Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Not a lot to report this week.  We have more or less recovered from lots of hot weather and thoroughly enjoyed a couple of cool days.   It won't last though as I see Saturday is forecast to be 38C (another century).   We are still waiting on a decision about our airconditioner.   Have had calls from three different sets of people and are now waiting for them to contact our repairer about repair or replacement. We may even have to wait for a second quote which will drag it on and on.  I shouldn't complain as this is only an airconditioner and not a home that has been destroyed by fire or those damaged in floods.  I feel so for all those people who have lost so much as well as the dreadful loss of life as well.   Doubtless we will soon learn the final verdict and hopefully it is not going to cost us too much if a replacement is needed.

I am being very good and not drinking coffee or eating any type of chocolate and have also been off my anti-depressants for a week.   I am drinking tea which apparently doesn't contain a lot of caffeine and may even stick to lemon barley cordial for a few days.   Next Tuesday I will present myself for a blood test after fasting overnight.  It seems quite a palaver but I guess it has to be done this way to get an accurate reading.  I would like a final decision to find out if there is really a problem or not.

The AFL season has begun with the pre-season competition called the NAB Cup.  Fremantle won their first game which was very pleasing but our big ruckman may perhaps not play in the first week of the home and away season because of 'rough play' where he knocked another player to the ground.  It is not regarded as deliberate but bad enough to lose a week which is a shame right at the beginning of the season.

With the cooler weather I have been getting outside a little more and able to check on my frangipani and was delighted that two plants that flowered last year but seemed to be sleeping this year now have tiny buds so something to look forward to in the coming days.  It is amazing how easily one can become hooked although so far I only have 8 plants; some people have dozens.  Phil surprised me the other day, arriving home with a new one and one which I don't have.  I think he is becoming as keen on these plants as me. 

Hope you will forgive me for showing off a couple of my frangipani that flowered this year.


  1. Hari OM
    What's to forgive - they're gorgeous! Seems the a/con may be ready just in time for winter... is it reverse cycle??! ...and there's another week gone... YAM xx

    1. Glad you like the flowers, I know I do.
      Yes the aircon is R/C but it's in summer I need it. I can put on more clothing when it's cold but in summer it doesn't work in reverse. :) The time is certainly flying by xx

  2. The frangipani are beautiful! I really like the pinky one.
    How annoying to have the airconditoner repair dragging on so long. Surely they realise that elderly people don't do as well as younger ones in the heat? There are health warnings on the news often enough.
    You do seem to be managing though, which goes to show just how tough you are.
    I hope the blood test comes back with everything looking good.

    1. The flowers on a frangipani are always worth waiting for and we never know which plant will flower when. They do their own thing.
      I guess with so many claims this year with the fires and floods they are stretched but we are still hoping we may have final news by week's end
      I am not a coffee freak but would really love one right now but have to wait another whole week. Seems those pills do help a little with aches or is it the cooler weather causing their return?
      It is so strange for Perth to be experiencing a few days of cooler weather with those east of us sweltering. Keep cool.

  3. The frangipani are absolutely glorious.
    I finally had my fasting blood test this morning.
    I hope yours goes well - and your air conditioner is fixed QUICKLY.

    1. The frangipani truly are glorious and I wish I'd begun collecting them when younger.
      Glad you made it to that blood test and positive thoughts in the hope all the results are as you would like them to be.
      The wheels turn slowly these days when it comes to insurance claims. When I worked in insurance the person put in the claim and it was dealt with us in the claims section without 2nd and 3rd parties being involved. There is so much underwriting being done these days one doesn't always know who the true insurer is although I think GIO does stand alone but who knows?

  4. Hi Mimsie.... best wishes for good results from your fasting tests....
    I do hope the air-con is fixed soo for you..

    I love your frangipani colours... I love the flowers but can't handle the perfume.. xxx a bit sad..
    Have a good day..hugs... Barb xxx

    1. Thanks Barbara for your kind wishes. Another week or two before I have results so in this case, patience is a virtue.
      Not all frangipani have an overpowering perfume. I remember years ago there was a man's hair oil that smelt like frangipani and it was dreadfully overpowering. I think the common white that people have been growing in their gardens for yonks has the strongest perfume whereas many of the newer coloured ones have a delicate perfume; so delicate in fact that some folk can't even smell it.
      Airconditioning problem now in last stages thank goodness. More late.
      Thanks once again for your visit. xx

  5. Such beautiful blooms, Mimsie! I do hope your blood tests prove to be improved. Please don't tell me I need to give up chocolate and coffee!!...:)JP