Saturday, February 6, 2016

THINKING ALLOWED (in this case mainly about hot weather)

I am I am saying it out loud and using the venacular ... I am not looking forward to the coming week.  It is going to be bloody hot.  We've already had 2 days of 35C and 36C and today is forecast to be 35C followed by 40C (104F),  two days of 42C (105.8F) and then 41C, 39C and 36C.  Not even sure we are due a cool change after that but one can only hope.   It is bad enough having days constantly above 35C (95F) as they say at that temperature we stop working at capacity in mind as well as body, but when it gets higher and stays there nearly everyone is just absolutely pooped.  I wonder if they will keep children home from school this coming week or do schools now have airconditioning?  We had neither cooling or heating when I was at school but with the lower humidity back then I am not sure we felt the heat quite so much.

Even the night temperatures are not going to be much of a relief with a couple of nights expected to only drop to 25C (77F).  That's about my favourite daytime temperature!!

To top it all off our reverse cycle ducted aircontioner has stopped working.  Phil rang last Monday to ask for Derek (our wonderful aircon man) to call but he is booked up all this week and can't make it till Monday morning.   We will be so pleased to see his cheerful face and hopefully he can get the beast working again.  We couldn't afford a really expensive airconditioner when we had this one installed and of course, as is usually the case, you buy cheap and pay for it later.

We are fortunate to still have the old hole in the wall airconditioner working (it must be all of 40 years old as I bought it secondhand in the mid 80s) but it only cools the living room so the kitchen becomes really hot as does the bedroom.  It's an amazing fact we have never had to have any work done on this old aircon. Overhead fans do help in those rooms but only so much, very often just circulating the warm air.

I have a modern in the wall airconditioner here in my den that my wonderful daughter bought me several years ago.  As you will see the light is on and it is cooling me right now.

Unfortunately it was the smallest size she could get of the type she wanted and it is rather too large for this 10'x10' room.  Even when I leave the door open the enclosed back verandah and laundry get cooled too.   I set it on 24C and in no time I am cold as it will cool the room to about 19C.  I then turn it up little by little and fiddle with it all the time.  I am not complaining though as at least I am cooler than I would be in other parts of the house right now.

I often wonder if I am truly feeling the heat more now than I am much older.  For many years when I was young we didn't even have table fans and yet we managed.  Perth's summers have always had very little humidity but now (possibly because the Indian Ocean is warming) the humidity in our city is rising more each year.  For years I drove to and from work in a car that had no cooling and yet I managed.  Even Phil is feeling the heat much more than he once did but then being from England he enjoys Australia's warmer weather.

Enough about me and the heat.....I have to have a whinge every summer and this will be that one and only time so forgive me please.


  1. I saw that your temperatures were expected to soar - and stick.
    My heart goes out to you.
    Do as little as possible and look after yourselves.

    1. That you EC and we will do that. We closet ourselves quite well in this extreme weather.
      I am always envious of the cities on the eastern seaboard who have mini heatwaves and then days in the low 20s (even in Adelaide that happens more than in Perth). It must be great to have that reprieve every few days.

  2. Nothing to forgive Mimsie. It's the same here ...... Mum's been complaining about the heat for weeks now. Won't be long and she'll be complaining about the cold. The GRANDpeeps NEVER complain. They don't seem to mind if it's hot or cold. Must be an age thing.

    1. Unlike your mother Charlie, I never complain about the cold but then it doesn't get all that cold in Perth.
      It is not an age thing as I am feeling the heat more the older I get. I think it is a sort of personal thing. You either enjoy hot weather (or cold weather for that matter) or you don't.
      Hope your mum can keep as cool as possible.

  3. Thanks for the warning about the coming heat, I'll get in some more ice cream and put a folded towel in the freezer to lay on the bed at night times.
    I set my aircon on 21 and it cools to about 23 in the lounge room because I keep the door to the bedroom open hoping some of the cool air will filter through.
    I never thought of the heat when I was young, probably because I spent most of my free time at the beach. In school hours, we kids would all get wet at the drinking taps at recess and lunch times, sticking our heads under tap and wetting our hair to be cooler.

    1. I felt you would read a warning into today's blog. Today has turned out a little cooler than expected, only 34.4º, and we have a sea breeze which is keeping it cooler near the coast.
      I didn't go to the beach as a child but our Swan River was clean in those days and I swam there a lot.
      The old houses we lived in all had very high ceilings with high pitched roofs which helped keep them cool.
      For some reason in Perth there is a mania for double brick houses which does keep them cooler but once they warm up they take a while to cool down.
      Our house is single brick but the ceilings are quite high and the roof pitched high. We have insulation in the roof and a whirly bird which helps a little as well. I guess our place heats up quicker but also cools quicker.
      One thing I forget to mention in my blog is the fact there is not a drop of rain in sight for the next week and I doubt there will be any after that either. I feel for the poor folk in Queensland who are being flooded and believe lives have been lost as well.

  4. Hari Om
    You'll wake to another day reading this - and I hope it proves more manageable than anticpated! I DO love the heat - but there is a limit even for me and 39 would be about the tops, for comfort. I actually think aircon has a lot to do with folks now 'feeling the heat' more; acclimatisation has gone all to pot! Can't rebottle that genie though... At least here where it is COLD, once can put on layers and layers but cooling down is not so simple. Here's to a break in that pattern for you Mimsie! YAM xx

  5. No need for forgiveness...I'm Canadian and that means I complain about the weather all the time lol.

  6. I think you are right, we do feel extremes of temperatures over the years. I just had a lovely walk in the snow!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!