Friday, July 1, 2011


This afternoon I had an appointment with a diabetic dietician which I felt was necessary now I am injecting insulin nightly at bedtime. As my glucose hopefully goes lower I am going to be at the risk of having "lows". I needed advice about what to eat and when to eat and yet keep the quantities down to try and stop my weight increasing again. Unfortunately insulin tends to put weight on and it is always a battle to keep my weight levels OK at the best of times. I am lots overweight anyway mainly because of inability to do much exercise so do NOT need to carry any more weight as it also causes more arthritic problems.

Cheryl was really helpful and I now have to test my BG 4 times a day, write down what I eat (I hate having to do that because of the measuring etc) for four weeks and then see her again. I know I must do all of this in order to to endeavour to bring things under control.

One thing that amused me was that Cheryl said severe pain can increase blood glucose. I had mentioned this to my two doctors both of whom sort of brushed the idea away so am now wondering who is correct. I feel it is worth pursuing this idea and could be interesting to see if there is any empirical evidence one way or the other. Back in a few minutes......Yes, I found a few websites that definitely confirm that pain DOES increase blood glucose levels. OK so we are fighting on two fronts here but somehow we will win in the long term. Hopefully.

Cool here today with more rain on its way and quite a cold weekend forecast with quite cold nights of between 3-4C. July and August are always our coldest months so nothing new about that. If it keeps raining for the next few months we will be very fortunate indeed.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend. Keep happy and healthy if you can. Life is good.....even with the aches and pains.


  1. Good to hear you found someone nice to help. Pain and stress both increase BG as well as BP - doctors too easily brush off these things. My doctor has always said pain and stress are my worst enemies - but the reality is, sometimes they are just there and there is not much you can do to counter them.

    Talk to you this weekend. You must be loving this cooler weather. xxx

  2. Strange that the two doctors who waved aside the question I asked about pain causing stress which in turn could affect one's BG were both men. Both very knowledgeable men but perhaps they did it with the idea of me not succumbing to the pain. Heaven knows!! I am glad I discovered some web sites that discuss this very problem which is acknowledge as being very real. You and I knew it to be true but you somehow feel a bit of a wimp succumbing to the pain but at times you can't help doing so.
    Thanks for your comment and look forward to having a chat this weekend. xxx