Tuesday, September 27, 2011


It suddenly struck me recently that my destiny in this life is to nearly always be the one that has to replace the used toilet roll.

In our home I guarantee it is my job 90% of the time and when in hospital recently having a cataract op I went to the loo and would you believe....no toilet paper so who was it that had to pop the new roll on the holder?  Yes, yours truly.

I suppose there are worse jobs in this world but I am quite sure that this was certainly destined to be one of mine.


  1. Oh I'm sorry Mimsie, but this did make me giggle - I think it's my job too - but I would have hoped that someone in hospital would have done it for you! Hope you're recovering nicely x

  2. Thanks PPMJ....it just struck me as so funny that it happened in the hospital as well as at home and sometimes at other's places too.
    Yes the eyes are doing well...see specialist on 21 October and then new specs in November. If I can the shoulder right by then perhaps Christmas will see a 'new' me. One can always hope. *_*