Thursday, May 28, 2009


It is great to discover that there are now three generations of us all blogging away in our own distinctive way. My blogs are few and far between and being written by an 'oldie' probably don't hold a lot of interest but I do it anyway!! My daughter is able to express herself more completely than I do and is an expert with words (perhaps we older people are a little too reserved at times?) and now my granddaughter is writing about being a young mum with her experiences along the way. I have just been checking our her blog and find it particularly interesting and I so in agreement with her views on children. I had had nothing to do with babies or children before my daughter was born when I was 23 (in my teenage years there were two nieces I only saw occasionally) and here is Christie with her vast experience as a teacher etc. I can only wish her well. She too has a wonderful way of expressing herself and I look forward to reading all future blogs. I love you both so much.
P.S. I now realise of course that Immy has had her own blog for some time so there are actually FOUR generations doing it. I hope Immy will keep her own blog going as well.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trying to get back into writing mode

Well, here it is 8pm on Sunday, 24th May, and it is two weeks since I was last sitting here adding to my, what probably is a very boring, blog!!
We have just about completely recovered from this vicious head cold we had...boy, did it linger on with me eventually having to be on antibiotics for a nasty cough that had developed.
Last Sunday we paid a visit to our eldest granddaughter, her husband and their delightful 15 month old daughter....our youngest great-granddaughter. My daughter and her other half were there as well....a delayed Mother's Day get-together postponed from the previous week.
We had a most enjoyable afternoon, sitting outside eating cake and drinking coffee/tea and having so much fun with the little one. Her folks have made her this wonderful cubby house (complete with door and window) out of a huge cardboard carton and she loves being in there and peeking out the window and laughing so much when we say 'boo' to her. Shows that one doesn't need to spend a fortune on toys when such simple things as carboard boxes can bring such delight. Of course she does have lots and lots of toys from family and friends and is a very lucky little girl and enjoys playing with all of them.
I have been thinking seriously about what I may write about.....have already put forward some ideas but I often wonder why would I bother? I have many thoughts on many subjects, both serious and not so serious, and I guess it would be a good idea to get them out of my head or system as the case may be but......perhaps before long I'll get in the right frame of mind to pursue many subjects as they come to mind. Best I can say for now is "Watch this space". Wonder if anyone ever does though? Does it matter anyway? Not really.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


My husband and I are at present 77 and 79 respectively and have very few associates, and family members are usually rather busy although there are a few of them who are always there for us without question.
What I am trying to say is that in everyday life he and I are there for each other. He has been wonderful playing mother after my two recent hip replacement operations and I try to be there in little ways too...reminding him to take his medication which he sometimes forgets, putting in his eye drops each night (he has glaucoma) and those little important things which are necessary as one ages.
We are now in the process of recovering for really nasty head colds...he was the first to come down with it and I tried to care for him to the best of my ability...then it was my turn and as he recovers he is doing his best to care for me.
In my mind I hope when the time comes that I go first, but recently when he was worried about me following my operation he told me (after much questioning) that "I just can't imagine life without you!" so am I being very selfish in not wanting to be here without him?
I feel I am more dependent on him than he is on me but he disagrees and says he would be lost without me, so I guess we both see things from our own corners.
Most of our friends have departed this mortal coil and neither of us feel like breaking in new friends. Once you reach our age friendships are established and one cannot expect others to accept you into their established circle of friends of many years.
This is our second time around as far as marriage goes (his first one lasted about 11 years and mine lasted 13 years) and in our case the second time around has proved to be fantastic and this year we will have been married for 42 years. We try not to think of how many more years there will be. We don't live in the past but try and live for today and hope there will be a future ahead for some time yet.

Friday, May 8, 2009

HOW OFTEN I WONDER...................

....should I write about how I feel, about the past, my hopes for the future? Is it good for me to put my thoughts into print (THEY say it is good for us to do so) or should I keep them in my head and mull them over without sharing?
I often think of my adoptive parents and how good they were to me through the years of my youth (and beyond in my mum's case); about my real parents and what life would have been like with them. I don't really think that 'what if's?' are good for us as events that we had no control over are long past even though they may have shaped our lives in some small, or large, way.
I think all the time of my children and their families and how wonderful it would be if my son was still in contact with us and give thanks that my daughter still is even though at times we may drive her to distraction. That happens in families as different generations have different points of view, although eventually the next generation often comes to realise where the oldies were coming from.
This blog of mine would be a wonderful outlet for my thoughts as they meander through my head so perhaps it is time I worked out just what it is I would like to 'talk' about and how much of it I need to get out into the open. Perhaps I'm a little old for any soul searching to be of much help to me or anyone else and living in the past may not be good and yet maybe....who knows??
None of the above may have made much sense but I at least know what I'm on about which I hope will be helpful to me if to nobody else, at least for the present.
So....all I can say is this "Watch this space".