Tuesday, July 5, 2011


While I am sitting here pondering what I could write about today I am listening to one of my Roger Whittaker CDs.

His is a voice I really love and although he is now 75 he is still a very good singer. I first heard Roger Whittaker sing when he was the first to record "Wind Beneath My Wings" way back in 1982. I loved that song when I first heard and still do but back then I was far too busy to take much notice of music that was on the wireless.

In the early 1990s I bought a double CD with a variety of artists and two of the songs were sung by Roger Whittaker..."I Don't Believe In If Any More" and "The Last Farewell" and loved both songs and kept replaying them and still do.

When I got a computer and became used to using the internet and could order things online I began looking for CDs featuring Roger Whittaker and I now have a collection of about a dozen of them. He sings a lot of his songs in German (in fact he is very popular in that country) but I prefer songs sung in French if they are to be in a foreign language.

I am 79 and Roger is 75 so I guess we are contemporaries at least in age if not in talent. I like songs that tell a story and also a singer that sings so I can understand the words he is singing.

One of my very favourite songs he sings is Albany which he collaborated in writing with someone with the surname of Munro (don't know who that would be).

Enough about that. MOH cooked chilli con carne for dinner tonight and it was delicious. Enough for tomorrow so that is another day I won't have to cook.

We are off to our exercise group tomorrow. Not sure how I will go as I am quite stiff and sore lately but I will go because I know it will do me good. I like Pennye but will be very glad when our usual physio comes back to take the group. I know Jenny began back at work on Monday just doing three half days a week for a while and not taking the exercise group. I think I may have mentioned she has been recuperating after a very specialised knee operation and she has to be careful for a time not to undo the good that has hopefully been done.

Cold here tonight (2C) so electric blanket set on 1 all night methinks and I am sure Precious will approve of that as well as she snuggles up on my bed or perhaps it will her turn on MOHs bed tonight. She has been on mind for a couple of weeks now so must be his turn soon

Goodnight everyone...hope all is going well for all of you and catch you later.

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