Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I've not been doing a lot of chatting on Tuesdays as it is so difficult to find something to chat about that would be of interest to anyone other than myself.  We do so little these days.  I even began to keep a diary to see if I could come up with some ideas but it became monotonous as every day seemed so like the previous one, so that idea was ditched.  We did however have one outing:

We met our #2 granddaughter and her daughter (our 19 y.o. great-granddaughter) for lunch at Sizzler a week or so back.  I had a delicious meal of chicken and salad followed by desserts.  Yay, they had jelly which I have always loved so had to have some of that. We all enjoyed our meals and decided to 'do it again' before too long.  Note to self:  put jelly on shopping list.

Must be time for another trip to Rockingham but I'd best ring beforehand to make sure the old Rocky Pub is still there.  It commands a wonderful view of the ocean and Garden Island.  Large apartment buildings have been built nearby and I am sure some developer would give his eye teeth to get his hands on the hotel and the large parking area in front of it.  People have been trying to protect the hotel and have tried to get it heritage listed and even our Leader of the Opposition in our State Government has put his support behind the cause.

I actually got out into the back garden for a while on Sunday.  I do feel unsteady on my feet these days but managed to do some tidying up without using a stick which gave me more confidence.  also using a broom makes me a tad more stable.  Why do spiders have to make such an awful mess everywhere?  I must say it does look a lot tidier under the patio so feel quite proud of myself although still much to do.

I saw a largish insect creature trying to get back on its feet and Candy looked interested so I asked Phil to stomp on it.  I had an idea it could be a European wasp and Phil thought it could be a queen (although possibly a queen paper wasp).   There are some European wasps in Western Australia now and the Ag Department are doing their best to eradicate them but I fear they will eventually become a big nuisance here.  With our weather being so warm in W.A. they can remain active 12 months of the year.  I also saw a poor little bee struggling to walk so had Phil dispose of that as well.  I am always fearful that Candy will try to play with an injured insect and get strung or bitten.

My frangipani are beginning to show new leaves and some have inflos (the beginning of flower clusters).  Phil moved the pots so they get more sun so hopefully it won't be long before I have some blooms.

Candy was quite excited with both of us being out in the garden and did a few 'maddies' running around and really enjoying herself.  When Phil and I rested she would run between the two of us just so glad we were both out there together.  She is never very far away and when we are inside she will come in every little while just to check we are still there.  She has now taken to sitting on my lap most evenings and then sleeps on Phil's bed all night.

We have some very hot weather forecast for Perth and suburbs for the coming week with 37C  (98.6F) on Saturday.  We could be about to set another new record for hot days in spring in Perth.  I don't mind new records for colder days or even more rain in winter but can do without new records for heat!!

*Did you know that Bert Appleroth, a tram conductor, created jelly crystals using gelatine and sugar in his bathtub?  He sold these jelly crystals door to door, using his tram route to transport him around Sydney.  He rented premises to manufacture his jelly and then formed a company with Albert Lenertz (named Traders Pty Ltd) in 1926.  Planes were considered new and exciting at the time so aviation fan Appleroth named the brand "Aeroplane" Jelly.  Appleroth used a Tiger Moth plane to make deliveries to rural areas in 1934 and his publicity stunts and Aeroplane Jelly's advertising campaigns made the jelly a national icon like Vegemite and Holden.  I remember the Aeroplane Jelly song so well.


  1. So nice to learn the history of Aeroplane jelly. I remember jelly being a special treat when I was little, yet other kids had it almost every day. I was so jealous.
    The last time I went to a Sizzler restaurant was quite some time ago. We were meeting other family members and knew the restaurant was down the road a bit, so decided to walk. Well, it was quite a bit further than we thought, by the time we got there we were hot and sweaty and tired, not at all in the mood for socialising, but we cooled down and calmed down, so the evening turned out well.
    Sorry to hear you have European wasps over there, and sorry to hear more hot weather is on the way. Our October was the hottest on record for SA.

  2. I remember Aeroplane jelly too. And it was a special treat in our house too.
    Sizzler moved out of Canberra quite some time ago. A shame.
    Love that Candy keeps tabs on you.
    Jazz n Jewel do it too.
    And I am very sorry to hear that you have more hot weather on the way.
    Like River, we broke heat records in October.

  3. Hari OM
    G'day Mimsie.... from Sydney!!! I landed last Friday evening and am down under for 7 weeks. Needed to sort out some personal matters and also to meet all my darling 'ozfamily'... often the family we build for ourselves is closer than the one to which we are born - though it has to be said that my Scottish birth family and I are close also! (How's that for some everyday chat? &*>)

    I have found little changed here at 'home' in the past two years apart from two things; an incredible amount of hi-rise building going on (vis-a-vis your reference to R'ham... I am surprised the old pub is not already heritage listed!); and the cost of living. I nearly died at the price I paid for some fruit and veg yesterday!!!

    Disappointed with the weather so far. I left cold and damp Scotland to come to ... cold and damp. Yesterday there was high 20's temps and sunshine, but that has been it so far. Can't believe I had to wear full jammies and socks to bed and a jumper in the day. Hey ho.

    There was Aeroplane Jelly in my childhood in UK - though I never was a fan and nowadays won't touch due to vegetarian status - but I don't think I knew it was an Aussie origin product. Loved reading that history!

    Huggies to Candy from me - she clearly was overjoyed that her folks could be outside with her &*> YAM xx