me as well.  This. by the way, is the front cover of the book from which I am quoting all the royal stories.

I remember a story my mum told me years ago about her father and his sister.  This may have happened at the end of the 19th century or early in the 20th.  The story, as told by mum, was that her aunt had decided to do some genealogy of the Rockliff family and apparently she discovered that they may have been descended from King Llewlyn of Wales.   When she told her brother (my grandfather) of this discovery he told her she shouldn't be too proud of that fact as, if it were true, he was a dreadful old blaggard!!  Now I'm hoping to find out something about this king of the Welsh whom my grandfather obviously did not approve.

Keep watching this space on Thursdays and thanks to those of you who have been interested enough to have followed so far.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I feel many of us may have had this regret over the years.   Why is it so hard to say "I love you" to a friend or family member.   K and I often end our phone chats with those three words before we hang up.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Table for 10 booked for 6pm next Friday night to celebrate Phil's 87th birthday.  The weather will be reasonably mild with a forecast temp of 29C (about 85F) which is not too bad.  Family all accepted so look forward to a pleasant evening.

I did ask about a free meal for people if they were dining on their actual birthday (we have taken advantage of this wonderful offer previously) but was told we now have to belong to their VIP Club.  This was new to me but I found a form on their internet page and I filled in one each for Phil and myself and also let other family members know about this new innovation.  I am now hoping the VIP voucher will arrive in plenty of time to use it next Friday.

I am wondering if anyone else in Australia has been receiving phone calls asking if anyone at your telephone number has been involved in a road accident in the previous two years.  Surely if someone at that number had had an accident they would know the person's name instead of taking a stab in the dark.  Obviously it is a nasty scam where they are hoping you will give them vital information such as your bank account details or similar.    They make it sound as though they represent a legal firm who will help you receive compensation for the alleged accident.  I hear of people losing money through all types of scams these days and as the number they call from says "private" or "overseas" you cannot trace the call.  I now either hang up immediately or tell they I know it is a scam and will report them if they continue being a nuisance.

A year or so back I was told by an employee of Telstra that if you notice the call is from a private or overseas number it is a good idea not to speak but just leave the phone "off the hook" for 5 minutes and Telstra will trace the call.  Not sure how they would do that but when one has friends with a private number or who live overseas it is difficult to know if it is a nuisance call or not.  I guess it's just one more nuisance we have to put up in this modern technological world.

I hope everyone is having a good week, or as good as can be hoped for.  Well all have our ups and downs but as long as we are up much more than we are down we should be happy.

Monday, November 28, 2016


I guess it had to happen one day!!