Thursday, July 7, 2011


Wednesday came and went quite quickly as for us it was a busy day.

MOH and I went to our physio exercise group in the morning and worked well with sit down and stand up exercises and using weights. I decided to go back to 2kg (one in each hand) to see how I'd go and managed OK so may try and gradually work back to 3kg which I used to use last year. A lot depends on how painful my hands and wrists are on any given day.

Midday the young man that does work in our garden arrived and I had him pop a few more plants out in the front garden, do some weeding there and also some weeding round plants in the back garden. Boy in a week the rain came along and so did the weeds, thousands of them. Mainly wild oats and winter grass so MOH will have to be out with the whipper snipper soon before any seeds appear. We did that last year so where did this year's weeds come from????

MOH tells me that his dad (back in the UK) would always say that if you could sell weeds they just wouldn't grow! Perhaps we need to find a market for weeds???

Mid afternoon our lovely cleaning lady arrived and vacuumed our living areas and washed all the floors for us so the house is looking neat and tidy (well not sure about the tidy) again.

It may not sound like very much but at our ages it's amazing that even having people come to do jobs entails quite a bit of work on our part as well and we just get a little weary.

So that was Wednesday and I was too tired last night to even open my blog let alone post anything.


  1. Mimsie, I've just discovered your lovely blog!!! I am a Perth girl living in Melbourne and it is lovely to hear of life over there in the West! Louise xx

  2. Thanks should also enjoy my daughter's blog who is a much better blogger than I will ever be. Her blog is menopausal mumma if you haven't already found it. Hope to hear from you again.