Saturday, February 27, 2016


38ºC (another century this summer) in Perth today....not funny but we 've been enjoying cooler weather this week instead of many of our eastern states cousins who've been having mini heatwaves.  29ºC here tomorrow so a respite worth looking forward to, and then a couple of cool days before returning to the 30s again.  Will this summer never end?

Checked bank account early yesterday and deposit (payment) from insurance company had arrived so quick work on their part which was appreciated.  Also they did repay the $100 excess.  Another couple of weeks and the we should have working aircon again.  Fingers crossed.

#2 granddaughter and her daughter (our #1 great-granddaughter) came for lunch yesterday.  I always enjoy their visit as we have some lively discussions about lots of topics.  I need to be able to converse more face to face with people when possible.  Does get the old brain working in top gear. Fortunately our discussions are always affable.

Only 3 more days and I can once again enjoy coffee and chocolate and take my anti-depressants.  It has definitely proved these tabs do help decrease overall pain to some extent.  On Tuesday morning will have fasting blood test and then wait for results before seeing GP.  Had a letter from him on Thursday reminding me to go in for my B12 shot but may as well wait till test results arrive.   Must also ask when 'flu injections will be available this year.

We decided a cooked chicken with salad good for weekend meals (Phil's suggestion which surprised me as he's not a fan of chicken) which is always good when it's hot.  He's out this morning doing a bit of top up shopping and filling the car with petrol.  $1.03 a litre which is quite cheap although there are some petrol stations selling below a dollar a litre.  Wonder how long that will last?

My mum used to make up barley water which she said was good for her kidneys.  I've been looking up how to make it and may try it for myself and many websites still say it is very good for us. Diabetics are prone to kidney problems so worth thinking about.

TV is beginning to look up a little although still relying on DVDs quite a lot but then we are very fussy about what we watch.   Neither of us enjoy reality shows and tend to prefer UK shows although we do watch 2 NCIS shows.   We often wish another series similar to "West Wing" would be made. That was truly brilliant.  "Death in Paradise" is on tonight which we both really enjoy and a new UK cop show "Cuffs" which is reasonably good.

I have two more frangipani coming into flower which is quite late in the season and my Callistemon citrinus (bottlebrush) (above) is flowering again. I am sure the strange weather we have these days causes confusion in the plant world as this bottlebrush flowered in November.

I've popped in some small garden pics to brighten up a dull page   It's amazing how many pinks and mauves there are.


  1. Hari OM
    Sounding like a fairly positive 'talk' today!!! Great that the insurance came through and here's to speedy resolution of the practical kind now... May I offer you this recipe for barley water? So many involve sugar but this offers honey, added after making according to taste/ restriction. I love it! Love barley, full stop; it's a great sugar balancer!!!

    Know what you mean about conversation; I get very little face to face, but I think spending a lot of time reading and writing help to keep the mind sharp - that and word games &*>.. I know you enjoy your Scrabble. Keeping you mind as you go through the tests this week - hope results bring answers to whatever questions were being asked.

    Love bottlebrush; am longing to see ANY colour start to come out here. We are having a big, late-winter hit... YAM xx

    1. Thank you so much for all your kind words. I will try the barley water but can't add honey as for diabetics it is nearly as bad as sugar. I will use lemon instead for a flavour.
      I do try so hard to keep the old grey matter churning away and mostly it seems to be working quite well.
      I'll be glad when this testing business is over but, once begun, felt it had to be seen through to the end.
      As you know there is always colour in Australian gardens throughout the year. Hard to imagine it being without some colour somewhere. I think in reverse we are having a late-summer hit but then in Perth we nearly always do when our eastern states begin to cool. xx

  2. Such beautiful shots! You took me to Springtime with this post. It's cold here, for now.

    1. Thank you....I took them last spring in our garden. Not an organised garden but lots of pretty things grow there.
      Too hot here and more to come.
      Keep warm. :)

  3. Yay for the aircon and the prospect of coffee (and your anti-depressant) again.
    38 is toooooo hot. We had a cooler day yesterday but like you the heat is ramping up again next week. Sigh.

    1. Aircon will be even more appreciated when it's up and running again.
      I am not a coffee freak but do enjoy a cup now and again so will be nice to indulge with a cup or two on Tuesday.
      It was really HOT yesterday and although we are having a few days respite it's on again later in the week. Sigh.

  4. The garden photos are so lovely!
    I'm a fussy TV watcher too, I watch "my" programs then switch to DVDs. I love Death in Paradise, the settings on that island make me want to be there, but I probably couldn't take the heat. I must check and see if there is a fourth season of the show.