Saturday, March 16, 2013


the WEEDS.

My other half's dad said years ago "If you could sell the weeds then the damned things wouldn't grow!" and I think he is so right.  We could make a fortune from the wild oats and other weeds that spring up in our back garden after the first autumn rains.  We had over an inch of rain this week so I am now continually peeking out to see those first unwelcome green shoots.  I am sure they won't be far away.

As we have grown older less work has been done in our garden and this is something we both regret.  We made the choice to stay in our home rather than go to a retirement village and so we must now put up with the decline in the garden and our own ability to cope with it.

We have a gentlemen who we can call on occasionally to work in the garden and it is wonderful what he can achieve in a few hours and his charges are so reasonable.  I feel it is time to make a call to Ron to do some tidying up for us.

Unfortunately years ago we had neighbours whose back gardens were literally full of weeds and I think we have inherited much of the weed seeds from them.  People have moved in to those places who care for their gardens and homes have now been built on some of that land so far less weeds in their gardens but they continue to flourish at our place.

MOH says "never mind, it looks nice and green" but I don't quite go along with him on that idea.

This year........a commitment to keep those damned weeds under control.  Wish me luck.

P.S.  I think this quote from Doug Larson says it all:  "A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows."


  1. Installing paving from the house to the fence would solve the problem, but wouldn't look nearly as pretty. Could you rent the space to someone who needs fodder for a goat?

    1. Yes River I've thought of that but as you say it wouldn't look quite so good. A goat? Now that's a thought but I'm not sure we are allowed to have livestock in our suburban gardens.

  2. My father said 'if it grows well, it is a weed' and sadly he had a point. As I look around our garden here, there are weeds everywhere. I have made a commitment to an hour a day weeding, and I think by next year I might be on top of it. Perhaps a little sooner - but not much.

  3. We were once weed free but I can unfortunately no longer do any weeding and it's a job that needs more than one pair of hands. Knowing the amount of determination and perseverance you have I am sure you will be weed free before too long. Good luck with it.