Sunday, February 21, 2016


Having used up all the little stories etc from Collectable Cats I scratched the old noggin wondering what I can do next.  Suddenly I remembered my old Laurel and Gold poetry book that I had at school.  I first used it when I was 12 back in 1944....oh my goodness!! that was 72 years ago.  I will try and find some poems that some of you may remember from your youth....although, of course, your yourth is not as far back as mine.

THE SAGE'S PIGTAIL by W.M. Thackeray

 There lived a sage in days of yore,
And he a handsome pigtail wore;
But wondered much and sorrowed more
Because it hung behind him.

He mused upon this curious case,
And swore he'd change the pigtail's place;
And have it hanging at his face,
Not dangling there behind him.

Says he, "The mystery I've found;
I'll turn me round" - he turned him round;
But still it hung behind him.

Then round and round, and out and in,
All day the puzzled sage did spin;
In vain - it mattered not a pin -
The pigtail hung behind him.

And right an left, and round about,
And up and down, and in and out,
He turned; but still the pigtail stout
Hung steadily behind him.

And though his efforts never slack,
And though he twist and twirl and tack,
Alas! still faithful to his back,
The pigtail hangs behind him.


  1. A sage who wasn't.
    Love it Mimise - and not one I had come across before. Thank you.

    1. A very unwise sage in fact.
      Nice to post something new to some folk. There are some quit weird poems in this little green book.

  2. Hari OM
    Hahaha... what a wonderful piece of nonsense! Great idea to go back to the oldies! YAM xx

    1. Love nonsense poems and this is a very good one. xx

  3. .. great memories Mimsie.... we used to read this poem at school.. always makes me smile... xxxx
    Hugs... barb xxx

    1. I knew at least one person would recognise it. It is a bit of nonsense but well thought out. xx

  4. Love the poem! :)

    1944... You have seen the world change, many times. What surprises you the most?

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Sandi.
      Since 1932 I've lived through a depression, a major world war and numerous smaller wars. I think the thing that surprises me the most is I am still here to remember it all.

  5. Perhaps not an actual memory, but it does sound familiar, maybe I've heard part of it in the past.
    Sage means wise, but I think this sage fellow wasn't as wise as he should be.

    1. It's been around for a long time so it's quite possible you've heard it before.
      Definitely an unwise sage but a lot of fun.