Thursday, March 21, 2013


On Tuesday my other half and I had our annual 'flu shots.  He is fortunate in not having any ill effects but unfortunately for some reason I develop a quite sore arm with a large lump and a slight feeling of unwellness.

We have been having these shots for years now and several years back one of the doctors decided I should just have a half dose two years running and I think I felt better when that happened.  However, the past few years I bit the bullet and thought "I am older now and I do have diabetes and there are lots of nasty strains of 'flu going the rounds so best I have the complete dose".  Yes,  I've had the sore arm and felt a bit squiffy for a day or two but this time I really feel as though I am developing the 'flu which of course I am not.

I know this will pass but I could do without feeling this way....slightly warmish with a head full of cotton wool.  I feel that is perhaps why my blood glucose has been higher the past couple of days too.  I think I just need some TLC and I will feel loads better.

Am I looking for sympathy from my friends out there in blogland?  Of course I am so how about it?   The poor old chook needs lots of good wishes.   Joking, of course, as I will be fine by the weekend, of that I am sure. 

Incidentally the results of pathology from when I had my colonoscopy (which was clear) and endoscopy (biopsies were taken) are all good.  No helicobacter or signs of coeliac disease and the little 'polyps' were apparently nothing whatsoever.  It's always great to get good news so I would think no more of that type of test ever again.  Big sigh of relief!!


  1. So glad your tests came out all right....a huge load off your mind no doubt.
    Flu shots...We never take them. They are only good for one strain of the flu and in the process of taking care of it they weaken your immune system so your body can't effectively fight anything else off. I do make the effort to take immune building supplements throughout the winter.

    1. We have been having 'flu shots for years and years now and during all that time neither of us have a hint of 'flu. Just an occasional head cold but even they have been far less of a problem than years back. We did come down with one nasty bug a few years ago but that came from people we met for dinmer who had been on a ship touring around Australia and the bug had come aboard from some travellers from (I believe) the US. I am convinced hubby and I both need these annual shots.

    2. Actually we met them for dinner (nasty type there).

  2. I am also really pleased that your test results were clear. I don't usually have a flu shot either. My immune system is compromised enough. Knock on wood I have escaped the flu as well. I do hope that you are MUCH better by the weekend. Loads of sympathy from this corner of the blogosphere.

  3. That nasty 'fluey feeling has gone and now just a wee sore spot on my arm. I don't usually make a fuss but this time I did feel somewhat poorly. Poor old soul!
    Thanks for the sympathy which really wasn't deserved but was much nevertheless much appreciated.

  4. Hooray for clear test results!
    That's one thing off your mind.
    I hope your arm is fully better soon, I've heard those shots are painful.
    I've never yet had a flu shot and don't plan to, I've been telling people "maybe when I'm 55", then it became 60, now I'm saying 65. But I don't get the flu and very rarely get a head cold, I can't remember the last time I had one.
    I'll take my chances with diet and supplements and wash my hands a lot.

  5. Yes there is always a few anxious days when waiting for test results and then a big sigh of relief when all is well.
    Not everyone has problems with 'flu shots and I have no idea why they affect me and my daughter and yet MOH has no side effects from them at all.
    The main reason we have them is we are diabetics and it is best for anyone with a chronic disease to have at least some protection so that is what we do.
    We don't take much in the way of supplements....krill oil and vitamin D.

  6. Oh I am so happy your tests came back fine.
    I get a flu shot every year to protect myself and my 85 yr old Mom who could not handle the flu. I always feel a little rough after getting it for a few days but it always keeps the flu at bay. Take care and I care:) B