Sunday, August 7, 2011


I had hoped to be back blogging more regularly than I have but after seeing my physiotherapist last Friday I now realise it could be several weeks before things are back to anywhere near normal as far as this shoulder is concerned.

Jenny massaged some very sore spots which I think has helped a lot and also gave me some exercises to do. I can take the sling off 3 times each day and do the exercises but it means that, although I can type with both hands for a few minutes, I am still quite restricted.

I have been told that soft tissue damage can take up to six weeks (and beyond) to mend and being an older person I guess I have to be even more careful that I don't dislocate the shoulder again which would be catastrophic for all of us.

MOH has been wonderful and has been like a mother to me and the meals cooked for us by members of our family immediately after this mishap took place were ever so much appreciated and gave us a few days breather to get ourselves organised. The flowers that Kakka had delivered to me were truly beautiful and I've managed to remove the spent flowers and keep the arrangement looking quite lovely even more than 2 weeks after it arrived.

I have another appointment with Jenny next Friday and once again we shall take it from there and follow her advice to the letter.

This is all I can manage at one time so until next time if anyone out there sees this I just want to say keep well and keep happy and hope to catch up again before too long.


  1. A new look I see. Slow and steady will get your back here soon. xxx

  2. Mimsie, Farmers Wifey left a comment on my blog to say she is trying to comment but for some reason it is not working. Here is her comment

    Would you mind letting Mimsie know I've tried to comment on her blog but blogger won't allow me too..

    I'm hoping she recovers soon and back to blogging xo

  3. Thanks for passing on Farmer's Wifey's message and please thank her on my behalf when you are next in touch with her. I've had trouble making comments at times and find it works well on Chrome but not on Firefox.