Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Right on the dot of 8.30pm yesterday a polite young man rang our front doorbell.  He was here to install new windows at the back of the house.   Since we moved in here in May, 1974 I've been wanting to have louvres in two areas removed and replaced by sliding windows.  It's one of those jobs that hasn't really needed doing as one set is in the enclosed back verandah and the other in my workroom/storeroom.

A couple of months back I decided to get quotes to have the job done, thought about it for a while, decided it was perhaps more than I wanted to pay (you have to watch your pennies on an age pension) but when the firm said I could pay it off over 4 months I decided to go ahead.  I so glad I made that decision.

This is the two sets of louvres in my workroom.  Now I can see why they need replacing!!  Grotty.

There were four sets of louvres in the back verandah and these are the new windows that replaced them, complete with lockable security screens.

Now you are wondering why I haven't shown the new windows in my workroom.  Reason is the louvres are still in place there.   Although this room was the easier of the two to measure it was here there was a 100mm mistake made so back to the drawing board or, at least the workshops.  That is why you can see the ladder outside.  It's ours but it was easier for the young man to use it than bring his around from the front of the house.  Time and motion there you see.  Good thinking.

Phone call this afternoon to tell me that the nice young man will be back tomorrow morning at 8.30 to install the new windows in here for me.  Another morning we will have to be up early.

I took the pic of the new windows through our bathroom window to fit them in and I notice there is a reflection from the wall of opposite of the fire extinquisher which we've had for years (a gift when we had our security system installed) and I wonder if it would still work if needed.  I really must read the instructions about it!!!

Some nice light curtains should finish the job, perhaps net as don't want to stop the light too much.  I have curtains that I made for my workroom (used to be Steve's bedroom) back in 1974.  They were fully lined but when I washed them yesterday one of the linings became shredded.  Not sure why as the other two were as good as ever.  The lining were unbleached calico so strong enough.  Anyway as no-one sleeps here now I may cut the lining off all three and just have the curtains which are on curtain rings so can be pulled back when required.

Now Phil has some small painting jobs to do just to make it all look neat and tidy.  For larger painting jobs these days we need a painter as ladders are out as far as Phil is concerned.   There is some painting needs doing so maybe that is next on my 'to do' list.  Old homes do need maintenance from time to time but we like it here so here it is we are staying for as long as we can.

There are so many other jobs around the house that need doing to make it really nice but I guess I'll have to wait a while before considering them.   This job cost me $2,720 which, these days, I thought quite reasonable and they have done a splendid job of fitting them into quite awkward spaces, well an almost splendid job except for that 100mm error.   I would certainly recommend this firm to others.


  1. Hari OM
    ...10 cms... that's about four inches in old money. That's quite a gap!!! Those windies look real good though Mimsie... you won't know yourself with such flash 'wall eyes'.... &*> YAM xx

    1. Yes I have no idea why Dominic (the man who did the measurements) could have made such an error. No complaints otherwise.
      Now everything else looks so drab so lots of work to be done. This was an area of the house that never got 'brightened up' over the years since Steve left home.
      Phil and I now need to find our work mojos and get moving. xx

  2. Crikey ..... how good do they look and Mum says ..... 'much easier to clean than louvres'? We've got NO curtains at our house. Just blinds. Mum likes to be able to see out and you don't have to wash blinds.

    1. Your mum is so right Charlie. I had given up on cleaning the louvres and was so glad to see the last of them. The young man didn't hesitate to take them away when I asked him whih was a relief.
      We only have net curtains at our main windows so can see out without people seeing in. We also have blinds to pull down at night in the living room and bedroom.

  3. They look great - and a tradesman who turns up on time is a rare breed. One to cherish.

    1. They are excellent and the young man was so workmanlike and polite. You couldn't have wished for a better tradesman.
      We asked would he like a coffee but he said he was fine and actually has his own little coffee machine in his truck. He said not an expensive one but can make a coffee whenever he wants to.

  4. That price was a bargain and such good work too. They'll look lovely with curtains in place. I no longer have net curtains as my windows here are far too small for the many, many metres of lacy net I had before. i washed them and packed them away. I should give them away, but they are one of the few things I can't let go of yet. I have the thermal lined curtains up, well, half of them, I only have two small windows here, and blinds as well, so warm in winter and cooler in summer.

  5. I thought it rather a good price especially for the quality of the windowsand workmanship.
    I am thinking for the back room pull over curtains for the big windows each side and perhaps just light net over the new windows. There is 10ft expanse of windows altogether.
    I too have some love lacey curtains put away and yet doubt I'll ever use them again. Perhaps off to the op shop as they could be useful to someone else.

  6. It's great that you finally found time to replace your windows. The new ones look really great. They even have lockable security screens, which make them all the more awesome. In any way, thanks for sharing that, Mimsie! I'll be looking forward for more home improvement projects from you. All the best!

    Darryl Smith @ Franklin Window & Door