Tuesday, April 23, 2013


VIRGO...The Virgin...23 August to 22 September (my lifelong friend who passed away a few years ago was born under this sign.  I will be interested to see if this describes her although having been born on the cusp this may not be the case.).

Virgo your element is Earth and your quality is mutable.  You are the most mentally oriented Earth sign, ruled by messenger Mercury.  The Earth element means you are a sensate type, motivated by practical goals.

As the mutable Earth sign, you are able to juggle many different facts and details at once and usually manage them all.  Able to shift and change readily, 'mutability' is the basis of your management skills.  Virgo can be most neat and organised or chaotic and messy, but there will always be some corner of your home, which shows your obsession with order.  You are most happy when able to serve your ambitions and the people you love, but also able to keep time for yourself in your busy schedule.  Sixth sign of the zodiac, your key phrase is "I analyse".

Your Planetary Ruler is MERCURY : Planet of the Mind

Analysing details and making perfect sense of them, reaching goals through careful management of time and energy - these activities make you the sign of the earthy harvest.  In ancient Arabic astrology Virgo is "of cold and dry nature (terrestrial)" and your angel "rules the bodies...and in particular the human body".  Mercury is associated with short journeys, with intelligence, with the ability to reason and analyse.  Mercury rules both Virgo and Gemini and Virgo is the 'night sign' of Mercury.  In the body Virgo rules the intestines, digestive organs and bowels.  Your key to good health is developing the ability to put worries and concerns aside at the end of the day and listening to your digestion as an aid to appropriate diet.

Mercury represents the dexterity of the mind and the ability to read people.  His special message for Virgo is to serenely do your work in the world, while trusting that others too can carry the load.

Did this describe my friend?  Well, 'chaotic and messy' is spot on and she was always trying to decide what made other people tick but I'm not sure if she had the ability to accurately read people or not.  I do know that she had a wonderful sense of humour and we had so many good laughs together and I miss her.  How about you?  Were you born under this star sign?


  1. Mom was a Virgo....she had a wonderful way with people and always had common sense and useful advice.

    1. Sounds as though this does more or less describe your mum then. My mum was an Aries but she sounds a lot like your mother was.

  2. I don't know any Virgos well enough to know if this is true of them. My oldest brother in law is a Virgo as was a workmate years ago.

  3. I read the weekly horoscopes in the Weekend Australian and strangely enough it suggested for my daughter and her hubby (both Leos) they perhaps should think of moving. They had problems with a stupid neighbour yesterday so perhaps it was good advice after all. No, they won't be moving as they've had lots of improvements done to their home. Just made me laugh when I saw their horoscope for this week.

  4. One of my bosses was a Virgo. And a more nit-picking I am always right, don't you dare try and argue with me (if one dared to disagree) person I have never met. She was very, very tidy though. 'An empty desk is a sign of an empty mind' I thought to myself. Can you tell I found her difficult?

  5. I do more or less get the impression she was not one of your favourite people. : )
    Phil is not a tidy person and one of his bosses used to comment on that fact but that particular boss also had a tidy desk so the 'empty desk' quote probably applied to him as well. Phil never seemed to think that chap had a lot 'up top'.