Monday, November 30, 2015

Sunday, November 29, 2015


I am becoming increasingly hopeless at blogging of late but am trying hard to keep up with Monday Mirth and Wednesday Wisdom 'cos I really need a laugh these days and have never considered myself too wise not to learn more wisdom.

It seems I am in somewhat of a blue funk of late.  I feel it is a lot to do with my age and my inability to do the things I really want to do, the dreadful events happening around the world, those awful fires in my state of Western Australia, with lives, property and livelihood lost, and those in South Australia, with lives lost and over 80 homes lost or badly damaged, not to mention livestock and other creatures.  In both cases much degradation of the farming land which will take many years to recover.

It is impossible for me to try and say what I have been doing as I do so very little and medical stuff becomes boring, not only to me but also to others.  However, sorting through interminable bits and pieces in a box I came across 'COLLECTABLE CATS' by Lesley Anne Ivory.  In this little book there are stories by many well known, and not so well known folk about cats and knowing how several of you are 'cat people' I thought you may enjoy these wee stories.

"HONOURABLE CAT by Paul Gallico

The cat invented radar and extrasensory perception long before we ever thought of it.  Nobody has ever heard a cat miaow to or at another cat.  They shout and yell and scream when preparing for battle, but they don't talk audibly to one another.  Their little cries are reserved for us.  Yet somehow either through the antennae of their whiskers or pure thought broadcasters and receivers, they are attuned to one another and know what is going on.  And if they can do this, what is to prevent them from penetrating our thoughts - if not now, then eventually?  I have always been just a little wary of letting cats know too much about my business, and I have encountered people who when talking before their cat and working on the theory that it cannot spell will say: "Did you put the l-o-b-s-t-e-r in the f-r-i-d-g-e?"

Do you sometimes feel your cat knows just a little too much?  Our Candy can be seemingly asleep on my lap but often her head will quickly come up as though she knows there may be something going on somewhere of which Phil and I are completely unaware.  Satisfied all is well she will settle down again.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Sounds a little like eating humble pie?

Monday, November 23, 2015


I know just the feeling.  I was swimming down in Mandurah Estuary when I was young and something touched me in the water.   Don't think I jumped this high but I was out on the shore in a flash.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


As I am mainly dealing with garden flowers and not shrubs and trees I am not including mimosa or magnolia in the M list.  The first choice is a word I so enjoying saying.  It seems to just slide off one's tongue so easily and, for some reason, it is a delight to spell. 

MESEMBRYANTHEMUM (meaning "midday flowering") is a genus of flowering plants native to southern Africa.   It is a member of the family Aizoaceae and like many members of this family, it is characterised by long-lasting flower heads.

Mesembryanthemum protect their gametes from night time dew or frosts but open in sunlight.  There is an obvious evolutionary advantage to doing this; where sun, dew, frost, wind or predators are likely to damage exposed reproductive organs, closing may be advantageous during times when flowers are unlikely to attract pollinators.

Ornamental mesembryanthemum may escape into the wild and consequently has become widely naturalised outside their natuve range.  They are considered an invasive weed in certain places.

My other choice is marigold as, of course, yellow is my favourite colour.  I am not absolutely taken with the smell of some varieties and am trying to decide which type I prefer most.

MARIGOLD (Tagetes) is a genus of annual or perennial, mostly herbacious plants in the sunflower family.  It was described as a genus by Linnaeus in 1753.  The genus is native to North and South America but some species have become naturalised around the world.

The common name in English "marigold" is derived from "Mary's gold", a name first applied to a similar plant Calendula officinalis.  The most commonly varieties are known variously as African marigolds (although this species is not native to Africa)

or French marigolds (usually referring to hybrids and cultivars, many of which were developed in France although the species is not native to that country).

Do you have a favourite "M" flower other than those above?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I am sure there are times we all worry too much about problems that are just too hard.

Monday, November 16, 2015


My savings didn't last as long as I would have liked them to either!!!  Not much superannuation back then.

Thursday, November 12, 2015


I know lantana is considered a noxious weed in many parts of Australia (including Western Australia) but there are some that are still favoured as they don't appear to take over from other plants.  One I particularly like is the yellow lantana and we have one growing in our back garden and doing very well (even competing with the weeds).

They are a very hardy plant.  There are several planted near our small local shopping centre and I imagine they do get watered occasionally although I have never seen this happen.  No matter they continue to thrive but do not grow very large.  This makes this so suitable for small borders.

