Monday, August 22, 2011


First cataract op is over and went just so well and I have rediscovered what white looks like and can't wait till the other eye is 'done' on 15 September.   A little soreness a couple of hours after the op and one codeine tablet did the trick and ever since all has been well.  A little swelling of the lower eyelid but am told that will subside with time.  Everything is looking so bright and beautiful and I realise now what I've been missing colourwise.  Even the sky is bluer with one eye than with the other.

Three lots of drops to use four times a day and poor MOH has to administer them as I still can't get my right arm over to my right eye to hold eyelid in place while in instil the drops.  That wonderful husband of mine has just so much patience and still gives me a cuddle and tells me he loves me and I don't ever want to be without him.

Shoulder not as good as I'd hoped and all I did yesterday is help MOH hang out some washing and then fold up towels etc when they were dry and pop them away but apparently that was a bit much to do.  A bit better today and more physio etc., due on Wednesday morning when I will have a chat to Jenny to see what she thinks of the progress it is making.  She said 8 weeks and it is only coming up to 5 weeks so perhaps I'm being impatient.  I do have to remember all the soft tissue that was affected is nearly 80 years old so maybe I'm expecting a little too much of it.  At least it is great not having to wear the sling any more.

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  1. So happy to hear about your op going well, and exciting news about the sling too. Sounds like you're recovering nicely, and I'm so thrilled to hear it. I have been thinking of you x