Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Just as I was about to begin I had an interruption and Candy said she wants a chance to have a chat of her own so I said OK as long as she keeps it short.


I haven't learn to type yet so am dictating this and mum is going to type it for me.  I guess now she will know what this is all about but I don't really mind as it is partly about her anyway, and pop too.

It is nearly 18 months since I was at the animal shelter and when they came to visit I chose mum and pop to be my family and they brought me home with them and made me very welcome.  I have been really happy here and know I made a good choice 'cos no cat could be loved more than I am.  I sleep on mum's lap whenever I get the chance and sleep on pop's bed every night (unless it is very hot and then I sleep on mum's bed as that is under the overhead fan.   After all I am a cat and cats are pretty canny creatures).

The other day I heard mum and pop talking about me so I pricked up my ears without letting them know I was listening.  I felt so proud 'cos mum said she I had brought so much happiness into their lives since their other wee cat has gone to the rainbow bridge and pop agreed wholeheartedly with her.  I even heard mum say what an obedient cat I am and I do try to come when one of them calls me, especially mum, as I know it makes them happy.

I try and stay near them as much as I can although I do sometimes have to go and inspect the back garden and makes sure all is well out there.  I prefer it though when one or both of them are out there too, except when pop is using the garden hose and then I take off.   It seems the three of us were all meant to be together. 

May be back another day so I can let you know how things are going here.


Now it's my turn.  On Sunday afternoon we drove down to Baldivis to help #2 great-granddaughter celebrate her 8th birthday.  The usual family gathering with nibbles and then an icecream birthday cake with 8 candles.   The usual fun watching gifts being opened.  I was fortunate that my granddaughter had messaged me with suggestions for gifts and Phil was able to find 3 of the suggested 4 (the other was not in stock) and I had already bought 2 books so felt that she would be happy with them.  She loved all the presents she received and she and her little sister proceeded to have fun with the little toy 'mice' and their mouse house/trail.  Just another wonderful family get-together which we both enjoy so much.  Next family birthday is great-granddaughter #3 on 26th April.  She will be 4 and is not at kindy.

I am to have a follow up blood test as it seems to get accurate results I need fast (I was told last time that wasn't necessary) and also no caffeine for two weeks nor can I take my anti-depressant medication for two weeks.  It is a very low dose anyway but best to follow instructions.  I believe it has helped relieve some of the minor aches and pains so hopefully won't come back with a vengeance ass the major aches and pains are enough to put up with at present. 

The previous test showed up a 'condition' (a possible growth on an adrenal gland) I may or not have so hopefully this test will be more accurate.  It is not terribly serious and could be one reason why I have episodic attacks of high blood pressure.   Looking forward to seeing the results in a few weeks.   Wish me luck.  Life is never dull at my age.  (*:*)


  1. Wishing you luck on your tests. Glad Candy picked you!

    1. Than your for your kind wishes and yes, we are glad about Candy's choice as well. :)

  2. Hari OM
    Candy - you have undoubtedly added much love and value to mum and pop's lives!!! I know they love you very much and you sure did fall on all fours to be with them! Thanks for giving us an update from the paw!

    Mimsie - tests can seem endless sometimes; keeping a small prayer for you that it is a negative! Your g-g-dr#3 shares her birthday with yours truly... so watch out! &*<> YAM xx

    1. Candy seems quite sure she has a permanent place in our house and our hearts.
      I know, and when you reach our age, medical things dominate so much of our lives.
      Will have to make a note of that date 26/4.xx

  3. Our rescue cats have brought (at least) as much joy into our lives as we have (I hope) into theirs.
    Good luck with your follow up test - and I am so glad you had time with the family over the weekend.
    Fasting blood tests are a bit of a sore point here. I walked down to get one early last week. And realised when I got there I had picked up himself's request for a blood test not my own (how silly is that?). And I haven't (yet) been back.

    1. Rescue animals often seem to know they are special to people as they are to us as well.
      Next blood test on 1 March, am now without caffeine and my anti-depressant for 2 weeks.
      I've gone for blood tests that the doctor didn't mark 'fasting' and had to go back the next day. It can be an ordeal at the best of times.

  4. Hello Candy, it's so nice to hear from you. I wish you could teach my Angel to come when he is called. He is a little stubborn and very independent, which suits me fine most of the time. He is two years old now, so in cat years probably a teenager and we all know what they're like!

    Mimsie; another birthday party! they grow up so fast.
    I hope the next blood test shows everything okay or at least easily fixed.

    1. Candy enjoyed her few words and may repeat it again soon. She thinks that because Angel was an indoor cat for a time he is now probably enjoying his freedom out of doors so is a little reluctant to come when called.
      Yes another family birthday. Great fun.
      Hopefully results will be as I hope them to be and should know all in a few weeks. Thanks for your kind thoughts.