Tuesday, September 15, 2015

TUESDAY CHAT (running very late)

Once again I am running slightly late but it IS still Tuesday so here goes.  You will realise when you reach the bottom of this post why I have chosen this pair of smilers.

 Australia has a new Prime Minister and it would appear the majority of people are quite happy about it.  We can only hope he will lead our country well through what is a difficult time for the world in so many ways.  There will of course be a change in the front bench and it will be interesting to see who stays and who goes.  Will there, I wonder, be more women among the newcomers to the Ministry? I feel it is quite possible there will be.

We are now virtually recovered from those nasty head/chest colds although Phil still coughs when he in bed.  He does have mild emphysema and has had a chest weakness for many years so he doesn't recover as quickly as I do.  Dr Ken has him on antiboitics every winter for about 4 months to avoid a chest infection so I doubt there is a real problem right now.

I visited Dr Ken today for a regular B12 injection (I have 6 each year in lots of 3 with a 3 months break in between.   I told him about Phil still having a cough (although not a real chesty one) and he thinks he will be all right but said to have him pop in if we are worried.

Possibly I may have mentioned that my last MSU showed some rather bad results with a possible urinary tract infection.   Today the doctor told me the result of last Thursday's MSU was completely clear in every aspect.  Maybe the antibiotics I had for my cold helped there too.  Who can say but I am delighted all is well in that department.  Phil and I both have blood tests to be done so probably Thursday morning as we both have to fast. 

Phil, as you know, does our grocery shopping and I decided to try out online grocery shopping.  I had no idea how to go about it so enlisted the aid of our eldest granddaughter who is experienced in online shopping.   She rang while I was sitting at the computer and ran me through how to sign in and then left me to it to place my very first order.  I asked for it to be delivered between 3-6pm today (knowing we would not be here all morning) and was becoming rather worried when it was 5.59pm and no groceries.   I looked out the window and there was the Woolworths truck just pulling up.  

A very nice man brought the crates in on his trolley and then took the bags of groceries into our kitchen for me.   I think the total was just below $90 but with no delivery fee.  I wondered if this was perhaps because it was my first order.   Guess I'll find out next time.  All was present and correct and I think Phil is pleased I have decided to do this.  He can of course still but things such as bread, milk, eggs, vegies and fruit in small quantities.  I actually found it quite exciting and realised, heading towards 84, I am still able to do these things on the computer without too much trouble.  I am hoping it will keep Phil's back in better shape not having to carry heavy bags of groceries.

Our number two great-granddaughter has been doing well in her ballet exams and has a silver medal  for one exam which makes us feel very proud of her.  Well done Immy.  She of course showed us her dance routine on Father's Day when we were up at our daughter's home.

Tomorrow is our 48th wedding anniversary.   We decided we don't need cards or presents to prove to each other how happy we are to have 48 pretty wonderful years together.  How many more are left to us of course we don't know but will try to stay here for each other as long as possible.  We are not going to do anything lavish but will probably pop over to a nearby shopping centre and have a light lunch there.   I need some more wool for my rug crocheting so a good excuse to do both.  It will be just another day but a little more special than most.  I may even have a small glass of wine to celebrate.


  1. Hari OM
    You do that Mimsie!!! If I had a glass I'd raise it to you both - water it is, and the greeting is no less heartfelt!!!

    All in all a good 'report' &*> Saw the news about Turnbull (a 20 second snippet on 'other news') ... I kinda new it was on the cards because I subscribe to John Clarke's Channel and there have of course been many ascerbic hints dropped there!

    Hope the warming air will clear up Phil's chest; it is very tiring to have those lingering complaints. Have a supery-dupery day together!!! Hugs, YAM xx

    1. Our day was quiet but pleasant and fortunately today (Thursday) we are both suddenly feeling somewhat better.
      It is going to be interesting to see how Mr Turnbull fares as PM and also if Mr Abbott will remain on the back bench or be offered a portfolio. Only time will tell I guess. xx

  2. I am so glad to hear that you are both feeling better - and hope the recovery continues.
    Have a wonderful day today. Love and laughter filled.

    1. Quiet but pleasant and I can truthfully say we both still felt a little down but managed to enjoy a takeaway Chinese meal and I did have a small glass of red wine.
      Today, Thursday, we are beginning to feel human once again. Took a while but the future now seems brighter again.