Monday, August 12, 2013


When I did a post about the Isle of Skye I commented on the fantastic scenery.  I then began to think of our own Australian scenery, especially that in what is called the outback.  I have not seen these places myself but I found some great pictures (free) so thought I'd share them with you.  I don't know what or where all the places are but I find it sufficient just to enjoy them (I hope you will too).

I think most people everywhere would recognise Ayer's Rock (it is in the southern part of the Northern Territory):

This is beautiful Katherine Gorge in the far north of Western Australia:

and Wave Rock in Hyden, Western Australia:

Of course when you are on those roads in the outback you always have to wary of emus, camels and kangaroos:

and the Royal Flying Doctor sometimes has to land in unexpected places (including roads):

These are pictures of the Bungle Bungles in far north Western Australia (courtesy of Bungle Bungle Safari Tours):

I have no idea where the following places are but I added them as they are quite spectacular and worth a peek:

I know this is the Olgas in Central Australia:

I have only been as far north as Carnarvon in our state (see previous post); have travelled throughout our very beautiful south-west and also visited Melbourne and Sydney.  I often regret that I've not seen more of my own country but instead decided to visit New Zealand (twice) and have never regretted doing so.  Now I enjoy Australia from the wonderful pictures that are available on the internet.


  1. Those are some of the oddest rock formations I hav ever seen....the colours are just fantastic.

    1. Some of those rock formations are truly unbelievable. I love the contast of the colours against the blue sky. Looking at these pics it is understandable why Australia exports so much iron ore.

  2. These are lovely photos. I like our Outback, it's so wide and open in many areas. I've lived outback, very briefly, as a housemaid on a sheep station for about 6 months when I was 15-16. A little north-west of Port Augusta. I didn't see any emus or camels, but I did see kangaroos and spectacular sunrises and moon rises. I remember a full moon rising one evening, before it popped up fully it was a huge orange glow on the horizon and we thought it was a bushfire at first.

  3. That must have been exciting working in the outback as a young woman. You would have some great memories. I have had other people mention the red of the full moon rising in remote areas. Almost frightening and you can realise why aborigines would have so many stories from their dreamtime about such phenomena too.
    I do so enjoy finding all these amazing photographs on the internet.

  4. I also loved the Pinnacles, which was like walking through the set of a sci fi movie. The road sign reminds me of all the dead roos we saw along the road. Here in the States, "road kill" is a small raccoon or opossum...there in Australia you have major road kill!!