Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A-Z Nos 21,22,23 (U)(V)(W)

U is for UNDERSTANDING (n. the mental process of a person who comprehends)
V is for VISION (n. the act of power of anticipating that which will or may come to be)
W is for WISDOM (n. the quality or state of being wise)

I may be cheating here by putting 3 of my A-Z letters on just the one post but I feel that UNDERSTANDING, VISION and WISDOM are all part and parcel of the same concept.

We need as a people to have understanding of how the world works, an understanding of other races and their beliefs. With this knowledge we can then have tolerance and show tolerance to others and learn how best to preserve what we have right now on this wonderful planet of ours without further destroying it completely.  We can also endeavour to produce harmony between people and other nations.

We also need to have a vision of what is likely to develop in the future using past experience to teach us the best way to proceed through this century and prepare for the next even though it may be another 87 years away.  If everyone pulled together surely this world could be an even better place in which everyone could live in peace and prosperity.  I wish with all my heart this could be so.

We also need to use whatever wisdom we have gathered throughout the years personally, and through the centuries as a whole, and use it to work toward a better future for everyone.  I know there will always be those that want to be at the top of the pile without much thought for others and this unfortunately seems the nature of the beast but tolerance towards those not so well off would be a good start.  No, I am no preaching socialism, perish the thought, but just a world where everyone would occasionally step back and think about others instead of themselves all the time.

If only I had all these virtues I would feel a whole person but I am but a mere human being who at times falls by the wayside and doesn't always understand, have forward vision or the wisdom I should have at my age.

I know this sounds all very idealistic and of course it is.  Unfortunately many mistakes are made and often forgotten and repeated again and again over the centuries.  I wonder if human beings will ever realise they are perhaps often their own worst enemy.  One can only hope that one day they will as world peace would be wonderful wouldn't it?

I am probably not all that good at expressing my feelings.  I wish I had the gift that some of my fellow bloggers have for putting their thought into such eloquent words but I haven't their gift for writing.  This is just old plain talking me so hope I've not upset anyone by any of the above. I never mean to offend.


  1. I wish that these ideals were a great deal more common than they are. A bit like common sense really. Both much, much rarer than they should be.

    1. I think EC you feel as I do. Common sense is a rare commodity these days. It's all about power and money with little love left for our fellow man. So sad.

  2. "If only I had all these virtues"....you do Mimsie.
    A person who didn't would not be able to write this post and get the meanings across so clearly.
    I'm not good at expressing my feelings either.
    Most things get bottled up inside and buried deep.

  3. I am so glad you were able to understand where I was coming from. I just felt those 3 words went together so well. Thank you so much for the compliment.
    You say you are not good at expressing yourself but you write such beautiful words. You have the gift.