Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Last week when I chatted I was complaining about the weather and the fact that our ducted airconditioner had broken down.  We couldn't get our repairman Derek here till yesterday and then we heard the bad news.....the motor (actually I think he called it the compressor) had burnt out.   When the temperature tops 42.5C (108F) that is something you don't need to be told.   I said I wouldn't complain again about the weather and I am not going to even if we do have another two days of 42C and one 41C to look forward and very little of a cool change in sight and definitely no rain.

After being told about the motor, I immediately telephoned the insurance company and yes, we are covered for fusion.  Was asked if we'd had the aircon for more than 11 years and was able to truthfully answer it was less time than that.   It was installed on 16 October, 2006 so well within the time limit.....big sigh of relief.

Derek said once we had a claim number he would work out quotes for repair and/or replacement of the unit and email the results to the insurance company.  He is very good and I would imagine that email would be sent quickly.  We then wait to hear from our 'claim manager' within 7 working days who will discuss the claim with us.  The wheels grind slowly at times.

We are not even sure whether parts are available at this brand of airconditioner is no long produced so perhaps a replacement unit which could mean us having to pay the difference but hopefully that won't be the case.

We are just managing with the two small airconditoners but the bedroom and kitchen only have overhead fans.  The one in the bedroom is quiet and seemingly more efficient that the other and the kitchen is like a furnace and will be till the end of the week when the weather cools a little.  No cooking will take place for some time but then we love salads so no problem.

I know all insurance companies must be very busy with the horrendous fires that have happened in Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria and the floods in other areas so I was surprised to have to wait 35 minutes until I was able to lodge the claim.  I must admit the young lady was very polite and efficient which always helps and you are less inclined to be cross about waiting.

One good piece of news is that Phil's blood test and ultrasound results all came back as being OK.  He'd not had a call up from our GP following having the tests done so just to make sure he rang the surgery yesterday and was relieved to be given the all clear.   We are now sure the UTI he'd suffered from prior to the first lot of blood tests caused the suspect result.

I am seeing our GP this week but that is another story and I won't go into it now.  Just about a blood test I had and I am confused about the results as not at all what I expected it to be.  I am sure all will come clear when I see Dr Ken.

Rotten news is there is another out of control fire near Harvey quite near where those disastrous fires occurred recently (when the town of Yarloop was virtually wiped out with two deaths as well).  I can't even imagine what it would be like to be out there fighting fires in these weather conditions.  The wind keeps changing which is making it difficult to maintain containment lines.  I take my hat off to the men and women who risk their lives trying to control the fires and at the same time protect people and their homes.  I feel they all deserve medals.  Incidentally another smaller fire nearby was determined to have been deliberately lit at three different ignition points.  Makes you wonder about folk at times doesn't it?


  1. Hari OM
    Grrr firebugs need a bigger threat of punishment, methinks; instead of the two years for lighting fires in open space, the full arson indictment with 15-25 years ought to make them think a bit more. You'd hope. Then again, catching them is the issue...

    Good news for Phil - hope your health stuff gets clarified quickly Mimsie. Here's to quick work on the a/c too!!! YAM xx

    1. There are no words to describe how I feel about firebugs, they are the lowest of the low. Some have been caught recently but we never hear what punishment they receive.
      I am seeing my GP on Friday when I will try and find out what this weird test was all about.
      I think it will be a couple of weeks before anything is done about the aircon but we can only hope. xx

  2. I'm so sorry to hear you have more fires there and to have them deliberately lit is even worse.
    Good news about your airconditioner though. waiting for repair or replacement is hard in the heat, but you have the smaller aircon and the fans. Are you able to move the computer to the bedroom for the time being?
    Hope your blood test gets sorted and there is nothing to worry about.

    1. At present the fires have been contained but I think they are still on watch and act and with the weather the way it is one can't say when the danger will be over.
      I think I am gradually getting used to the hot kitchen as today I did dishes we'd used over two days. Nothing very dirty as I always rinse plates etc after used but just needed to do a proper wash up.
      The bedroom is actually the hot room (apart from the kitchen) but my computer is out here with the newer wall aircon and as it is too big for the room when I set it to 26C it will drop to about 20C which is too cold even for me. It is a case of changing the temperature every now and again to get it where I want it.
      I will find out on Friday afternoon about the blood test. It was for something I knew nothing about but there are so many ifs and buts re the condition it may amount to nothing after all.

  3. I really don't understand the mind set of those who light fires deliberately. And hope they can be caught and suitably punished.
    Great news about Phil's tests. Not so great about yours.
    I am so very sorry about your airconditioner and hope it can be fixed quickly.

    1. I think we are all of like mind re firebugs. A woman was lighting fires not far from where we live and she was caught. Fortunately none of those fires turned into emergencies but it can happen so quickly in this weather particularly.
      Had a call from GIO today (an Indian gentleman would you believe) who said the claim had been accepted and they would act when they receive the quote from Derek our aircon man. Could be a couple of weeks before it is finalised. Next week we are expecting 37C on Wednesday with lots in the 30s in between so still very hot.
      On Friday I hope to learn all about this silly blood test I had. It was requested by my endocrinologist and I am to take the results to our GP who will have received a report from the professor so should know all about it. I am the one who is the dark right now.

  4. It is horrible to know that there are people out there that could even do such things, Mimsie! Being so hot there, I certainly hope your unit is repaired quickly and that any and all tests you have prove to be manageable. We have quite a bit of snow accumulated now...want some?..:)JP

    1. Snow? Yes please. It never snows in Perth.
      Experienced snow when holidaying in New Zealand and rather enjoyed it. Hubby, being from England, doesn't think so much of it.
      Aircon claim accepted so now we wait.
      Thanks for your kind wishes.