Friday, April 12, 2013


Zodiac (n. an imaginary belt of the heavens, entering on the ecliptic within which are the apparent paths of the sun, moon and principal planets.  It is divided into 12 constellations and signs of the zodiac).

Just for the sheer fun of it and something different to do I thought perhaps I could do a series of 12  posts each dealing with a different birth sign so here goes.   As I am a Capricorn and as January begins our year it seemed appropriate the begin with the goat.  My two grandsons, Luke and James (both born in late December, are also Capricorians and yet we are all different from each other.

Capricorn is the tenth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Capriconicus.  It spans the 270-300th degree of the zodiac, between 270 and 305.25 degree of celestial longitude.  In astrology Capricon is considered an introvert sign, an earth sign, and one of four cardinal signs.  It is ruled by the planet Saturn.  In the Tropical zodiac, the Sun transits this are of the zodiac from 22 December to 20 January each year.

Capricorn is the mover and the pusher of the zodiac, the 'cardinal' Earth sign, who likes to be in control of situations and to make their mark on the world.  The Earth element means they are a sensate type, driven by practical goals, material ambitions and physical concerns.

Capricorn seeks security and stability and has a natural respect for social institutions, like the family and government organisations.  It they want to change something they seek to work from the inside to create change.  They are most happy when they have a meaningful role, have autonomy and can engineer slow progress.  Their key phrase: " I build".

Saturn is your planetary ruler.  The power and determination to bring your goals to fruition are the way your Earth is expressed.  Ancient Arabic astrology says Capricorn is "of cold and dry nature (earthly).  Its angel holds the keys of day and night."  You are the 'night sign' of Saturn and the parts of the body Capricon rules are knees, bones. joints, skin and cutaneous system.  Maintaining mental and physical flexibility if your key to good health.

Ruled by Saturn, your strengths are patience, responsibility, realism and a persevering attitude that brings eventual success.  Strong ambition and the desire to build a safe, secure home are further Saturn gifts.  Saturn represents the primal force of contraction the energy that holds things togethre.  His special message for Capricorn is to build the foundations well before expecting the golden return.

This information came from "Astrology Spot" as will future posts.  I am not sure if you as a Capricorn  feel this describes you and I am not sure it describes me very well.  I have never sought material goods so that is not me but I do respect families but can't say I have that much respect for government organisations!!  Slow progress sounds rather like me, especially these days so I'll have to accept the above as being reasonably accurate if not completely true for me.

Incidentally, I never read my horoscope at all so perhaps I am not a true believer but do find it very interesting.


  1. Hello I read my horoscope as much as I can I am not sure if I am a believer but I do enjoy it for the entertainment part. I find some of it very often comes true. Strange. B

    1. Hi Button. I think many people do read their horrorscopes (as my other half calls them) but perhaps mainly for the fun altho' I am sure there are true believers. I suppose with so many people born under the same star sign the daily predictions must relate to at least some of them. : )

  2. Libra over here.. Can't wait to see what you have to say about that sign.

    1. Won't be too long as my son and a granddaughter are Librans. That will be interesting. I like this website I've discovered. They don't go overboard with lots of nonsense and some of it seems to make sense.

  3. I'm a Leo and looking forward to reading what you write about us lions!
    I read my horoscope, but mostly just to laugh at how wrong it is.
    Years ago when working in the shoe factory on my particular production line there were 12 workers along the machines with 10 of us having birthdays in August, 9 Leos and one Virgo.

    1. Leo is next after Sagittarius (for daughter and her hubby).
      What a coincidence to have so many people all born under the same star sign!
      Our family are spread right across the zodiac so if it means anything at all they must all be very different.
      I always to like to know who is earth, fire, water etc to see if they are compatible with each other. There is a rule about that apparently but I'm not sure what it is. Something like fire and water don't go together if you understand what I mean.

  4. I'm a sagitarrius. Crap, I don't even know how to spell it, so you know how much I "believe" in it. However, I do read my horoscope in the paper every day. Just for kicks.

  5. It is amazing Susan how many people do actually check their horoscopes. We only have two newspapers delivered a week now and I don't even check in those.
    Sagittarius coming up today so I hope you like what you read. To me it is a good one and definitely about 80% at least describes my other half to a tee.

  6. Like you I am a Capricorn. Introverted. And the earth sign may go some way to explaining why I get such satisfaction from grubbing in the garden.
    Mind you, a spoof astrology chart I once read said that Capricorns were so boring they had to be careful or they would take root and turn into trees. And I can think of worse fates.
    If you would like, I will hunt out that spoof and post their version in the comments for your astrology series.

  7. Would love to read those spoof comments so hope you can find them.
    I can think of nothing better than returning to earth as a tree as long as I was allowed to live out my full life span. When we moved here there was no garden to speak of it and I filled it with trees and flowering shrubs and some flowers. I loved nothing better than grubbing around in the ground and I miss it so much now that I unable to do it.