Thursday, June 30, 2011


It actually began last night when MOH returned from a trip to the chemist declaring he couldn't find his wallet. He drove back down there, checked out the area where he had walked, and asked if the wallet had been left behind (hopefully) or handed in. No luck in either case. I immediately had him phone the bank to put a stop on his bank cards and also the mastercard he has which is actually used on my account.

Today we had to sort out exactly which cards were in the lost wallet. Fortunately no money was there but our NDSS (diabetes) cards are gone (we use them for subsidised needles, strips etc) and also his Medicare and HBF (private health insurance) cards. There will be problem receiving new cards but some will take up to 14 working days to receive and with his Medicare card being reissued means mine will be as well so MY card is now obsolete. I have been given numbers to use for the NDSS and Medicare cards should we need to make a claim and fortunately my HBF card is not affected by the loss of his card which is a relief.

I feel sad for MOH as I know it gives him a sense of failure when anything of this kind happens but to me it just proves we are all human and prone to making mistakes throughout our lives. It will be inconvenient for a while as he has to wait for his new Access Card and Visa Card to access money or pay bills but fortunately I can lend him a little cash to tide us over.

Another offside about having to apply for new bank cards is that he will then have to rearrange for periodic payments all over again and then contact all concerned with new card numbers etc. Still, it'll give him something to do.

I think we ladies sometimes find carrying a handbag can be a bit of a nuisance but perhaps it is one reason we tend not to lose things like wallets etc. One of the ladies I spoke to today said it was a real man thing....this business of lost wallets. I have noticed of late that many men do carry small bags or have a bag over their shoulder and perhaps it is not a bad idea as long as, of course, they don't leave the bag behind somewhere.

I asked MOH where he would keep his wallet many years ago when he wore a suit or a sports jacket and he said "in my inside pocket of course" and I think perhaps this is a problem with men's modern clothing especially in climates where we don't wear coats very much...just not so much security for items such as wallets. MOH would never wear those trousers with button down pockets on the leg or similar style and a lot of trouser styles these days are not designed for the safety of wallets and the like.

It is still raining nicely here in Perth and we have had the wettest June in 6 years which is great news with more rain on the way tomorrow and during the weekend. Seems there will be a big rush next week to get a few loads of washing done and out on the line before more rain comes our way.

Had a good hot midday meal today so once again an easy tea with sandwiches. I am glad as my right arm/shoulder is still not happy when I use it too much. I am hoping it will soon come good as I really don't want to go to the doctor about it as I doubt there is much can be done.


  1. Oh no, poor Pop. I wonder what he did with his wallet. Hope your shoulder feels better soon. xxx

  2. Yes it is a worry but we will survive and he will just have to be more careful. My shoulder is a lot better today thank goodness. I think it was more a muscle in the top of my arm perhaps (top of my bicep muscle and it upset my arm further down).