Saturday, June 4, 2011


A short while ago the following conversation took place between me and MOH:

MOH "Meant to tell you that James Arness (of Gunsmoke fame) has died"

ME "Oh right, how old was he?"

MOH "He was 88"

ME "Oh, not that old then!!"

What??? The man WAS 88. Strange thing though when you yourself are approaching the 80 mark and MOH is already 81 that 88 doesn't seem all that old at all. I guess when I was about 50 I'd have said "Oh well, he's had a good innings" and left it at that.
Perhaps we all consider ourselves immortal but underneath know we are not and thus my reaction.

I am not sure if others will see the humour in the above but it did strike me as really very funny. I am just so glad MOH and I could both laugh about it. You have to laugh or otherwise at times you might shed a few tears instead and that would never do.


  1. Oh Mimsie, that made me laugh too - so true - it is all relative. I love that you and MOH share the same sense of humour, it does make it easier to get through the day x

  2. Oh it sure does. There are trials and tribulations every day and a sense of humour gets us through them most of the time.

  3. Thank you Mimsie. I'm new to your blog and that story made me laugh out loud. You are very funny and very wise. I too think it is wonderful that you and MOH share the same sense of humour. All Love, Katie x