Thursday, March 28, 2013

A-Z #12 (L)

L is for LOVE and LAUGHTER which I feel usually go hand in hand, or at least they should.

We hear "love makes the world go around"; "Ain't love grand"; "Laughter is the best medicine"; "Laugh and the world laughs with you; cry and you cry alone"; "Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."

There are many clever sayings about both love and laughter and many of them are spot on.  I have been 'in love' several times during my lifetime some of which has been returned and sometimes not.  We can't always prevent ourselves from 'falling' for someone when we are young and even as we age someone just happens along that is the right one.  If love is unreturned it can be a sad moment in our lives but we live on and love again.

I probably did love my first husband (I know for sure that at one time he did love me because his mother told me he did) but events happen in our lives that can turn love cold and once that happens it is very unlikely any warmth will return.  I had to call it a day for my sake and the sake of at least one of my children but we won't go into that here.

I think I fell in love with MOH when I first met him in 1966 and I love him still.  He truly is my other half and we tell each other quite often that we cannot imagine being alone without the other although, sadly, this of course will happen one day and the one left will cope with it, somehow.

I LOVE TO LAUGH.   I may sometimes laugh when I should remain quiet but little things will tickle my fancy and laughter comes so readily to me.  I used to so much enjoy the wonderful comedy shows, firstly on radio, and in later years on TV (mainly from the UK but there were a couple of good ones from the US too) but these days it seems to be all violence and sex.....or COOKING....and there is no laughter to be found in any of that unless a cook accidentally makes a silly mistake.  Then the question arises; should one laugh at other's misfortunes?

I remember my dad telling me when I was a youngster that if you saw someone slip on a banana skin the first thing you would do was laugh as it looked so funny and then ask that person if they were OK.  That sounds dreadful I know but I understand what dad was trying to say and I agree with him.  He used to love to see Charlie Chaplin pictures (oh sorry you call them movies these days don't you?) and I can remember sitting beside him in the theatre and he would laugh his head off.  He had a great sense of humour and I like to think I have inherited his humour and love of laughter.

I feel there is not enough love nor laughter in the world of today.  It must be very difficult to laugh when you live in a country that seems to be at war with itself and one is perhaps being persecuted.  I feel saddened when I read of the suffering going on around the globe and helpless to do one damned thing about it.  I am so fortunate to live in this wonderful country of ours which makes it difficult for me to actually understand the hardships of others.  If only there could be more love and laughter in their lives it would be fantastic.  Oh, to have a magic wand and the ability to bring more happiness into the lives of others less fortunate.

I'm hoping my family and friends will find lots of love and laughter over this coming Easter weekend.  I send everyone heaps of love and hope you will laugh along with me at some of my silly posts.  I'm laughing now just re-reading what I've written 'cos I'm sure I do write some quite weird things at times.  Some of it serious of course but some of it just unserious (if there is such a word).  *_*


  1. You really are steaming along with the alphabet. Love and laughter...perfect.

    1. Thanks Delores. You do encourage me so well and I guess that is one reason I am able to keep going, Lots of love and laughter is the order of the day. : )

  2. I often laugh at things which perhaps I shouldn't - but I think that laughter is at least as important to me as my skeleton. And there is certainly not enough love in the world.
    I do hope that you have a magical love and laughter filled Easter. And a teensy bit of chocolate too.

    1. Oh yes there WILL be chocolate. At 81 I feel I am allowed to do the wrong thing occasionally and Easter is one of those times. Dark chocolate is the good thing in our lives that we are allowed to have in small quantities.
      I too hope you and yours have a truly wonderful Easter.

  3. I agree there isn't enough love and laughter in the world today. Everyone is so serious and wary of offending or law suits and then there's the wars going on in various countries.

    I love to laugh too, lately there doesn't seem to be a lot to laugh at on TV. Thank goodness for comedy dvds.

  4. No TV is deadly dull now. We do watch serious DVDs such as Foyle's War and West Wing (which we are currently watching) but we do have Porridge, Open all Hours, Waiting for God and similar shows that give us a good laugh.
    I actually WANT TO LAUGH MORE as I know it's good for my health. : )

  5. Wasn't Waiting For God wonderful? It cracked me up every time. Another I really like is Due South - which on one level is a 'cops and robbers' show - and on the other is a very very funny spoof of cops and robbers shows. Why aren't either of these shows still on? Thank goodness for DVDs.

  6. We have watched Waiting for God several times and it never gets boring. I guess there is so much truth in what is said by the various characters. I am glad you liked Due South. It was one of our favourites. Paul Haggis is brilliant. We often ask the same question about why some of these shows aren't still showing. They show enough repeats but most are rubbish. I wonder do they think people have outgrown comedy? One would hope not. I think you can see some on Foxtel but we can't afford it so have to stick with free to air TV channels.