Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Here I am bringing you up to date with the past week.  Hopefully a little more exciting than the previous couple.

Phil and I are slowly recuperating from those dreadful colds we both had.  As Phil is on antibiotics for about 3-4 months each winter he didn't need another lot and I took my last Amocycillin Monday night and they do seem to have helped clear my chest infection although still a little 'croaky'.

For some reason we are both incredibly weary so one can only assume that as we grow older our bodies take longer to recover from any illness.  We are however smiling a little more now than we had been previously..

On a brighter note.  It was Father's Day on Sunday and we drove up to daughter and son-in-law's home for a picnic lunch.  They supplied rolls, butter, ham, cheese, tomato and avocado and we made up our own lunch the way we wanted it.  I thought it a wonderful idea and much less work than a BBQ and probably healthier too as no fried meat. 

We were not only celebrating Father's Day as a family but also our eldest great-granddaughter's 19th birthday.  Her birthday had actually been on the Friday and although she and her mum had spent time with her grandparents we gave her her gifts on Sunday and enjoyed sharing a very fancy and tasty icecream cake, one which her mum Aimee had ordered from Wendys (a well known icecream shop).
After lunch 7 year old great-granddaughter donned her ballet costume and danced for us to the tune of Sugar Plum Fairy and she was just so good.  Rather than dance on the paving which may have proved dangerous, she danced on the lawn and didn't miss a step.  She then later danced to some modern type music (don't ask me what it was) and showed us the movements used in modern dance.  I think it may have been Cyrus something or something Cyrus; I should have asked for more information.  Phil thought it rather a strange type of dance but then he still lives with music of Beethoven, Brahms, Liszt etc so it would be even more beyond him that it was beyond me. No matter what it was, Immy did a wonderful job.
Of course 3-year-old great-grandie had to get into the act and she also performed some dance movements for us.  Quite different to those done by Immy but still very graceful.  I think she is also going to dance classes as she seemed to know just what she was doing.  It was a lovely warmish, sunny spring day and to have Imogen and Ava entertain us was a bonus to what was a delightful few hours spent with our family.

Later this morning we are driving up to Kelmscott so I can visit my optometrist for my annual eye check up.  Have to make this a regular event as with diabetes one's eyes can suffer without actually knowing it is happening.  Phil already has glaucoma in one eye although his pressures were excellent when checked earlier this year.  Unfortunately his long time (20 + years) eye specialist died in June so our doctor has referred him to another chap and Phil will see him at the end of Sepember.  Phil has had one cataract op and we need to find if his other eyes needs attending to.  I think the specialist will do a full check so no need for Phil to see our optometrist as well.  After my test we will probably pop over to the small shopping arcade nearby and have a light lunch.

On Wednesday we will have our hair cut (our Louise comes to our home which is great), on Thursday our lovely Jenny comes to clean and on Friday Phil meets his two lady friends for their poetry session although this week they are talking about excerpts from their favourite prose ... just for a change.  Me, I enjoy some poetry but am much more a prose person than a poetry one.  I find some poetry just too far out although I suppose some prose is as well.

Quite a busy week but a peaceful weekend ahead, apart from two finals matches involving both our Western Australian AFL teams.  They finished 1st and 2nd on the league ladder and one player earned the Coleman medal for kicking the most goals this year, so Western Australia really in the limelight right now.  As you can imagine many of we West Aussie are very proud of their achievements.  There could be another medal coming here but we won't know until after the Brownlow count in a couple of weeks.  We certainly hope both Fremantle and West Coast will win their two matches this weekend.

I sincerely hope your week is also going as well as you want it to with no serious mishaps and are managing to steer clean of this cold that is doing the rounds.


  1. Lovely to hear that your health is (slowly) improving and that you had some precious family time as well.

    1. Slowly but surely we begin to enjoy life again and the family gathering on Sunday certainly helped us on out way to feeling better.

  2. Hari OM
    that was nice and newsy! So glad that you feel you are on the mend, even if still some care required; and that Fathers day was such a joyous time. As your footy season draws to a close, we are about to embark on the Rugby World Cup this side; yippee &*> (Soccer is on the go already, but I have never been a fan of that.) The sun is shining for us this week in Dunoon - always something to sing about... so all in all, the week is shaping up nicely. Hugs, YAM xx

    1. Glad the sun is shining for you Yam and your week proceeding along well.
      I have no knowledge of any type of rugby. Have tried to watch both union and league but it just doesn't grab me the same way as Aussie Rules does. At least I understand the rules of our local game, even if the umpires don't always seem to do so.
      I follow English Premier soccer just a little as my dad in the early part of the 20th century was the goalie for Tottenham so of course follow them. Phil used to enjoy the soccer but since coming to Oz he finds it boring and is a real Aussie Rules fan.
      Hope your week, and the sun, continue to shine for you. xx

  3. Great to hear you're both getting better. Very nice to have an impromptu dance recital too, the "Cyrus" could have been Miley Cyrus, a young singer who has been in the news a time or three for what we older people would call inappropriate behaviour. she is the daughter of American country singer Billy Ray Cyrus who had a song hit here in Australia many years ago called Achy Breaky Heart. (Much hated by everyone but me).

    1. When I get a chance I will ask Christie just what the dance was her girls were doing. Looked very modern with arms and legs doing unusual movements. I much preferred the dance to the tune of Sugar Plum Fairy but then I'm an old fuddy duddy anyway.
      We are definitely 'over' the cold but it's left us just soooooo tired and today's heat 32ºC was a bit sudden for us both. Change coming tomorrow with some more much needed rain.

  4. Over on this end of the world we are just finishing up a heat wave and the kidlets are headed off to their first day of school. Life is nowhere near as busy as yours sounds lol. Glad to hear you are starting to feel better.

  5. Thanks, we are definitely on the improve but rather more slowly that we would have liked.
    We are having a mini heatwave today being 32ºC (89ºF) which is 10ºC above normal. We are only half way through our spring but fortunately a cool change is on its way with hopefully more much needed rain.
    I think our schools begin two weeks holiday very soon so a good time to keep away from the shops and busy places.
    Hope your kidlets do well at school this coming school year.