Friday, March 29, 2013

A-Z #13 (M)


I love the moon.  I know the sun brings us life on this planet but I feel much more fond of the moon.  The sun makes me too hot most of the year and of late it stings during the day much more than it once did and you can feel that effect even in winter now.  I guess that has something to do with the hole in the ozone of which nobody seems to speak of much these days but it is still there and I believe larger than ever.

The moon is our only natural satellite and is the 5th largest satellite in our solar system.  The moon's gravitational influence as we know produces the ocean tides.  It definitely has influence on the behaviour of certain animals and it is said more baby animals are born during a full moon.  I often think it affects the behaviour of some people as well.  I wonder if you think that too.

Of course the moon has always been associated with romance:  "honeymoon"; "moon in June"; "moonstruck"; "mooning over a lost love"; "over the moon".  and I just love those two cats who are obviously moonstruck and much in love.

MOTHERS....I had 2 mothers, I am a mother of two, my daughter is a mother of 4 and I have two granddaughters who are mothers.  There is not a lot I can add about mothers except I am sure that nearly all mothers care about and do all they can to give their children as good a life as possible.  I hereby salute all mothers and wish them well.

MONEY.....I wonder what people outside Australia think of our colourful notes.  Do let me know.  Aren't they just so pretty!!'

They say money is the root of all evil and I am sure this is true in many cases but unfortunately it is also a very necessary evil if we are to at least maintain a good, simple lifestyle.  We are both on an aged pension so we are certainly not, by any stretch of the imagination, rich but we have each other and we live carefully and not being ambitious folk we have no need of a flash car or a big house.


  1. I think the exact quote it that 'the love of money is the root of all evil'. Which I believe wholeheartedly.
    I agree with you about the moon - I love its soft light. And yes, I do think that some people are adversely affected by a full moon.
    Another Magnificant post - thank you and have a wonderful Easter.

    1. I also found "the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil" which I too do believe to be true.
      The moon I always feel is my friend....I have no idea why but perhaps that has something to do with the little poem I learned as a child (I quoted that poem in a previous post).
      Thank you once again for your very kind comments. I am never sure I really deserve them but will accept them with a smile.

  2. Three of my favourite things in one doesn't get much better than that.

  3. Glad to oblige. My favourites too but money only because of necessity. lol