Monday, August 27, 2012


I have dozens (perhaps hundreds) of photographs that got all muddled up when a cupboard fell over about 18 months ago and they have just been sitting in boxes waiting for someone (me of course) to get around to sorting them out.

Today I decided that task could wait no longer so the sorting has begun.  Now of course comes the big question. Which ones to keep? Which ones not to keep?   I have probably 100 or more photos that were taken when we were in New Zealand in 1982 which have just been sitting there!!  I showed MOH today and asked him to sort out those not to keep.   Why did I bother?  "I'd keep them all." was his response.  Oh well, why not.  One day somebody else will ask why we had bothered to keep them and they would probably ditch them as they'd mean nothing to anyone but us.   So much fun!!

Family photos as well are difficult to decide to keep or not to keep.  Sometimes one has photos that are not terribly good but they are of a particular event or person of which there are no other pics.  I think I will have to get back to Creative Memories and set about creating more albums.  They fortunately may be of some use to family in years to come.

Then of course there are photos sent by relatives of MOH who are of course in England.  I have to match the prints I've had made with those in my computer so I know who is who.  Wow~that is going to be a big task in itself.  Not even MOH knows who everyone is as he left the UK over 50 years ago so people born since then are strangers to him even though they are family members.

Another set of photos sent to me by a cousin in Canada are of family members whom I have never met.  They mean nothing to me and yet are blood relatives.  Should I keep them?  There are names on some photos that perhaps I can match up with names in my family tree, also in my computer.

It would seem there will be little chance of boredom if I keep to this resolution made today to get all these photographs in some semblance of order.  Should keep me out of mischief for months to come but then resolution are made to be broken aren't they?  That's why I never make any at New Year.


  1. A HUGE task ahead. Good luck. And keep us posted.

    1. The sorting has begun. MOH went through the NZ pics and said to keep them all. Mmm!! Have to go through them myself I think as they're not all that good.