Monday, June 13, 2011


Great news when the Eye Clinic rang and my two cataract ops have been brought forward a month so now in August and September. It will be good as all my specs are becoming increasingly useless to me so looking forward to new ones come October.

MOH and I had to both fill in pages and pages of questions today in regard to a diabetic study that is being carried out by Fremantle Hospital (we go to the hospital every two years for extensive tests) and this time we sat down and answered the questions together which was a big help to me as I really couldn't see some of them properly.

These questionnaires take a lot of thought to fill in correctly but we feel that if we can do anything that helps future generations in regard to this insidious disease then it is worth the little time we devote to it. We get something out of it as well as it is possible the tests we have could discover a problem we have that we are not aware of.

I also had to fill in TWO forms for admission to the hospital for when I have the eye ops for each day although they are identical forms. Hope I put the same answers on each one.

One question intrigued me...."Do you smoke?/Have you been a smoker?" Yes / No. NO I don't smoke but YES I was a smoker. Do you tick both Yes and No? Hope I didn't confuse them with my answer!!

Enough forms filled in to last us quite a while.....boy oh boy all that thinking!!!!

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