Tuesday, August 14, 2012


At times I do use this blog to have a whinge and I really need to do that today.

My back is having such a bad influence on my daily life.  I find I am sitting more and more because then there is far less pain.  That is not good for me...I need exercise but how do I get sufficient exercise is the problem.

Simple household tasks are almost becoming beyond me.  Today I washed and dried some dishes.  I must admit there were quite a number to do but after 10 minutes my back was hurting so badly that it sort of took over the rest of my body and my mind as well.  I think I am rather stoical at times but today I actually cried with the pain and the damned frustration of not being able to do a simple task like the dishes without the pain taking over.

My last two visits to my wonderful physiotherapist have had her working on my right knee which is also becoming a bigger problem than before and my right thumb.  Thumb?  Yes it is so full of osteo that  nowadays I can't spread my hand out properly as my thumb refuses to 'spread out' any more.  This is probably an aftermath of my being a typist for many years (right thumb used on space bar...on a manual typewriter for years), lots and lots of sewing through the years, lots of knitting and lots of crochet.     The sewing and knitting I've had to give but am still persevering with the crochet as I like to make rugs for charity (and family too when they ask).  Hate to have to stop doing that.

Tomorrow (after our exercise group) when I see Jenny I think half an hour is going to be spent on my back.  Just which bits I'm not sure but will leave it to her to decide as she seems to find the worse spots rather well.  Yes, it will be painful but something has to be done so I can feel human again and be able to do simple tasks like the dishes, making the bed etc.

I am sorry to have grizzled about this today but I just had to get it off my chest.  I feel the stress of the pain increases my blood glucose levels and probably doesn't help my blood pressure either.  It is a real Catch 22 situation for me.  I see my endocrinologist tomorrow and dread to even consider what my 3-monthly blood glucose reading will be.  I usually get my copy from the pathologist but so far it hasn't arrived. I like to know in advance so I am prepared when I see him.  Hopefully it will be in tomorrow's post....hopefully.


  1. I'm sorry you had a tough day Mimise. You know what though? I have a little something for you that I bought back from New York - it's not much, just a little something small from my Business Class flight that I thought you might like. Can I send it to you? If you could email me your address (redbootsbeth@hotmail.com) I'll pop it in the mail to you tomorrow!

    Hope tomorrow feels a little better all round x

  2. Oh, BabyMac how wonderful of you and thank you. Will email my address as you requested. I try not to grizzle too much but there are days when it is so difficult not to do so. MOH is so patient with me and without him I would be lost. I am certainly hoping tomorrow's physio will give some relief. I still have 2 arms, 2 legs, my sight and most of my hearing so why should I complain? I guess sometimes, at age 80, you are allowed to. xxx

  3. Some days a whinge is necessary 'give us this day our daily whinge' if we are not to bottle it up and have a heart attack. And, from the side-lines, these all seem to me to be perfectly reasonable things to object to. I hope they are much bettter today.

  4. Hoping tomorrow brings some relief. And look, you have 2 new followers - yippee. Glad to see the blog has sorted itself out again, so maybe it was the picture thing that put the other post haywire? Or maybe it is just one of the mysteries of cyber-space. xxx

  5. The Elephant's Child may well be correct in what she says. Maybe my spell in hospital on Sunday with a very raised blood pressure was part and parcel of the pain, the diabetes and other worries we have about family etc. Maybe meditation is the way to go but my mind is usually too active. Yes, 2 new followers Karen....one is my friend Maree in NZ who I believe sometimes pops in to have a peek at your blog as well.