Thursday, May 21, 2015


Having completed mum's life story I began looking around for inspiration but none came to mind (I truly think this old mind is slowing down a tad) and then our wonderful blogging friend Yamini suggested perhaps I do a series of places in and around Perth.  To me that was a great idea as all I have to do is some research, mainly using Wikipedia (what would we do without it?) so I thought it worth a try.  I may find that I know a lot less about some of these places than I thought I did so am looking forward to learn more about my city while I show you around.

Queen's Gardens, Perth, is a 3.3 hectare park located on a former brickworks and clay pit site in the eastern end of Perth, Western Australia's Central Business District (CBD).  The park is bounded by Hay Street to the south, Plain street to the west. Nelson Crescent to the north and Hale Street to the east.

The site of Queen's Gardens was intitially part of the commonage which was used for recreation purposes including horse racing and later as a clay pit and brickwords.  Bricks were produced from the site between 1860 and 1890, and featured in many of Perth's prominent buildings constructed at that time, including the Town Hall, The Cloisters and The Barracks.  At this time the place was known as the East Perth Clayfields Reserve.  Betweeen 1880 and 1890 there were a number of public protests against the use of the site for clay pits, which resulted in the City of Perth partially filling the clay pits to form ponds and the site being transferred to the City for the purpose of establishing a botanic garden.

 The park was opened to the public on 9 October, 1898, however it was officially opened and formally named the Queen's Gardens by the then Mayor of the City of Perth, Alexander Forrest, MLA, in October 1899.

In the years before the first world war, it was used a garden party location by the Mayor of Perth, more recently it has been popular for open-air weddings and wedding portraiture.

The park was officially transferred to the Perth City Council on 21 January, 1902.  In 1906 the City erected a caretaker's cottage in the north-east corner of the garden.  New entrance gates were erected in 1914 and eight new bridges constructed in place of previous ones.  Following the installation of  electric lighting in 1924, use of the Gardens extended into the evenings.   In 1927 new entrance gates were installed at the corner of Hay and Plain Streets, replacing the original entrance towards the eastern end of Hay Street.

 In June 1929 the Rotary Club of Perth presented the Perth City Council with a replica of the statue of Peter Pan, that is found in Kensington Gardens in London, as a gift to the children of Western Australia to mark the centenary of this State.  The reproduction was produced by the sculptor of the original statue, Sir George Frampton, and autographed by the creator of Peter Pan, Sir J.M  Barrie.  

A little known fact is that the park bench from the 1999 film, Notting Hill, was donated to the City of Perth and is located in the centre of the park.  The bench is inscribed "to June who loved this garden from Joseph who always sat beside her".  The anonymous donor purchased the seat to propose to his girlfriend.  She declined his hand in marriage and he then donated the seat to the City of Perth.  This inscription is carved into the back of the bench. 

For some years Phil was employed by the State Housing Commission (now Homeswest) and at one time worked in their head office at the corner of Hay and Plain Streets.   Queens's Gardens is a very popular place for people to go to eat their lunch and wander around and enjoy the beauty of the place.  Phil frequently did that to escape the office and enjoy a little peace and quiet in the middle of his working day.

It is indeed a very beautiful place and one I've not visited for many years but I live in hope that perhaps I may pay one last visit one day.  Unfortunately it is very busy around there and parking is at a premium day and night.  One thing I have learned today is about that seat. Quite romantic, but sad, being a tale of unrequited love.

I have to say thank you to Wikipedia for all the information and some of the photos; the others I found free when I googled Queen's Gardens and some of them are very lovely.


  1. Thank you Mimsie - it does look lovely. Sad story about that seat though.
    I hope you know that we will be perfectly happy to read about you, about Phil and about Candy. It is you we keep coming back to see.

    1. It is a very lovely park and one I remember so well from years ago although I imagine it has changed a lot over time.
      If there was something of note about us I'd post it but there's not. I may start 'A week that was" just to show how ordinary our lives are.

  2. It's so beautiful there, I hope you get to have another visit. would a bus ride be too much for you? it would save looking for parking space. Perhaps someone could drop you off and pick you up after a suitable length of time.
    I saw King's Park when I was there but didn't have time for this one.

    1. I also hope I get back there, just once. Not sure about buses or if I could take my walker on a bus as I can't walk far with out one. Maybe a Sunday would be a good day if there is no cricket on so parking would be available nearby.
      Glad you saw Kings Park which is also really beautiful.

    2. People over here take walkers on buses all the time, usually a friend or partner helps them on and makes sure they are seated, otherwise the driver will. Same with getting off.

    3. Thanks for that info River. May be worth thinking about. It's years since I've been on a bus and I think these days the steps on and off are better than they were before.

  3. Even though I have lived in WA for 44 years, I have never been to Queen's Gardens. Seeing the photos and your write up, I want to go and have a picnic there with my daughter and granddaughters. My favourite parks in Perth are King's Park and Hyde Park and I spent many a happy hour in both when my children were small.
    It's lovely that there is a link between Phil and Queen's Gardens; it makes the gardens come alive. I do hope you get to the gardens soon before it turn too cold and wet.

    1. Tez it is well worth a visit, probably on a weekend when it is not so busy around there.
      I've always loved Kinds Park and I lived not far from Hyde Park for years and actually used to cut through there as a teenager walking home from work. Not been there for many years so it's probably changed somewhat.
      Definitely have Queens Gardens pencilled in on my 'to do one day' list. I am ever hopefuly.

  4. Hari OM
    What a delight Mimsie!!! I too was unfamiliar with this park - and the seat story was lovely.... thanks for taking this up!!! YAM xx

    1. It is a beautiful park Yam. Hopefully I can find some more interesting places in and around our city. xx

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