Monday, October 31, 2011


I have a Facebook friend in New Zealand that I met back in 2010. We both love playing Scrabble and have about 60 games going between us on Facebook and I must admit we are pretty well equal in our successes.

She is 23 years younger than me (actually almost the same age as my own daughter).  This lass though is the eldest of 11 children which probably makes her a little different to my daughter who only had a younger brother to deal with.  Her mother is proving to be a bit of a problem to the family by being very stubborn about her care whereas I, of course, am never a problem to my daughter (I'd not mention that to her though as she perhaps wouldn't entirely agree with that comment  *_*).

As we can't converse in the normal way we sort of chat as we play Scrabble or sometimes playing Farm Town (another addictive game on Facebook).  I will leave a message or a comment for my friend and next time she plays she will reply or leave another message for me.  This may annoy some people but she and I really enjoy it very much.

The other day I played the word TRUANT at the same time leaving this message for her (I bet you've never played truant have you?)  Next day came her reply "Yes I have a little bit and once I wanted to go to another High School so along I went with my birth certificate and told them that my mother was too busy working to come along with me and so I enrolled myself."

I thought this quite hilarious and next time I played Scrabble I asked how long it was before her mum knew she had changed high schools.  The answer came the next day "When the other school rang mum and asked her why I'd not been to school for a month."   A Month!!!!  Wow what was that school thinking leaving it so long before contacting her mother?

When I asked my friend her reason for changing schools she said that all her friends were going to the school she had chosen and she didn't know anyone at the first school.  This I felt an excellent reason for her doing this and it certainly didn't do any harm as she (when living in Western Australia years back) took up nursing and her use of words is excellent that a good education was obviously hers.

Just needed to share this little story with anyone who cares to read it as I felt it very amusing and hope you do as well.


  1. That brought a smile to my face Mimsie - what a woman!

  2. Yes she is a character and a great long distance friend.
    Incidentally PPMJ I am unable to view your blog for some reason and not being very versed in all things computer I don't know how I can send request to do so. Is there some way you can allow me to do so please.

  3. Oh, that's odd - my blog isn't locked, try - perhaps you were trying the older blogspot address? Let me know if you have any more problems xx