Saturday, April 20, 2013


TAURUS....The Bull...21 April to 20 May  (My #4 granddaughter and late sister-in-law were born under this sign).

Taurus, is the Fixed Earth sign, and represents the fertile earth herself.   Taurus specialises in making people and things grow.  The Earth element means you are a Sensate Type, physical, sensuous and sensually driven, slow-moving.

Your Fixed quality means you have fixed attachments, favoured ways of doing things, regular habits by preference, earthy routines unlikely to vary.  It also means you seek depth of connection, take your time, display great patience, make things grow.  You can also get stuck in tender traps, hold in your feelings and close your minds to other people's values if they are too different from yours.  You are most happy when you feel an organic connection with your body and with nature, while putting your higher values into practice.  You are 'the utiliser' of the zodiac, the second sign, and your key phrase is "I have".

Planetary Ruler is VENUS: Planet of love and pleasure.

Substance, beauty, consumption and pleasure are your earthy concerns.  In ancient Arabic astrology Taurus is "of cold and dry nature" and "its angel holds the keys of the creation of paradise and of hell." As one of the signs linked to the desire nature, you are well aware that desires fulfilled can be heaven or hell.

Venus is associated with harmony, companionship, beauty, love, luxury, sensitivity and indulgence.  Venus rules both Taurus and Libra. and Taurus is 'the night sign' of Venus.  In the body Taurus rules the neck, throat, thyroid gland, larynx, vocal chords and shoulders.  Sufficient times of quiet and rest as well as regular rests from rich foods and drink make a healthy happy Bull.

Venus represents the bounty of balanced pleasures and also the harsh consequences if desires overpower love.  Her special message to Taurus is to enjoy the bounty of life guided by the light of love.

My sister-in-law always had a beautiful garden so obviously had a green thumb. She admired lovely things and her home was always well kept.  She certainly had to show patience as my late brother could be somewhat trying at times.   Not having seen my granddaughter for over 11 years I can't really say whether she is a true Taurus or not.  Were you or a member of your family born under this sign and, if so, do you run true to form?


  1. Taurus, representing the fertile earth....that's my mother-in-law. She certainly was fertile, having 9 children. As for making things grow, well, she made the family grow! 27 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren and one great-great- grandchild.

    Some of the other Taurus traits sound more like me than the Leo traits, perhaps Taurus was in my orbit when I was born.

    1. Wow!! Yes seems your m-in-law was a true Taurus!!
      I think we are all a mixture of many things which sometimes depend on genetics and other on environment. I still wonder about prem babies (as my two were). Do you take the date of their birth or the date on which they were due. I must ask someone who knows about these things (if anyone truly does) and find what they think about that question.

  2. One of my childhood friends was a Taurus - and yes, she fits this really quite well.
    She was an artist and her artwork was meticulously created. Immense patience to achieve stunning beauty.

    1. It is amazing how often we find people true to their star sing while others are definitely not. My s-in-law was meticulous in her home and her garden and with her grooming so in that way it was her too. She was not creative in the artistic sense though.

  3. Our daughter is a Taurus...she is stubborn, travels her own bath, blocks out good advice and is paying the price for her decisions in life.

  4. Mmm. Lots of daughters are stubborn and granddaughters too as I've found out. You can lead a horse etc etc. Some of course do cut off their nose etc. Gee I'm am full of it today aren't I? haha