Monday, March 25, 2013

A-Z #8 (H)

I had so many problems putting up all the garden pics yesterday it made me a day late with my A-Z programme.  I am so inept at doing all those things.  I think perhaps when she has time I will have to have kakka give me some tuition on how to manage the blog properly.  I guess it's a problem as I didn't even begin to use a computer until in my 70s so still just feeling my way.

(husband: n. a married man, esp. when considered in relation to his wife)
(home: n. the place where one's domestic affections are centres)
(happiness: n. contentedness, delight, enjoyment, satisfaction)

As you know my first marriage failed quite miserably but my second marriage has proved the old adage that the second time around is best.  The first one lasted 13 years and produced two wonderful children but this second one, although unfortunately childless, has now lasted for going on 46 years.  Yes, there have been ups and downs a few times as there is with most marriages but it has never stayed down for long and is these days very stable.

Taken after enjoying lunch together at the Kwinana Hotel (which has since been demolished much to our disgust).  ca 2011 (One glass of red wine and my cheeks bloom!!).

At a restaurant in Baldivis.  July, 2012.  We had been having lunch with kakka as it was her birthday.

We have been living in our home in Hamilton Hill since May, 1974 so nearly 39 years now.  Compared to the houses being built today ours would be called a simple cottage as we have no family room, theatre room or alfresco dining area as such.  We are content with our little house although it could do with some TLC to brighten it up a wee bit.   So could we probably.  We don't need lots of space as we seldom entertain (I just can't cope with that these days).  I have my workroom/storage room here where I spend too much time on my computer and our living room is comfortable where MOH can sit and enjoy his books and classical music.  We watch TV together each evening for a couple of hours usually in company with our cat.

Happiness is low key these days and that is how we like it.   No more highs or lows but just constant companionship.   My hubby is my carer in more ways than one.  He does the weekly shopping, hangs out the washing and brings it in for me to fold and put away, does as much as he can in the garden now I am unable to.  If I have appointments he drives me and patiently waits for me till it's time to go home.  (I do keep my driving licence current just in case, but I don't drive these days because I feel my arthritis would possibly prevent me from acting quickly enough should there be an emergency).  What would I do without him?  I simply cannot answer that question and hope I don't have to.

All in all I feel content with my husband who I love so very much, my little home in the west and my life in general.  I am disappointed I can't get out more and do the things I once did but I am still here so no real complaints.   I always remember the saying "I cried because I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet".   I have two legs, arms, eyes etc.  They may not work as they once did but.....what do I have to grizzle about?  Nothing really.


  1. Sounds like a little slice of heaven.

  2. Well not quite heaven perhaps but a life of a laid back lazy type of contentment maybe. Can't expect much more at our age I guess except to hope it may continue for at least a little while longer. : )

  3. Like Delores said, a little heavenly and quite content too.
    The photos are lovely, you're both quite pretty to look at.
    I don't think you are at all inept and this blog is a lovely place to visit.

    1. Oh River watch out or a swelled head will be here and there'll be no living with the woman. I very graciously receive all compliments so thank you. I am not sure pretty is the right word to describe we two but I'll accept it until a better one comes along. : )

  4. P.S. I often think houses these days have far too many rooms, everyone is separated doing their own thing without interruption, there is no "family" life going on.

    1. I sometimes wish ours was a wee bit larger but then if I got rid of some 'stuff' perhaps it would appear that way. I am always sending bits to the op shop and not buying but still have problems finding clear shelves in cupboards etc.

  5. Another beautiful post. And I love the happiness in your hearth and home - and both of you look like wonderful people to know.

  6. Thank you once again EC for your compliments.
    Not sure about wonderful people to know but we seem to like each other so I guess that is the first important step to being liked by others. : )