Thursday, April 18, 2013


GEMINI...The Cosmic Twins...21 May to 21 June.  (My #3 granddaughter and my first husband were born under this sign).

You Gemini are the Mutable Air sign.  The Air element means you are a Thinking Type, mentally driven, communicative, fast-moving.

Your "Mutable" quality means you are versatile, flexible drawn to synthesise facts, put things together  It also means you are one of the "Dual" signs, double natured prone to mutate and change rapidly.  For example you easily swing between bright vivacious and dark withdrawn; or between cear simple logic and a chaos of unfinished ends.  You are most happy when, despite your busy life, your 'dark twin' is embraced via periods of solitary creative work and by relationships that encourage your emotional side to emerge.  You are the 'thinker' of the zodiac, the third sign, your key phrase: "I Connect".

Your Planetary Ruler:  MERCURY : Planet of the Mind.

Communication and a variety of life experiences are the Air you breathe  In ancient Arabic astrology Gemini is said to he "of hot and humid nature" and "your angel holds the key to the creation of metals".  Mercury is associated with short journeys, with brothers and sisters, and with intellect and the ability to reason.  Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo, and Gemini is the 'day sign' of Mercury.  In the body Gemini rules the arms, hands, lungs, thymus gland, bronchial tubes and the faculty of speech. Talking is like breathing for some Geminis and multi-tasking with several sound and sight sources operating simultaneously, like computer, TV and telephone together, is easy for Gemini.  As a Twin, you are most happy when engaged in stimulating mental activities with a friend close by.

Mercury represents the magic of duality - the complementary pairing of opposites and the flexibility of an open mind.  His special message to Gemini is to let your ever curious mind be guided by the light of wisdom.

There are several aspects of this Gemini description that remind me very much of my #3 granddaughter, particularly her ability to on the 'phone while using the computer with the TV going in the background.  She always says she is a true Gemini and is certainly a good communicator as was my first husband but in his case it is his habit to talk... mainly about himself.  (Miaow)


  1. My sister in law was a Gemini and most definitely a multi tasker. Sadly she was killed in a car accident many years ago, but her daughter has inherited the multi tasking gene and is very much like her mum was, although C is not a Gemini.

  2. River that is so terribly sad about your sister-in-law but wonderful that her daughter has her traits. I would say it is inherited genes that bestows that gift of multi-tasking on her rather than any star sign she was born under.

  3. I would love to be able to multi task better than I do. I am told that women are better mult-taskers than men, but my skills in that area could still be improved.

  4. I am not sure that I multi-task in the true sense but I tend to have a butterfly mind that flits from one thing to another and back again. : ) I know I can have a few different things going on at the same time though.