Saturday, April 6, 2013


It's OK I have recovered but I was without my computer for several hours today....isolated..cut off from the outside world.  Disaster!!!!  Actually the computer looked quite normal but maybe I looked a wee bit like this................actually, I am sure I did.

I've had a few problems this week with the modem suddenly going to sleep and there has also been a buzzing type of noise on our landline for several weeks.  We know that noises on telephones can interfere with the internet connection so I telephoned Telstra (spoke to someone in some other country of course) mid-week and put in a complaint about the noise on the landline.

I spent about 20 minutes with a lady that I had difficulty understanding who really was of little help but she did say she would register my complaint.  She also had me unplugging the telephones etc etc etc none of which made a blind bit of difference.  After all this I felt I was perhaps on the verge of a nervous breakdown but I recovered after a while and was back to normal (whatever normal is for me).

When I rang Telstra again today I was told they had a note of my recent complaint and it was being attended to.  Oh yes, of course I believed that, not.

When the modem died completely today and my son-in-law (gee, he is a fantastic bloke) brought another modem and tried it of course it also didn't work and he also could hear the interference on the landline.

We gave up after an hour of 'mucking about with the silly thing' and I rang Telstra again.  This time I spoke to a young gentleman in another country who was more helpful and told me it was probably the fault of in ISP which I knew it wasn't.  I was told that something should be done before 5pm on 10 April and we would hear from Telstra if the fault had been rectified.  They call that service?  Years ago if I rang Telstra with a line fault a fellow would perhaps arrive that afternoon or at least the next day.  Why do away with so many employees if they are so bogged down with a backlog of work beats me.

I then decided I would telephone my ISP and ask if they could help me in any way.  To my utter surprise there was a recorded message saying they were experiencing problems at the Hilton exchange. Oh my, then it wasn't Telstra's fault as far as my modem was concerned and I am now back on line.  Whooopeee!!!

However, there is still a noise on our landline which in future could still cause interference with my computer so I will keep on about that problem and hope they will be able to clear it for us.

Now I feel better 'cos I've had my little grumble about out telephone provider and I also left a not very complimentary message on the little survey when I had finished reporting my complaint.  It just annoys me when a firm has a monopoly which often results in customers of other firms being put on a wait list.


  1. Frustrating. Glad you are back online again with no expense involved. We had some kind of glitch with the service here yesterday...cable and internet dead in the water for an hour or so...leaves you high and dry doesn't it?

    1. The internet is my main connection to the outside world as I seldom get out these days and I'd hate to be with it for any length of time. I still think there could be problems ahead so will pursue my complaint to the phone company.

  2. And isn't it frightening how bereft you feel when the internet is inaccessible. I am an addict it seems. Glad that your modem is fine - and yes, keep complaining about that buzzing line.

  3. Oh EC it is, it is. Yes I think the modem is OK even though it is well over 5 years old. I will keep you posted on how I get on about the buzzing sound as it is annoying when speaking to someone on the phone. K & B have had their internet interrupted by noise on their landline so well worth keeping up the pressure on Telstra.

  4. I practically climb the walls when my internet gets interrupted for any reason that can't be explained within 5 seconds. Holidays such as Easter and Christmas are particularly bad as are Adelaide Cup weekends, Melbourne Cup days and other such happenings. After my last hissy fit when I locked my computer away for a couple of days, I've found that the best time for me to be online is from 8pm to fall asleep at 4-5am. So handy to not have to go to work the next day....
    I hope your line buzzing gets sorted very soon.

    1. I had been lucky with my computer until last week without any real complaints and I am with an excellent ISP who are so helpful should I need to call on them for any reason. This occurrence was so unexpected of course that we didn't dream of it being a fault at the exchange.
      I don't use the computer after about 7.30pm as I spend the evening with Phil as he likes to watch TV (mainly DVDs these days; currently West Wing..again).
      People have problems with Facebook at certain times and I think that it gets overloaded which is the fault of FB not having a powerful enough whatever.
      I don't use it as a social media thingie but play a lot of scrabble and also a game called Farm Town which a lot of my family play as well. It sort of keeps us in touch. Definitely will keep on about that buzzing noise.

  5. Cheap as Chips on line is where the solar spinner came from. And they packaged it up well, and it arrived promptly.

  6. Thanks for that EC. I had a feeling there'd be a message from you. I will get on to it today and am sure I will enjoy the spinner as much as River and yourselves do.