Saturday, August 25, 2012


As you know I don't get out and about as much as I'd like to but today I ventured out into our front garden just to see what's what.  The garden had that lovely late afternoon sun drenched look and I suddenly realised that spring IS just around the corner; in fact only 6 days to go before our winter ends. I know I should have used my stick or walking frame but decided I would 'go it alone'.  Not a good idea perhaps as after only about 10 minutes I had to go and sit down again.  Never mind, at least I got out there.  I took my little camera with me and captured a few snaps of pretty things that I will share with you.   

I noticed the duranta had new flowers as well as last season's berries and there was a little white daisy all on it's own gazing up at me.  I stole a glance next door and there was the wattle flowering profusely.
The lavender is in flower and although last season's petunias are finished new plants sprang up and now they are beginning to flower.  Over in the corner of the garden the bright blue sky looked so beautiful and the late afternoon sun lit up the leaves on various trees and shrubs.

Our garden suffers these days as I just cannot do all the work I once did (the front garden was always my responsibility) and MOH has to feel just right to mow lawns etc.  We are fortunate to have a very good gardener come in every couple of months to prune and weed but MOH and I both feel so sad that neither of us is capable to do all that should be done.

Incidentally a lady that was here back in 2001, one of those people that just knows everything, told us that the very pretty pale pink camellia (pic 7) was on it's way out and would be dead by the following year.  We think it is doing just fine for a plant that was 'doomed' all those years ago.  It may not be as vigorous as it was when it was a young plant but it still gives us lots of pleasure.  Long may it continue to bloom.  : )


  1. I also grieve that I cannot do all that I would like to in the garden. Like you I went for a wander earlier this week and took photos. I will put them up in a day or so. Forgive me, that I thought that very pretty pink plant at picture 7 was an azelea rather than a camellia. I was filled with envy as I scrolled down because I have a brown thumb where they are concerned. And regardless of the name, it is a very pretty plant indeed. The ghost of camellias/azaleas past perhaps?

  2. I look forward to your pictures soon. You are so right too Of course it IS an azalea and NOT a camellia. I did the post in a hurry and obviously had a senior's moment. I do have a camellia which is quite old, stands about 8 feet tall and is covered with the most beautiful pale pink flowers every year. The only camellia we've ever had success with. I also have a gardenia that flowered about 5 years ago but never since although a quite healthy plant. With gardens somethings just grow and others just don't. lol