Friday, May 15, 2015


This is an article that appeared in The West Australian when "The Clock of Time" was published.  I was pleased to see that the Soroptimists were putting the proceeds of the sales they made to such a useful purpose.  I doubt mum ever made much money out of this publication but then that was not her intent.   She just wanted to leave her story mainly for her family and for others whom she had known through all those busy years.   I did buy some copies when the book was 'remaindered' to give to friends of mine who had known mum well and also the younger members of our family.  All her grandchildren and one great-granddaughter have copies and I intend to give our two youngest great-granddaughters a copy each as well.  I have my own copy which mum autographed for me.

You will notice our surname is spelt with an 'h' to make RusHton.   At that time in Australia Ruston, without the 'h', was quite rare (in fact I think we were then the only Rustons in Oz at one time) and people automatically took our name to be the the more common Rushton.

You will also note that mum's given name is shown as GWIN.  She so disliked the name Gertrude, in later life she became known as Gwin (a combination of Gertrude and Winifred) which I thought rather nice.  (Dad, incidentally, still called her Gert).


  1. Hari OM
    That is a delightful article... wonder if the Soroptomist's flat is still with them - certainly unlike to still be fifteen bucks! I know a Gwyn, with the 'y' - shortened from Gwynneth of course, so not at all the same; but I think it a pretty name. YAM xx

    1. It would be good to think the Soropotimist's flat was still in use but I imagine the rent would be somewhat higher now.
      I too like the name Gwin/Gwyn and sounds very Welsh to me.
      Mum's aunt said she had discovered a relationship in the family tree to a King of Wales but mum's father said to ignore him as he was apparently a wicked person. LOL xx

  2. Love that article. It is a good photo of her too.

    1. It is well written and covered so much. It is of course mum in her CAB office.

  3. It's nice that even the newspapers recognised and congratulated your mum and her book. I'm glad you bought copies for your family too.

    1. There have been many newspaper articles over the years and you can also google her.
      I thought it nice for each family member to have a copy.

  4. How lovely to have this part of your family history, of your Mother's story, to pass on to your grandchildren. What a family treasure! I had an Aunty called Gertrude. She was my Mother's Aunt and was a wonderful lady. Combining the two names to Gwin made a lovely name.

    1. It is good Denise. We should all write our family history even if not in book form. I am sure our children would like to know what happened before they came along, and even after as well.
      I liked the name Gwin too. I think Gertrude was a popular name way back then and perhaps quite English too.

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