Another "L" plant I have always loved is the larkspur although I think most people usually call it a delphinium.  I've never attempted to grow them but I do so love the blue ones.

Now to search for some pretty flowers beginning with "M".

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I hope that through my life I have endeavoured to keep my words as gentle as possible, even in very trying circumstances:

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I've not been doing a lot of chatting on Tuesdays as it is so difficult to find something to chat about that would be of interest to anyone other than myself.  We do so little these days.  I even began to keep a diary to see if I could come up with some ideas but it became monotonous as every day seemed so like the previous one, so that idea was ditched.  We did however have one outing:

We met our #2 granddaughter and her daughter (our 19 y.o. great-granddaughter) for lunch at Sizzler a week or so back.  I had a delicious meal of chicken and salad followed by desserts.  Yay, they had jelly which I have always loved so had to have some of that. We all enjoyed our meals and decided to 'do it again' before too long.  Note to self:  put jelly on shopping list.

Must be time for another trip to Rockingham but I'd best ring beforehand to make sure the old Rocky Pub is still there.  It commands a wonderful view of the ocean and Garden Island.  Large apartment buildings have been built nearby and I am sure some developer would give his eye teeth to get his hands on the hotel and the large parking area in front of it.  People have been trying to protect the hotel and have tried to get it heritage listed and even our Leader of the Opposition in our State Government has put his support behind the cause.

I actually got out into the back garden for a while on Sunday.  I do feel unsteady on my feet these days but managed to do some tidying up without using a stick which gave me more confidence.  also using a broom makes me a tad more stable.  Why do spiders have to make such an awful mess everywhere?  I must say it does look a lot tidier under the patio so feel quite proud of myself although still much to do.

I saw a largish insect creature trying to get back on its feet and Candy looked interested so I asked Phil to stomp on it.  I had an idea it could be a European wasp and Phil thought it could be a queen (although possibly a queen paper wasp).   There are some European wasps in Western Australia now and the Ag Department are doing their best to eradicate them but I fear they will eventually become a big nuisance here.  With our weather being so warm in W.A. they can remain active 12 months of the year.  I also saw a poor little bee struggling to walk so had Phil dispose of that as well.  I am always fearful that Candy will try to play with an injured insect and get strung or bitten.

My frangipani are beginning to show new leaves and some have inflos (the beginning of flower clusters).  Phil moved the pots so they get more sun so hopefully it won't be long before I have some blooms.

Candy was quite excited with both of us being out in the garden and did a few 'maddies' running around and really enjoying herself.  When Phil and I rested she would run between the two of us just so glad we were both out there together.  She is never very far away and when we are inside she will come in every little while just to check we are still there.  She has now taken to sitting on my lap most evenings and then sleeps on Phil's bed all night.

We have some very hot weather forecast for Perth and suburbs for the coming week with 37C  (98.6F) on Saturday.  We could be about to set another new record for hot days in spring in Perth.  I don't mind new records for colder days or even more rain in winter but can do without new records for heat!!

*Did you know that Bert Appleroth, a tram conductor, created jelly crystals using gelatine and sugar in his bathtub?  He sold these jelly crystals door to door, using his tram route to transport him around Sydney.  He rented premises to manufacture his jelly and then formed a company with Albert Lenertz (named Traders Pty Ltd) in 1926.  Planes were considered new and exciting at the time so aviation fan Appleroth named the brand "Aeroplane" Jelly.  Appleroth used a Tiger Moth plane to make deliveries to rural areas in 1934 and his publicity stunts and Aeroplane Jelly's advertising campaigns made the jelly a national icon like Vegemite and Holden.  I remember the Aeroplane Jelly song so well.

Monday, November 9, 2015


No comment from me really necessary here:

Well I don't really remember 'thin' but I do remember 'slim'.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


After battling to understand so much of modern technology this rather applies to me very well.   I use a computer reasonably well, we use a mobile (cell) phone if we need to call for assistance of any kind.  We do of course have TV and a DVD player but nothing to record with (for some reason we can no longer use the VCR part of the machine).  I see so many 'things' advertised in brochures these days and have no idea what they are.   There are little squares with what appear to be black and white dots which apparently will give you all the information you want but how do you access it?   I give up and realise I have gone as far as I can with modern technology.  I saw the other day where they now have an intelligent computer that can win quizzes against humans.   Wow! What next?

Monday, November 2, 2015


Once again I hope this will bring a smile to your face and begin the week well for you.

With a hot summer threatening us in Perth maybe we should also have this type of sign prominently displayed around the town.