Saturday, September 23, 2017


We began September this year with warmer than average days but boy, has that changed over the past 48 hours or so.

The 16th of the month was our 50th wedding anniversary but we had to put celebrations on hold because not only did Phil have a bad cold  but one of the young families had bad 'flu.  That day was warm and sunny (25C) and it would have been delightful to spend the afternoon outdoors at K and B's home.

Celebrations postponed until 25th which is a public holiday in Perth so the weather decided to change and now Monday is forecast to be 17C with an 80% change of showers and a thunderstorm in the morning.  Quite strong winds and up to 20mm of rain.  Seems the sun is not going to shine on our party.   I love this weather but feel for Karen who I know has gone to so much trouble to make this a memorable day for Phil and me.   I just hate the idea of people having to go out in the rain but I am sure they will gladly do so for 'the ancients' as Karen calls us

We are so looking forward to sharing our day with the family and when thinking of 'the day' 50+ years back I decided to find some black and white photos.  This group comprises Best Man Eddie Simcock, the groom and bride, Matron of Honour Betty Simcock and in front is 10 year old son Steven (the ring bearer) and 12 year old daughter Karen (my bridesmaid).  Betty was a workmate back in the 1970s and we still keep in touch although live many kms apart these days.  Her hubby Eddie unfortunately left this life some years ago.  Incidentally I made Karen's frock which was yellow linen with yellow lacy sleeves.  (I still have it in a cupboard as a keepsake but don't think she knows that).   The orchids were kindly supplied by a charming man where we worked, Bruce Cantwell.  Oh yes, my brother Len gave me away but as he was taking the photos I don't have a photo of him which is sad.

The happy couple after the ceremony in the porch of Trinity Church.....we were both so much slimmer in those days.  My suit was pale blue, and I had navy and white shoes, a white 'hat' and a navy handbag.

Will be back next week to let you know how it all went.

Saturday, September 16, 2017


Fifty years ago Phil and I met at Trinity Church in Perth and exchanged wedding vows.  Today we celebrate our Golden Wedding Anniversary.

16th September, 1967, was a cool spring day and our good friends Eddie and Betty Simcock were our best man and bridesmaid, and my daughter Karen and son Steven were part of the wedding group.  My brother Len gave me away.  Afterwards we had a quiet lunch, organised by my wonderful mother, with family and friends before departing on a week's honeymoon touring the beautiful south-west of our state.

Today we are spending the day very quietly as we both have head colds so rest is the order of the weekend and probably most of next week.  Granddaughter C and her two children both have the flu' so the celebrations planned for today have been put on hold and hopefully, all being well, we will meet with family on Monday 25th (public holiday in Perth) for a belated celebration and Karen says she has arranged cakes etc for a lovely afternoon tea.

Having married in our mid to late 30s we were glad to celebrate our Silver W/Anniversary in 1992  and even then wondered if we would in fact see the new century arrive.  Well, we got through that event OK and here we still are going along, if not strongly, at least slowly and still happily.  We depend a lot on each other, me more on Phil physically than he on me, but I know each one of us would be lost without the other.

I can only say thank you to Phil for help making our life a good life. There have been so many happy times throughout these 50 past years.  My daughter and her family have helped to make it a complete life.  Without Karen our life would be so much the poorer.  I of course have regrets that my son decided to turn his back on all of us back in 2002 but I do know he and his family are doing well for which I am thankful.

This has been quite a big year for our family....great-granddaughter Jasmine was born in January, #2 granddaughter A had her 40th birthday in June, her daughter C celebrated her 21st earlier this month, and today it is our turn; on 24th of this month son Steven will be 60 and K and B will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary in November.

There have been a few medical issues of late but so far nothing too serious thank goodness.  I am hoping, as we continue to care for each other, we will still have some happy times to look forward to. Phil will be 88 in December and I will be 86 in January.  Just a couple of old fogies plodding along slowly but reasonably surely.

Sunday, August 13, 2017


I talked about Len's great baritone voice.  One song I remember him singing was "On the Road to Mandalay?   I've always regretted we never had the technology to record some of Len's singing.

Here is that song sung my Australian Peter Dawson.   Did you know that way back then that the road to Mandalay was the Irrawaddy River?  I only learned that fact when I listened to this the other day.

Sunday, August 6, 2017


As I mentioned mum and dad enjoyed musical comedy and in particular that of Gilbert and Sullivan.  I'm not quite as enthusiastic about it as they were but they you have to remember they were both born in the 19th in 1885 and mum in 1897.

This is a real bit of nonsense from Pirates of Penzance....The Major General's song.  Fortunately the provide the lyrics as I certainly can't make out the words he sings.  I wonder what the youth of today would think of this?

I won't think less of you if you don't watch it through to the end.

Sunday, July 30, 2017


I know mum and dad always enjoyed the singing of Gracie Fields and this one I know was one of their favourites.   Here she sings "When I Grow Too Old To Dream".  This was recorded in 1935.

Sunday, July 23, 2017


This song was one of my favourites and hearing it again beings back so many precious memories.

Here is Josef Locke singing "I'll Walk Beside You".

My mum was always there for me through her life (all 87 year) and at times I still feel she is there trying her best to guide me.  Love you mum. xx

Sunday, July 16, 2017


As you may remember I often scroll through YouTube and of late I've come across some music that reminds me so much of my younger days.   My mum and dad enjoyed 'good' music and also musical comedy.

Each Sunday I will add a song or tune that has special meanings for me from long ago.  To begin with here is "Love's Old Sweet Song" which was one of dad's favourites.  This was sung my John McCormack and recorded in 1927.  I remember playing it on the piano when I was about 12.

Oh yes, the piano.   My mother had some piano lessons as a youngster and, although she had been without a piano for many years, she found she had the ability to easily sight read music and many happy hours were spent by the family singing favourite tunes to mum's piano accompaniment.

My brother Len had a magnificent baritone voice (he could have gone far had not decided to settle down and marry Jean) do some of the music on here will reflect songs he sang so well.