Sunday, August 26, 2012


By this I mean get rid of stress.  We diabetics are always told that stress is extremely bad for us as it has a nasty effect on our glucose levels and our well being.  Many other people also have a need to try and reduce stress in their lives and the following is good advice for anyone and everyone.  First get into a comfortable position and give it a try.  It really does work wonders.


1.  Begin by focusing on your breathing.

2.  Take a deep breath and imagine you have a balloon inside your stomach that you are trying to
     inflate.  As you breathe in your stomach will push out, not in.  Now slowly breathe out.  Keep
     breathing like this.

3.  Now close your eyes and picture a place that you find relaxing.  It could be the beach, a bubble
     bath, crisp mountain air a comfortable couch or just a relaxing favourite colour.

4.  Now the next time you breathe in, breathe in those feelings of relaxation and feel the fresh, clean
     air filling your body.

5.  As you breathe our picture cloudy, black and smoky air leaving your body.  This is your stress.
     Feel it leaving your body and as you breathe in being replaced by clean, fresh air.

6.  Repeat this at least ten times and see how relaxed it makes you feel.

I quoted this from the Autumn 2012 edition of Diabetes Matters published by Diabetes WA.  I was also told this method of relaxation by a psychologist I had sessions with several years ago.


  1. And if anything is counterproductive to stress relief it is being told to RELAX by a medical professional who is about to do something painful or humiliating or both.
    I zone out, and go somewhee else in my head. Sadly I also do this if I am bored. One of my brothers pontificates at great length. I have often zoned out, and completely missed the point of the call. Oops.

  2. I feel the above relaxation technique is rather more intended towards the stresses of everyday living involving family, health and perhaps work matters.
    I do know what you mean about zoning out when you have a telephone call that tends to be rather one-sided. A lass I worked with would talk, talk, talk and I just tried to say mmm, yes in appropriate place.
    I am fortunate that I seem able to relax for medical, dental procedures etc. It is more the everyday stresses that I have problems with and thus the relaxation technique is good for me. I am also hoping it helps keep my B/P under control which can go a wee bit haywire at times and nobody seems to know why. Stress again probably.