Friday, October 31, 2014

A Quick Update from Kakka

Just thought I would hijack Mum's blog and post this pic of her I took last night post op.

She is doing well, and should be home tomorrow morning (that's Saturday our time).

I am sure she will be back here soon and give you all the details, they removed the para-thyriod that had the adenoma and she still has her voice although her throat is quite sore when she swallows.

Cheers Kakka xxx


  1. Much appreciated. All my best wishes.

  2. Thank you so much. I was worrying (one of my talents) and I am very, very glad to have an update. Love to both of you - and to Phil and Candy too.

  3. So glad to hear Mimsie is well and will be home soon. She crossed my mind several times today.
    Thank you for doing this.
    I see her hair does that same flippy curl thing in front like mine does! (whenever it defies the flattening treatment I give it)

  4. Hari OM
    Thank you so much for the update; as with others, was wondering about the progress. Looking good! Surgery is so fleeting and effective these days. Rest well dear Mimsie... YAM xx

  5. Oh thank you so much fro the update, I was wondering. Oh tell her she looks absolutely lovely and I am so happy she is OK. Lots of hugs to her. B

  6. So glad she's doing well....healing thoughts headed her way. She looks very nice for a post op shot.

  7. Echoing everyone's thoughts here. She is a very pretty lady, I may add. Tell her that!

  8. She certainly does look lovely. Thanks Kakka for the update it's so appreciated.
    Hugs Mimsie, get well and bouncing very soon OK?! :)

  9. How kind of you to post an update! She appears to be doing very well - and hopefully will soon be back up to full speed!