Monday, August 22, 2011


Well it is new to us anyway.  Diabetic dietician told us about them...they are a carisma potato sold only by Coles and they are very low GI.  We were using kumura instead of ordinary potato but apparently they are intermediate GI which is not quite so good.  We still use kumura as we love 'em but in lesser quantity than before.

The carisma potatoes are a delight and cook (boiled) in only about 10 minutes or would be over done.  So, not only have we discovered a new potato but also one that saves cooking time which is good as well.  MOH has been peeling them but when I cooked some I just gave them a good scrub and they were quite OK like that.   The peel is very very thin so easy to clean them.

At the moment I am eating some delicious cherries and have no idea where they come from.  We usually only have cherries here in Western Australia from about December through to February so being able to buy some in August is wonderful and they are of course a very good fruit for diabetics.  These cherries are super size and just sooooo enjoyable.

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  1. Mimsie - thank you for your lovely comment about my sweet potato soup recipe. I got the giggles though because I read it in the middle of posting my Sticky Date Pudding recipe which is probably the most undiabetic recipe ever!!

    Take care.